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11 Jan. 2003
Private Eyes
A private eye helps a young girl earn money to stay off the street, by taking pictures of married men wanting to have sex with her. The angels must help him find his true path and help the young girl reunite with her family.
25 Jan. 2003
The Root of All Evil
A man confesses to a priest that he is part of a group that is going to rob a bank. The priest tries to find a way to stop the crime without betraying the confessional vows. Two angels of death are there to help Tess and Gloria.
1 Feb. 2003
A Time for Every Purpose
A gravely ill man needs home care. The angels talk to his estranged brother, trying to convince him that his help is needed.
8 Feb. 2003
And a Nightingale Sang
It's Valentine's Day, and business at the restaurant business is slow because of a winter storm. The angels must help one couple fall in love, and Andrew is there because one elderly person will die.
15 Feb. 2003
As It Is in Heaven
Monica goes to driving school. The teacher's son is her assignment. Jesse teaches school in an underprivileged area; one student's father sells drugs and tries to sell them at the school. The angels must help Jesse, his mother, and the student.
22 Feb. 2003
Song for My Father
A talented teen sings in the choir and a band, but also smokes. She is diagnosed with throat cancer. She is told her vocal cords need to be removed.
1 Mar. 2003
The Good Earth
The angels must help an inventor of an energy-saving converter meet the owner of an oil company who is dying.
15 Mar. 2003
Virtual Reality
Josh was in his aunt's car when his cousin Victor ran over Marissa Atkins. The angels each have a part in the trial to determine if it was attempted murder, with Josh as a witness for his cousin. Josh perjures himself as Marissa comes in to testify.
12 Apr. 2003
The Show Must Not Go On
A group of actors is obsessed with staging a show to revive an old theater.
19 Apr. 2003
At the End of the Aisle
Monica, Tess and Andrew are invited to the wedding of Audrey, someone they helped before when Audrey's son was dying. Gloria is at the wedding for an assignment to help Audrey make the right decision about getting married.
26 Apr. 2003
I Will Walk with You: Part 1
Monica is up for promotion. The angels are being interviewed to see if she is ready. She's sent to a town needing help. An explosion at school killed the students and teachers. It leaves the town in a shadow of grief, blaming an unknown man.
27 Apr. 2003
I Will Walk with You: Part 2
Monica must overcome her revulsion at the person accused of killing schoolchildren in order to complete her assignment.

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