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Sean Nelson: Fresh



  • Fresh : Keep watch, nigger. Yell if you see someone.

    Chuckie : "Yell, nigger"? I'll smoke they-ass!

  • Esteban : Where'd you come to find out about all these interesting developments?

    [no response] 

    Esteban : Look, time is money and money is time little homey, and right now you are costing me a lot of both.

    Fresh : You gonna get mad.

    Esteban : Look, it would be very difficult to get me any madder than I am already.

  • Fresh : [to Chuckie]  Goddamn, you must be the stupidest nigger I know. I don't know how you be tying your own goddamn shoelaces, as stupid as you is!

  • Fresh : I ain't run no base for no Esteban.

    Corky : Oh no? Who was it for then, Santa Claus?

    [slaps Fresh] 

    Corky : Who was it for?

    Fresh : He gonna kill me if I say.

    Corky : [Drops Fresh on the floor]  I'm gonna ice you right now if you don't!

  • Fresh : Why you don't go to Esteban then?

    Nichole : I don't like the way he looks at me. I don't need no spic pimp motherfucker looking at me like no fuckin' queen. I'm just a sorry-ass nigger whore.

  • [Chillie counting packs of drugs, Fresh is in a hurry] 

    Fresh : I gotta get to school, Chillie, I'm stupid late. It's gonna be my second late day this week. Miss Coleman is gonna kill me.

    Chillie : Don't worry, I'll write you a doctor's note.

  • Corky : You know what this is? *Look at it!* What is it?

    Fresh : Look like base.

    Corky : That's right, little man. Five thousand dollars worth of pure base cocaine. You didn't even look to see what you was carrying, did you? You're just a little kid in way over his head, I know that. But Esteban gotta be sent a message about horning in on my business.

    [picks up a chain] 

    Corky : I'm afraid you gonna have to be my little telegram.

  • Fresh : The more people there is, the lonelier it get.

  • [shooting in the store, Fresh and Herbie are waiting outside in the car] 

    Herbie : It's over right, shit, it's done right?

    Fresh : Look done to me.

  • Sam : Last game here I'm playing myself.

    Fresh : You're losing to yourself.

    Sam : Yeah, life's a bitch like that.

  • Fresh : Don't Aunt Frances think you ain't nothing. She think you're something.

    Nichole : Aunt Frances is a fuckin' saint. Aunt Frances loves every damn dog on the street the same as she loves me. Ain't no shit to be loved by no fuckin' saint.

  • Fresh : Mate in four.

    Chess Opponent : Fuck you. Ain't no mate in no four. Fuck you.

    Fresh : Would have been four if you were smart. Mate.

  • Esteban : Yeah, I'm asking you a question, is she a freak?

    Fresh : Man, you're married.

    Esteban : I know you're just a kid Fresh, even though you're smart, so I let you talk to me like that just this one time, but you tell me! You better tell me who she's fucking with.

  • Fresh : [to Hector]  Corky losing crazy dollars, man, he needs the shit today. He sent for me to say he ain't gonna forget his friends that helped him when he was in trouble, and he ain't gonna forget who didn't.

  • Fresh : It was fun, dad, stupid fun, you seen that nigger's face...

    Sam : Chess ain't fun, boy, how many times do I gotta tell you that? Don't you listen to a word I say?

    Fresh : Maybe if I seen you more...

    Sam : Well you don't, so you be well served to retain some of the knowledge I'm imparting to you, rather than giving me all this hard ass street attitude bullshit.

  • Esteban : What about your sister?

    Fresh : Promise you ain't gonna get ma...

    Esteban : No, I promise, you don't cut this shit out I'm gonna piss acid on your head, you fuckin' hear me?

  • Hector's guy : Hey, what are you doing here?

    Fresh : I gotta see Hector.

    Hector's guy : Yeah I'm Hector, what the fuck do you want?

    Fresh : You ain't Hector, Hector is in that office back there. I got an appointment with Hector, not you big gorilla monkey ass.

  • Fresh : I have this dream.

    Chuckie : Yea, like what?

    Fresh : Nothing. Sometimes I have it, that's all.

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