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Sundance 2017: New Clip from Snatchers Features an Unsettling Ultrasound Scan

"You didn't just go to sleep last night and wake up nine months pregnant." Ahead of its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Snatchers is teased in a new clip and photos that show the eerie events surrounding an unexpected pregnancy in the upcoming horror comedy series produced by Stage 13.

"Snatchers is a high school adventure story about friendship, self-worth, and aliens. Sara is one of the cool kids: she’s got the right friends, makes the right jokes... and is totally terrified of losing her status. She’d be a lot more secure if she could just win back her super-hot ex, Skyler. But he’s not interested unless they move to the next level. Sara decides to take the plunge, but soon discovers Skyler isn’t just horny like a normal teenage boy. Something changed on his summer trip to Mexico. Something in his nards. When Sara
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Interstellar Crosses $100 Million In IMAX Theatres Worldwide

Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures today announced that Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed film Interstellar has surpassed $100 million in IMAX Theatres worldwide since its release on November 5, marking the fourth time an IMAX film has crossed the $100 million threshold.

While Interstellar concluded its circuit-wide domestic run in IMAX theaters on December 14, the film will continue to play through at least the weekend of December 19 in the following North American IMAX 70mm film locations:

Austin, TX IMAX Theater Austin Branson, Mo Elite Cinema 3/Ozark IMAX Chantilly, Va Udvar-Hazy Center IMAX Dearborn, Mi Henry Ford IMAX Des Moines, Ia Sci IMAX Dome Theater Huntsville, Al Spacedome IMAX Theater Indianapolis, In White River IMAX Philadelphia, Pa Tuttleman IMAX – Franklin Institute San Jose, CA Hackworth IMAX Seattle, Wa Boeing IMAX – Pacific Science Center Tampa, Fl Museum of Science and Industry Washington, D.C. Lockheed Martin IMAX Theatre

Continuing the legacy begun by
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We Are The Best! In Theaters Now – Trailer, Preview, Theatrical Release Schedule

If there’s one movie you see this summer… that’s foreign… and about little kids in a punk band, critics everywhere agree that you should do everything in your power to make sure that it’s We Are the Best!.

There aren’t a lot of films headed your way that have managed such universal positive regard (culminating in an astounding 88 at metacritic), and if you’re going to catch something, you need to check this one out.

Check out the trailer above, and below find more info, some images, and a full list of theatrical screenings.

From Swedish master Lukas Moodysson, We are the Best! revolves around three girls in 1980’s Stockholm who decide to form a punk band — despite not having any instruments and being told by everyone that punk is dead. Based on a graphic novel, We are the Best! is a paean to Diy culture and the power of rebellion.
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Big Bad Wolves Clips and Theatrical Release Details

Big Bad Wolves kicked off its limited theatrical release early last week and it will continue to open in additional cities over the next couple of months. Here’s a look at the release dates and locations, along with two clips:

“A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings – a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.”

Big Bad Wolves was written and directed by Aharon Keshales & Navot Papsuahdo, and stars Lior Ashkenazi, Rotem Kienan, Tzahi Grad, and Dov Glickman. Big Bad Wolves has been getting quite a bit of buzz from its festival screenings and our own Becki Hawkes loved it when she caught it at FrightFest. Check out her review at:

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A Closer Look at the Old, Ultra-Violence

William Everson, for Cinema 3 in 1972 sits down and talks to Anthony Burgess and Malcolm McDowell to discuss Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, a film adapted by Kubrick from Burgess' novel and starring McDowell, as I'm sure you all know, as Alex, a young delinquent and leader of a band of "droogs" who finds himself part of a government re-conditioning program. What initially caught my attention is McDowell's quick and insistent disagreement with Everson on Kubrick and his working habits, which, if I'm correct in reading between the lines, boils down to, "If you signed on to star in a film for a director, you should be expected to do as the director says and if that means you work hard to make something right, that's what you do." I also enjoyed the examination of the dialogue in the film and the way Burgess essentially created a new language for
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Felix Austria! Announces World Premiere at 2013 Hot Docs Festival

The Producers of Felix Austria! are delighted to announce its World Premiere at the 2013 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto, April 27. Hot Docs is regarded as the top film festival for documentaries in North America, and the Felix Austria! is especially honored to launch there. Check out the trailer and poster, and then read on for more information.

