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Sex & Nudity

  • Some of the women's dresses (esp. Lydia's) throughout the series are cut quite low, showing ample cleavage.
  • Getting ready for an event, Lydia walks by in her under-dress/nightgown while changing upstairs (only cleavage is seen). She and Mr. Collins accidentally cross paths on his way up. Lydia starts giggling as Collins gives a horrified look, turning the other way.
  • As Mr. Darcy tells of his former dealings with Mr. Wickam, a flashback is shown of him walking in on Wickam as he has a scantily-dressed woman sitting on his lap (upper thighs and cleavage are seen).
  • Mr. Wickam and Lydia elope later in the series, living in London for a time before they are married. On a couple of occasions, we see Lydia caressing him while laying next to each other in bed (fully clothed).

Violence & Gore


  • Frequent use of "Lord!"
  • Mrs. Bennet mentions a "Demon from Hell" once in describing Lydia eloping with Mr. Wickam.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is some drinking throughout the movie, often times the character of Mr. Hurst is shown to be passed out near the others. Other than that there is very little.
  • We see some people at formal balls and parties holding glasses of wine, occasionally sipping on them. During one of those parties, Mrs. Bennet and Kitty drink too much wine. Both of them talk and act rather foolishly, which ends up embarrassing Elizabeth.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show is not frightening or intense at all in fact quite the opposite.

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