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Season 2

21 Mar. 1995
Who Killed the World's Greatest Chef?
After a celebrity chef is fatally shot at the opening of his own restaurant, Amos is dismayed to discover that the prime suspect is his good friend, rival restaurant owner Vinnie Piante.
14 Apr. 1995
Who Killed the Motor Car Maverick?
The unveiling of an electric car takes a shocking turn--literally--when the car's inventor is fatally electrocuted while starting the vehicle.
28 Mar. 1995
Who Killed the Gadget Man?
Amos and Peter sniff around a TV studio looking for clues after an infomercial producer is slain with one of his own products, a Ginsu knife. Also, Barbara Manchester, the novelist whom Amos once dated, returns with a proposal for the dashing cop.
28 Apr. 1995
Who Killed the Highest Bidder?
Amos believes that a human force is at work and not a curse after a millionaire who won an allegedly cursed statue of a jaguar is found dead with his throat slashed.
5 May 1995
Who Killed Mr. Game Show?
Amos and Peter play What's My Line with a panel of suspects as they look into the murder of a hated game show producer who was found hanging from the rafters on the set of the Hangman game show.
25 May 1995
Who Killed the Lifeguard?
A lifeguard is drowned in his pool and Burke investigates. They learn that he was a womanizer and among the women he's been with is another lifeguard, a VJ, a Princess whom he promised he would marry, and a swimsuit designer. And also the designer's ex-husband had reason to want him dead.
1 Jun. 1995
Who Killed the Centerfold?
A centerfold model is killed on the set of a photo shoot. Among the suspects is a another model who was competing with her for centerfold of the year. Her former agent who claims she stole something from her. A photographer whom she clashed with. The magazine's publisher whom she's suing for sexual harassment. And her husband, a millionaire whom she's leaving and planning to take to the cleaners.
8 Jun. 1995
Who Killed the Movie Mogul?
On the set of a B horror flick, the lights go out, and when they come back on, the producer is dead, two puncture wounds beneath his ear. Amos and Peter have a cast of suspects, including the dead man's twin brother.
15 Jun. 1995
Who Killed the Toy Maker?
Amos and Peter discover that someone's not playing after an eccentric toy manufacturer is killed by an exploding stuffed animal.
22 Jun. 1995
Who Killed Cock-a-Doodle Dooley?
Amos and Peter must solve the riddle of 'Why did the fried chicken magnate cross the.road?' after he's struck and killed by a rival's delivery vehicle.
6 Jul. 1995
Who Killed the King of the Country Club?
Amos and Peter mix and mingle with the members of an exclusive country club after an obnoxious new member, who got a lot of folks steamed, is fatally locked in the club'ssauna.
13 Jul. 1995
Who Killed the Sweet Smell of Success?
The scent of murder is in the air as Amos and Peter try to sniff out the killer of a hated perfumier.
20 Jul. 1995
Who Killed the Hollywood Headshrinker?
Several suspects are analyzed Amos and Peter as they investigate the murder of a hated 'psychiatrist to the stars' who was lured to the roof of a high rise by a phony distress call and fatally pushed off the roof to his death.
28 Jul. 1995
Who Killed the Tennis Ace?
An arrogant tennis player is killed when someone places a poisonous spider in his shoe box. So Amos and Peter, who knew the man, starts by looking at who would have wanted to him dead. And among them are his business manager whom he was considering firing. His former partner and ex-wife, whom he mistreated. His current girlfriend, who has a reputation of a bad girl and who has exotic pets like poisonous spiders. The shoe company exec who's upset that he's trying to get out of a contract to endorse their shoes.

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