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Tia & Tamera are Fine!
David, Film Freak10 December 2001
What *is* it with you people? Nearly everyone who has reviewed this show has blasted it beyond belief.

Yes - it was corny... it was a family show.

Yes - it was sacchrine and unrealistic... it was a family show.

Yes - it was "The Black Full House"... it was brought in just as Full House was beginning to dwindle in the ratings, but it was more than that.

The simple premise of twin girls separated at birth by completely different parents and then brought back together under coincidental circumstances obviously proved too pathetic to most IMDb reviewers.

Twins Tia and Tamera showed promise - they fine actresses, both good-looking and both can sing.

Although Tim Reid as Ray was a drip, Marques Houston as Roger was great, while Jaquee Harry (Lisa) is an absolute legend! This was a good show, so don't be tryin' to tell me otherwise.
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Great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria10024 January 2003
I love this show! It is funny, and Tia and Tamera are great! I liked Roger best, 'cause he is incredibly funny as he worships the twins. The only thing I didn't like was the way they said things in unison, except when they said, "Go Home, Roger!" Jackee Harry and Tim Reid are really funny as Lisa and Ray! My favorite episode was the pilot! This is a great show for kids, teens, and adults to watch!!
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sister sister is not stupid
lindajanet1627 February 2003
i can agree that the plot was a bit silly, and realistic but at the end of the day its TV. its not meant to be 100% convincing, nothing on tv is real.

The girls were good actresses i cant deny, and the pace at their age was stable, at least when they were 16 they werent all over boys like brianna is in 'one on one', it was a good show and it was long running. Roger playede by Marques Houston was the sweetest thing i had ever seen until he grew and his voice broke and he got all 'masculine' but hes still sweet anyway.
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Good show, i miss it!
little_miss_minx8424 January 2003
Well i thought it was particularly good. The average age of the audience for this show were young teenagers and i doubt they are really looking for an emmy award winning performance. It was nice seeing the sisters grow up through the years and in my opinion it had everything that a family show needs - laughter, hot guys like ronreaco lee and marques houston and it was packed full of interesting scenarios so on the whole-good entertainment!!
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I miss this show!
cowza1 August 2006
As an 80's child I grew up with all the classic cartoons like Ducktales, Gummi Bears, Thundercats and Ghostbusters then when I was in high school I had the shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Kenan & Kel, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Sister Sister. Watching these shows was something I used to really look forward to every evening and when they are shown in a rare repeat on TV I love watching and reminising.

Sister Sister had some great episodes. There was something about the mannerisms of the characters which I found just hilarious - I especially remember this of Lisa and Tamera. I remember we were also occasionally treated to the musical talents of Tia, Tamera & Marques Houston (Roger) which I always enjoyed. What was most pivotal about Sister Sister was that despite being a comedy show with the occasional unrealistic scenarios it did address many things teenagers go through and could relate to. The characters seemed like real people and I'm sure I was not the only one to grow up with and love those characters.

I don't know what people expected out of this show but to me like many other similar shows that aired at the same point as Sister Sister they were marketed at teenagers and young adults who appreciated them a lot. Most of these shows had around six seasons so they must have been doing something right! Personally I think this show was fantastic and I hope we get it on DVD soon :-)
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Finally on netflix
christysandersb2 September 2020
Awwwww my this brings back memories of me as a kid growing up watching this show all the time.
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It's still cool!
Monika-55 July 2000
I remember watching this show from the night it debuted on ABC. Tia and Tamera are both good actresses and it was fun watching them grow up on screen. Jackee Harry and Tim Reid had a lot of chemistry too, as the complete opposites Lisa and Ray. It's a shame they didn't end up together for good. My favorite episode has to be where the twins got their temps and Ray and Lisa tried to teach them to drive, and another good one is where the same boy unwittingly asks both the twins out on the same night thinking they are one girl. They both end up going on the date, and it's also the same show where Lisa meets Terrence! It was a good, decent family show, although I think the ABC episodes where better than the subsequent WB ones. Hats off to the cast and crew for a fun show and a job well done!
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fantastic show
webmaster-10083 March 2005
I totally agree. I think Roger is funny because he annoys Tia and Tamera, he's probably my second favorite character other than Tamera. I love Tamera, I can totally relate to her because I love to dance and dance and stuff. "Go home Roger" is a classic line. Ray and Lisa are funny too, especially since Ray likes opera music and owns a limousine service, not to mention Lisa designing her own clothes. I like a lot of the episodes, but my favorite one is probably... well I can't think of any right now, haha but today on Disney Channel was an early episode when Tia and Tamera are celebrating their birthday and spend a weekend in Chicago(where I'm from!!) Except yeah, I would agree that its a bit cheesy when they say the same lines together. Tamera rocks!
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"Sister, Sister" - A wonderful show thanks to two delightful stars
dee.reid23 August 2004
I got my first glimpse of the antics of twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry, strangely enough, in my 8th grade health class; we were in the middle of the seemingly state-mandated and (clearly) pointless drug and sex education courses. We were forced to watch the episode where Tia and Tamera give into peer pressure and start smoking in the school bathroom; it's real life issues that made "Sister, Sister" genuine in its hayday.

