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Season 9

2 Jun. 2004
Drew Hunts Silver Fox
Drew and Oswald have a similar dilemma; single overbearing mothers. They seek out a senior rec center and meet a pottery teacher named Woody whom they both want to setup their moms with.
2 Jun. 2004
Eye of the Leopard
Drew is upset at Gus's soccer league and teaches him about competition. Lewis and Oswald compete for Kellie's cousin.
9 Jun. 2004
Foos Rush In
While Evan's away at a yoga retreat, Traylor starts making changes to the office to the detriment of everyone; Lewis dates a homely waitress for free food.
9 Jun. 2004
Drew Thinks Inside the Box
Drew and Kellie exchange house keys, but he winds up in trouble after letting Scott use Kellie's place to cheat on Traylor.
16 Jun. 2004
At Your Cervix
Kellie resists Drew's proposed commitment to her, so he enlists the help of her parents who bicker constantly and bitterly. When they learn he got Kellie pregnant, they aren't pleased with the idea of him as her husband.
16 Jun. 2004
Sealed in a Kiss
When Drew's dad dies, Drew makes the funeral arrangements and buys the coffin from the Internet, but a coffin themed on the band Kiss arrives instead of a Marines one. Kellie tells Drew he's not ready for fatherhood.
23 Jun. 2004
Baby Makes Stress
When Drew tells Lewis and Oswald that he dreads the challenges of parenthood, they encourage him to act irresponsibly. Mimi's attempt to help Kellie with her pregnancy is questionable.
23 Jun. 2004
Michigan J. Gus
Gus misbehaves whenever he's alone with Drew, causing Kellie to think Drew might not make a good father. Lewis and Oswald try to pick up widows.
30 Jun. 2004
No Booze for Drew
After promising Kellie he won't drink during her pregnancy, Drew goes partying with the guys. Oswald loses a toe in an escalator ride and uses the settlement to buy a portion of the Warsaw. Mimi arranges deliveries from the package man.
30 Jun. 2004
Drew's Best Friend
Drew's new neighbor turns out to be overly clingy.
7 Jul. 2004
Arrivederci, Italy
Kellie's dream is to go to Tuscany, and Drew does everything possible to get her there before the baby comes.
7 Jul. 2004
House of the Rising Son-in-Law
Kellie's father buys a house with Drew to flip. However, as a retired QA inspector her father is overly concerned about perfection and quality.
14 Jul. 2004
Dog Soup
Drew gets talked in to betting on a racing dog that's enhanced by an experimental steroid from DrugCo. When they find out the dog may die, they are torn between getting enough money for the baby and possibly killing the dog.
14 Jul. 2004
Asleep at the Wheel
Drew sees bus-driver Tony doze off and knock over parking meters. Conflicted, Drew arranges him to get a job at the store. When Tony finds out Drew reported him, he retaliates by stealing his online-senior-pharmacy idea.
21 Jul. 2004
Baby Face
Mimi warns Drew to not have sex with Kellie after she gives birth. At baby-care class, Drew becomes turned off by the thought of the baby's presence. The Warsaw's hot new waitress makes Kellie feel unattractive.
21 Jul. 2004
Girlfriend, Interrupted
When Lily jilts Drew at the altar, Kellie and Drew discover romantic feelings for each other. Kellie wants to pursue a romance, but Drew doesn't want to lose her friendship.
28 Jul. 2004
Straight Eye for the Queer Guy
Mimi and a gay couple have been swapping babysitting and she gets Drew to play father figure for Gus when the couple comes to dinner. Drew plays a role in their breakup which stops the swap, so Mimi pushes him to get them to reconcile.
Still Life with Freeloader
Mimi's stayover hookup Tyler insists on sticking around and tells Mimi he's painting art although he's just loafing. After unsuccessfully bribing him to leave, Drew connects with a hired enforcer Lewis knows. Drew only asks him to scare Tyler.
18 Aug. 2004
Burning Down the House
Drew gives Gus his old wood-burning kit for his birthday, which is blamed when Mimi's house burns down. When Drew discovers that they're living in the Neverending Store warehouse, he convinces them to move into his home.
18 Aug. 2004
Liar Liar House on Fire
As tension builds as Mimi and Drew irritate each other sharing the house, an insurance rep (Wayne Knight) is reviewing Mimi's claim on her burnt house. When their stories don't mesh, the rep plans to interview Gus so they coach him to lie.
25 Aug. 2004
Sleeping with the Enemy
After Drew's and Kellie's relationship moves to the next level they begin realizing they have drastically different political views, creating an extremely stressful environment.
25 Aug. 2004
Assault with a Lovely Weapon
Lewis is depressed due to breaking up with his girlfriend so Drew and Oswald take him to a strip club where he suffers a breast related injury. Drew gets caught lying to his girlfriend about the club when Lewis sues the dancer.
1 Sep. 2004
Love, Sri Lankan Style
Drew receives a letter from Steve with a check to help since Mimi lives with him. He wants back with Mimi but she is dating Larry so Drew arranges a meeting. Then a one-night stand Steve had in his world travel arrives and Steve tells Mimi.
1 Sep. 2004
Knot in the Mood
Drew puts his plan to propose to Kellie on hold when he finds out her parents are getting a divorce.
8 Sep. 2004
Passion of the Wick
Drew is fired from Neverending Store and has a plan to re-open Winfred-Lauder but needs a backer. He contacts former boss Nigel Wick whose father-in-law owns the Christian TV network and real estate. They make a deal but what will it cost?
8 Sep. 2004
Drew wants to marry before baby is born. Kellie accepts but after an engagement party goes into labor on way to city hall for the ceremony. At the hospital Drew recruits a priest giving last rites. Then a great thank you to the show's fans.

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