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Sex & Nudity

  • Characters discuss sex, infidelity, promiscuity, homosexuality, transsexuality and masturbation between each other, sometimes in a medical context (this sometimes involves teens) or casually. These conversations are not graphic and at times comical. Prostitution is also mentioned as many patients (men and women) are said to be prostitutes.
  • Characters are occasionally seen kissing and making out
  • Characters flirt with each other throughout the show, this sometimes includes sexual innuendos.
  • Medical procedures are done on certain patients genitalia throughout the show. Nothing is ever seen other than the doctor's arms being in between the patients legs and pictures being taken. This includes circumcisions, rape kit exams, pap smears, recovery of items stuck inside patients, abortions and births. Pubic hair, ejaculation, penetration, erections, semen and impotency are mentioned. Doctors sometimes go in detail and describe what is being done in medical terms.
  • There are scenes where sex is implied. For example, characters are seen next to each other in bed or other times characters are kissing each other and undressing before the scene cuts away.
  • There are occasional sex scenes throughout, characters are sometimes heard moaning & panting and they are seen moving under some sheets and kissing each other. These scenes are usually brief and not graphic, at times we see the bare buttocks of some characters when getting out of bed, a woman's bare back or the side of a woman's boobs. On some extremely rare instances, we see a woman's bare breasts, but very briefly and hard to see. Although some seasons don't have any sex scenes at all, some have multiple.
  • Male & female rear nudity is seen throughout the show, sometimes in a medical context or sexual context (characters getting out of bed after intercourse). This is usually brief, although there are some close-up shots.
  • STDs are mentioned and discussed throughout the show, some characters contract them. Methods of contraception and practising safe sex is usually mentioned in these conversations.
  • Men are sometimes seen in their underwear and women are also occasionally seen in their bra & panties or lingerie
  • Some women throughout the show are braless and their nipples can briefly be seen poking through their shirts.
  • We clearly see the bare breasts of an elderly woman in only ONE episode throughout the show. This is in a medical context and is brief.
  • Many characters are victims of rape, this is sometimes described pretty graphically as the victims are questioned. The victims are at times teenagers and elderly people. Some episodes also involve the sexual abuse of children.

Violence & Gore

  • Some patients lose their limbs in accidents and the limb is seen separated from the body. The camera does not focus too long on the gory details.
  • Throughout the show we see characters with a wide range of injuries and medical conditions. Some are covered in blood, some with cuts, burns, bruises, some with large wounds, some with broken bones (at times sticking out of the skin) and also some with sharp objects stuck inside their bodies. The patients are occasionally children and teens. The show doesn't linger too long on the graphic details and usually focuses on the doctors instead of the injuries. Incisions are sometimes performed on screen, although this is very rare and when it does happen is brief.
  • There are scenes where characters try to commit suicide or successfully commit suicide, at times done on screen. Characters ingest drugs, shoot themselves, jump off buildings, cut themselves and hang themselves. This is mostly mentioned instead of shown.
  • Patients are frequently seen getting stitches throughout the show, this is usually not very graphic.
  • We see victims of child abuse and domestic violence in many episodes, characters are seen with injuries such as cuts, burns and bruises.
  • In many scenes blood is seen on the doctors' hands and on their uniforms while they are operating on patients. Blood squirts from wounds and pools of blood are seen.
  • There are occasional fist fights between characters, patients are sometimes violent and need restraining. Punching, pushing, kicking, biting, slapping, tackling and sometimes choking is seen. Some of these scenes are quite intense.
  • Murder is the subject of certain episodes, some patients are victims of shootings and stabbings, these are sometimes children. They are seen on-screen in some episodes, characters are pointing guns at people, being in gunfights, getting stabbed and getting shot.
  • Moderately graphic medical detail


  • There are a some uses of "Damn" and "Ass"
  • "Bitch", "Son of a Bitch" and "Whore" are used in some episodes
  • "Prick" is used in an episode
  • The N-word in a racist context is used in some episodes
  • Some characters are seen giving the middle finger
  • Occasional, usually mild and justified in the context

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Adults and children overdose on prescription drugs and illegal drugs throughout the show.
  • There are some episodes that are about people getting injured due to drunk driving yet no actual alcohol is shown in these scenes.
  • Certain episodes revolve around patients who have taken illegal drugs and are seen high.
  • Characters are sometimes seen smoking cigarettes (including pregnant women) throughout the show. The negative affects of smoking tobacco is mentioned frequently. Some of the main characters struggle with nicotine addiction.
  • Many characters are seen drinking alcohol and being inebriated and at times blacking out throughout the show. The blood alcohol levels of patients are discussed in many episodes. Some characters are alcoholics and the effects of alcoholism are talked about.
  • Drug smuggling and drug dealing is mentioned and seen. This is the subject of certain episodes.
  • Many characters are drug addicts, they are sometimes called junkies. Some are seen injecting themselves with syringes and smoking on screen in certain episodes. Characters are also seen detoxing and going through withdrawals.
  • Characters with drug addictions sometimes fake symptoms to try to get prescriptions. This happens numerous times throughout the show.
  • Characters are seen smoking marijuana in some episodes, the medical benefits are also discussed. There is one pretty extensive scene where a nurse smokes a marijuana joint and blows the smoke into a patients mouth as he says it relieves pain.
  • Cocaine, heroin, acid, meth and marijuana are seen and/or mentioned.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show is fast paced and unpredictable, some patients come into the hospital in a very bloody state and sometimes with missing limbs. We see certain characters have seizures and heart attacks. Some of the patients are in unbearable pain and are seen screaming & yelling. Certain episodes have a very somber tone to them and might be harder to watch for some people. The show is very realistic and intense.
  • Some episodes are upsetting and deal with quite depressing subjects such as suicide, cancer (sometimes children with cancer), STDs (including AIDs), rape, infidelity, poverty, miscarriages, murder (sometimes of children), drug addiction & alcoholism, child abuse, abortions, mental illnesses, divorce, mental disorders (depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, PTSDs), racism, domestic violence and death.
  • Many characters (children and adults) are seen dying, sometimes on screen and also off screen (almost every episode includes a death). Some of these scenes are very intense, we often see how this affects the person's friends and loved ones. These scenes might be upsetting for some viewers

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