This was about five years ago and I hadn't seen the show since, until this summer. Though it's immediately proceeded on Disney by "That's So Raven," it makes for one of the best hours on children's television in my opinion, even though I'm 18 and have long since given up on today's children's programming.

"Sister, Sister" is funny in a way that's mature and adult without being too tacky or silly; a lot of today's kid's programming is idiotic toilet humor and is therefore complete crap. At least when I was growing up in the early 90s, we had cartoons that were genuinely funny and intelligent; if anything else, you might have actually learned something from them.

I've watched several episodes and I'm amazed at how great a show about identical twin sisters can be, that it's funny, touching, AND intelligent - all at the same time and without selling its soul. "Sister, Sister" was entertaining for these very reasons and I'm sure that's why it lasted for as long as it did on television.

It's a great show, and one that I hope is released on DVD soon so that it can be experienced to its greatest.
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Very American and Very 90s.
Translucid2k423 May 2007
"Sister, Sister" is a great show for what it is, a family-orientated American sitcom. A lot of the situations are very corny, but isn't that the point? The show is very successful at what it does. This is not meant to be Shakespeare - it's a mainstream, easy going sitcom aimed at the Teen market.

I used to love this show as a kid. It's fun, innocent and the principle cast are all very likable. What more could you ask for? As a viewer from the UK, this show SCREAMED American culture, and at the time I thought that was pretty damn cool. Maybe it was the fact that everyone got to wear their own clothes in school, or that the girls' house is just so gorgeous - I don't know. The show is also a lot of fun to watch now because it's so damn 90s! That's an aspect of "Sister, Sister" I really enjoy, being a kid of that era.

Don't lay into this show too hard. What did it ever do wrong? It was an unpretentious teen Sitcom that gave a lot of viewers many laughs for the few years it was on. It was a likable show that had a great cast and if you would care to look at it objectively, good set design, lighting and an overall great look (It won awards for that) It's very 90's, It's very easy viewing, And I love it.
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Went down hill after season 2
mylancer0315 September 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Aftrr they added those other characters ur went downhill. The family and Rogervwetebgreat. Those other corney characters didnt measure up to the first 2 seasons. Sherman Hemsley wasgreat as usual. Those high school students, that mall guard yuck.
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gstrongheart-2215816 September 2019
This show is being watched by my grand children for the second time around. Their mother loved the show and a second generation is watching it. Does not matter how many times you watch this show it's funny and enjoyable. We love it a family show.
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husnain_058 December 2005
This show is great.It makes me laugh so much.The actors and actresses are great especially like Tia,Tamera,Lance,Lisa and so is everyone else that acts in this programme.Sister Sister,My parents are aliens and Kenan and Kel are the best programmes that come on Nickelodeon and my sisters are great fans of Sister Sister and so am I.I find both Tia and Tamera funny but I think Tamera is a better actress and Tia is more funny though. When I was little I use to love watching this and now that I understand it even better.I wish this programme wins a lot of more awards because Sister Sister really deserves them because their spectacular.
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This is a unique and fun show that I never get tired of!
annalealyon-117 February 2007
First, I want to start off by saying that I love this show! I think everyone knows that Sister, Sister is about two twins that were separated at birth and find each other at a local mall. First of all, many people might say that this show is unrealistic. It's not unrealistic, it's unlikely. Twins separated at birth has happened many times! Anyways, Sister, Sister is a very fun show. It's the kind of show that doesn't happen anymore. I didn't start watching this show until it came on Disney Channel. I've loved it ever since! No matter how many times I see an episode, I never get tired of it! I think it's a show that everyone could find something they like it. I think it's hilarious and very enjoyable! If you haven't seen this show, I highly recommend you watch!
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Sister Sister!
Antantz5 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My favourite character is probably Roger who is played by Marques Houston, he stars in one of the best episodes which was: 'A Tall Tale' that one makes me laugh so much! All the actors/actresses are great and all throughout the shows you're hoping for Ray and Lisa to hook up together. Both Tia and Tamera have such a great relationship with each other, they don't always get along (which is expected) but they have many funny times together. I used to love watching this show and now it's on TV again I understand it even better! Roger is the character I look forward to seeing as he has the funniest moments and the best lines. I can't help but root for him when he's trying to hook up with Tia and Tamera, hoping one day he'll succeed.