Felix Austria! - Trailer

Felix Austria! will be presented in the elite World Showcase program, which is the Festival's immensely popular survey of the year's finest non-fiction films from around the world. Felix Austria! is also eligible for the Audience Award.

In the event you can pop over to Toronto to join Felix Austria! for the festival, here are the times and venues of upcoming screenings:


Saturday, April 27th. 3:30 Pm. Tiff Bell Lightbox 3.

Monday, April 29th. 6:00 Pm. Scotiabank Theater, Cinema 3.

Sunday, May 5th. 3:30 Pm. Tiff
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Win Tickets to see Two Films at The Barbican this Weekend

Our friends at the Barbican have sent over a fabulous competition to give you lucky HeyUGuys readers the chance to see one of two films playing at The Barbican this weekend as part of their ‘Wonder on Film’ season. The two movies in question are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Mission to Lars, both of which are part of the Barbican’s fabulous Wonder on Film season. Both of these movies are a must see and this is the perfect opportunity to see them as we’re giving three pairs of tickets away (you can select which film you’d like in the entry form below).

Eternal Sunshine will be introduced by Dr. Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford and Mission to Lars will be introduced by Tom’s sister, journalist Kate Spicer.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Screening time: 3pm 2nd March in Cinema 3 (Beech St.
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Under the Radar: Nicholas’ Top Five Picks for Sundance 2013

#5. Interior. Leather Bar

Who: While everyone may be familiar with actor/director James Franco, they not be as aware of the filmmaker he’s paired with to direct Interior. Leather Bar, Travis Mathews. With a background in documentary, Mathews professes to use this and his Masters in Counseling Psychology to make films that focus on gay men and intimacy. He already has a series of short films about gay men and bedrooms and a well received 2012 feature film, I Want Your Love to his name.

What: His pairing with Franco on a project aims to recreate the lost 40 minutes of footage that William Friedkin was forced to cut from his controversial 1980 film Cruising.

Where: Franco’s interview also features a clip, while Franco’s co-director posted the trailer on his vimeo channel.

When: Shot in Los Angeles, CA over the course of a day in July, 2012, produced by RabbitBandini Productions
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2012 Wndx Festival Of Moving Image: Official Lineup

The 7th annual Wndx Festival of Moving Image, in addition to the fest’s usually fantastic lineup of new experimental film and video, is presenting a virtual smorgasbord of special events. So, be on the look out for them as they completely take over the city of Winnipeg on Sept. 26-30.

The fun kicks off on Sept. 26 with the debut of “Situated Cinema,” a roving microcinema created by Thomas Evans and Craig Rodmore that will screen at different venues throughout the entire festival. The opening night will take place at Raw Gallery and feature five films curated by Solomon Nagler that will connect viewers with their environment. The filmmakers presenting work at this unique screening experience are Heidi Phillips, Alexandre Larose, Caroline Monnet, Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof and Alex MacKenzie.

Another fantastic multi-part special event at Wndx will be hosted by underground film historian Jack Sargeant, the world’s foremost authority on Beat Cinema.
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Cannes 2012: Room 237 | Review

Cinema 3.0 is in Full Bloom, and it’s Turned some of us into Ocd Madmen

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is firmly canonized as horror film perfection among cinephiles young and old; it’s the place where a traditionally schlocky genre combined with ‘art’ to create some kind of terrifying nirvana in the cinema world. Like every great film predating it, it was exhaustively analyzed, criticized, plagiarized, and analyzed some more by audiences, critics, and cinema theorists everywhere.

But there’s an interesting thing about when The Shining arrived in cinema history: VHS became a thing just at the end of the 1970′s and was a defining revolution associated with the 80s. For the first time, cinephiles could watch a film whenever they wanted to, without having to wait for a local cinema to screen it or for a TV station to air it. The Shining, having of course
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Anchor Bay Takes Battle Royale on the Road

Not content with just dropping Battle Royale onto home video in a truly stellar edition, the fine folks at Anchor Bay have announced that they will be taking the much heralded flick across the U.S.A. theatrically! Rock and roll, baby!