Overall it's a great show!
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manitobaman815 September 2014
Tia and Tamera Mowry play twins who were separated at birth and by chance meet each other in a shopping mall. Ray Campbell, Tamera's adopted father, is very different from Tia's adopted mother, Lisa Landry, but the twins don't want to be separated so Ray and Lisa end up living together. The series often focuses on the trouble the twins get into due to their identical appearance and the love-hate relationship between Lisa and Ray.

The verdict: I give it a final rating of 7 out of 10 because it's good but also kind of flawed. Everything about this series could make anyone laugh.
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Funny stuff
SanteeFats7 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this show when it aired. The whole premise of twins that are separated and then reunited by accident is done with funny class. When Ray lets the adoptive mom and the other twin move in to his big house it kicks off a good show. The first several seasons are really good. I thought when they grow up and start college that it slowed down a bit and became a little cluttered, but then what are the college years if not packed? I really liked Roger as the ever hopeful wanna be miniature stud who gets shot down consistently by both sisters, but also shows class and support for the twins. The action between the adoptive father and mother is priceless as the only common interest they have is the girls. The parenting styles are diametrically opposed most of the time but they do come together on the important issues. A nice show with good values.
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My Favorite Show of all time
kyle-cruse30 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
For what it was, I found Sister Sister to be a positively ideal show. It's main strength is in having an all-around great cast, with Tia and Tamera Mowry as the teenage twins. The fact that those two were great actresses is really what made the show work, that such young people could come off so realistic and with so much charm and cause you to care about their lives. Tim Reid and Jackee Harry were excellent and hilarious as Ray and Lisa, the parents, and Marques Huston was stunningly memorable as next-door neighbor Roger Evans. Rarely does a show of its type have so much laugh-out-loud funny material, unlike similar shows such as Full House, which doesn't deserve the number of comparisons it's received to this show. I admit the show is less than perfect, particularly because of the downgrade in quality in the last two seasons as the show started to focus on plots involving the girls' boyfriends and the parents in new relationships, but there are definitely good episodes to be found in every season. Only two seasons have been released on TV, and the show is not in regular syndication, but all of the episodes are on YouTube, so I'd highly recommend checking them out. Some of my favorite episodes include Guardian Angel, Daddy's Girl, Father's Day, The Tutor, and many more.

**** out of ****
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A memorable sitcom
enigma_meets_reality4 September 2011
Sister Sister really takes me back to my life in the 90's! It was a unique show which went from strength to strength, with a simple formula, good plot lines and very strong character types. As enjoyable as Tia and Tamera's characters were, for me personally, the unparallelled Jackee Harry took the show to a new level as the sassy and brash Lisa Landry. Much like her lauded performance in 227 in the 80's, Jackee managed to steal show here as well.