Participating Venues

2/24: Madison, Wi – University of Wisconsin Madison (Wisconsin Union Directorate Film Committee) (free to campus) 2/24–2/25: Tulsa, Ok – Circle Cinema 3/11–3/11: Cambridge, Ma - Brattle Theater / Seattle, Wa - Northwest Film Forum (late Fridays in March) 3/2–3/3: Portland, Or – Hollywood Theater 3/2: Spokane, Wa – Magic Lantern 3/8-3/9: Winchester, Va – Alamo Drafthouse 3/9-3/10: Minneapolis, Mn – Landmark Lagoon 5 3/9–3/15: Tucson, Az – Loft Cinema 2 (10pm)/ 3/10: Providence, Ri - Arkham Film Fest (no fee) / Huntington, NY – Cinema Arts Center 3/16-3/17: Denver, Co – Denver Film Center 3/18: Houston, TX – Alamo Drafthouse 3/16-3/18 & 3/20: Austin, TX – Alamo Drafthouse 3/19: Philadelphia, Pa – The Philadelphia Film Society/The Trocadero 3/23-3/24: Seattle,
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List of North American Midnight Showings for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Announced

If you’ve been reading the site or follow Steve and/or me on Twitter, then you know we both kind of loved the hell out of Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I’ve seen the movie twice now and can’t wait to go back for thirds. I’ll most likely be making that third viewing at Friday at 12:01am at one of the film’s many North American midnight showings. Wright has posted a list of the theaters with showing the flick at midnight and we’ve included that list after the jump.

I usually don’t care about box office, but it does affect what kinds of movies get made and the number of projects offered to those involved with a film that has a strong opening weekend. Scott Pilgrim is an explosion of originality and deserves to be rewarded with your coins.
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Spc Nabs Rights to “Gods” at Cannes

Sony Pictures Classics nabbed all rights in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand to Cannes competition screener “Of Gods and Men” from sales agent Wild Bunch. Pic was directed by Xavier Beauvois and written by Beauvois and Etienne Comar; Pascal Caucheteux for Why Not Productions (”A Prophet”) produced in conjunction with Comar, Armada Films and France Cinema 3. “Of Gods and Men” is based on an actual incident in which seven French monks, who lived in harmony with the local Muslim population, were allegedly executed by Islamists during the Algerian Civil War.
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Tribeca Horrors 2010: Possessed (The Living Death)

Making its North American debut as both a regular entry in the Tribeca Film Festival and online via Tff Virtual is Lee Yong-ju's Possessed (The Living Death), which draws equally from traditions of K-horror and police procedural.

Possessed is an eminently creepy hybrid, a slow-burn horror film that builds its eeriness through a paced accumulation of unsettling details within its engrossing mystery plot, which is as follows:

College student Hee-jin returns home after her younger sister, the recent survivor of a devastating car accident, has gone missing, only to find her mother is a fanatical religious convert and an ominous aura hangs over the family's apartment complex. Things take a macabre turn when the neighbors start offing themselves in increasingly bizarre and grotesque ways, and Hee-jin calls on skeptical detective Tae-hwan to investigate the mysterious events. Together they begin to unravel the tangled web of connections between the victims that
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News Flash: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s ‘Earth Made of Glass’ to Premiere at 2010 Tribeca Film Festival

“There is no den in the wide world to hide a rogue. Commit a crime, and the Earth is Made Of Glass.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Models, dancers, actors, and now you can add producers to the long list of abilities Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum have in their every-growing talent arsenal.

The couple has joined forces with friend and fellow producer Reid Carolin to executive produce their first film via their new production company 33&Out.

Earth Made Of Glass‘, a moving documentary that follows the Rwandan President Paul Kagame and genocide survivor Jean-Pierre Sagahutu, will be the first movie to carry the 33&Out production company title.

The new documentary follows a president and a citizen—bound together by a profound love of country and an unquenchable desire to see the truth revealed— as they fight to uncover the mystery behind a murder and France’s hidden role in the horrific 1994 Rwandan genocide.
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