My only complaints are the drop in quality of the show in the final season as well as the fact that the finale was extremely rushed and didn't have a particularly great ending.
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hmmm thought it was kinda dopey at first...
crazyangela20026 November 2002
At first the show was annoying, I use to just flip the channel when I saw those two twins appear onto my screen. I didnt like how the twins said things at the same time, now that was pathetic! But otherwise, while doing your homework full of bordem this show is fine to watch. I think the best thing is either Roger or the mess ups at the end of the show.
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eve6rox28 September 2002
First of all I think this show is very cute. I know the story line is kinda dumb but come on... so is every other show pretty much. If they created this show any other way with any other actors it would be bad. I like it the way it is even though it is only on re runs!!!
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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!!!!!
Chris-99921 July 2000
This show is really bad. The two sisters are annoying. It really started getting old when they said stuff at the same time. Ray is like the Bob Saget(Danny from the show Full House, another sucky show) of this show. I think I've said enough. Lisa is OK. She can be funny at times. The show is stupid and the sisters are SOOOOOOOOO annoying.
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cathcur14 June 2000
What the hell is it that everyone likes about this show??? To me it is just an extremely hackneyed, cliched show with bad actors! It is so ANNOYING! What made this show continue so long??? I really really HATE it! Does anyone agree?
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I stopped watching after they straightened their hair
shantbe11 October 2011
Well, not exactly.I hung in there for one more season.I bailed out when they decided to give Tia an ex-con boyfriend, let the twins sing the theme song, and have Tamera(the dumb twin) somehow get into the same university as Tia.Sure the show was fluff when it started, but that was part of its charm.Every sitcom doesn't have to be a nighttime soap. Sometimes you want to sit back,laugh and forget about the world problems for just a half an hour.I liked the kooky, funny, non-talented twins who scorned popularity,wore god-awful Blossom-like outfits and fended off Roger amorous advances.OK, I know the twins had to grow up sometime, but there was so much more that could have been explored.They could have made Lisa more independent.I would have loved for her to have owned her shop and have been on equal footing with Ray from the start.I hate how they made her low-income and dependent on Ray's benevolence so that she and Tia would have a place to stay.Also they touched on twins' desire to find their parents,Lisa's fear of competing with the birth mom,Tia's need for a father figure, and twins' fear of being separated again.However, no mention was ever made of Ray's wife, who was Tamera's adoptive mother.Did she remember her? Why weren't there any pictures of her? Why were the home movies only of Ray and Tamera? That should have been the focus, not singing groups,cheerleading,modeling,drugs,ghetto boyfriends, and that stupid Roger/Batman look-alike episode. Oh and why didn't Lisa marry that Food-Boy guy? So much wasted potential.

5 stars--in remembrance of the frizzy-haired years.
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Why this show went on for so long, I don't know
flamingangel8825 December 2002
You have to give this show SOME credit. It was a pretty long-running show, considering its home was the WB. But that being said...WHY? Why did this show make it past one season?

The basic idea is two twins, Tia Landry (Tia Mowry) and Tamera Campbell (Tamera Mowry) meet up in a store one day, astonished by the fact that they look alike, and find out that they were adopted by different parents years ago. Tia and her mom Lisa (Jackee Harry) eventually move in with Tamera and her dad Ray (Tim Reid), so that the girls can get to know each other and make up for years lost.

The premise sounds slightly interesting. The show is not.

Basic story ideas involve boys, celebrities, boys, rivals...and oh yeah, boys. Your basic teen comedy (although I don't think it can pass as a comedy), with the same shallow plot lines. What do you expect though?

Now the characters. Ugh. The twins are downright annoying--especially when they say things at the same time. Tim Reid, as Ray, seems like he really doesn't want to be there--and who would? And now for Lisa. I mentioned that the twins are annoying--but they have got nothing on Lisa. She is the most annoying creature I've ever had the misfortune of seeing in my lifetime. If she weren't on the show, it would be a lot more bearable. Some people consider her the foundation of the show--when in fact, she is the reason this show is rendered annoying. She makes me want to break the TV just to shut her up. Or at least change the channel. The only good character on here is Roger. He's so sweet and likable...which is waaay more than I can say for the rest of the cast. Roger can be worth watching the show...because he is the only good character...but even he cannot save the show from its monstrosity.

Some people call this show "the black Full House." And I can see how they'd think that. Both shows are incredibly annoying, but you see that Full House has at least one corny speech (along with cheesy music) PER episode. Whereas Sister, Sister has no corny music, but just as corny speeches. Such as Lisa uttering so brilliantly in one episode, "Words can hurt!" Grr.

Just avoid this show. Unless you like annoying characters, corny plot lines, or tasteless humor. And I don't think anybody does.
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