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Holly Hunter: MJ Monahan



  • M.J. Monahan : Nobody in this department has ever worked a serial case before.

    Lt. Quinn : Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I have.

    M.J. Monahan : The Zodiac, right?

    Lt. Quinn : That's right.

    M.J. Monahan : Did anyone ever catch the Zodiac, sir, or did he die of old age?

  • M.J. Monahan : [after the killer hacked her internet address and shows his next victim]  Do you remember what she looked like?

    Helen Hudson : Yes. She looked like a girl. She looked like a million other girls. I barely saw her.

  • M.J. Monahan : [putting on bulletproof vest]  Kind of defeats the purpose of my miracle bra, but who's looking?

  • M.J. Monahan : Why is that computer turned off?

    Helen Hudson : [turns around to see a blank screen]  Because I turned it off.

    M.J. Monahan : You can't do that.

    Helen Hudson : I believe I can... but would you like me to turn it back on?

    M.J. Monahan : Yeah.

  • M.J. Monahan : Oh great, the mouth is here.

    Reuben Goetz : Well, you can end her career, just pop her in the brachial nerve and she's gotta drop the microphone.

    M.J. Monahan : That's a thought.

  • M.J. Monahan : [to Helen]  Are you on medication... because I need your whole brain on duty?

  • Lt. Quinn : The Hudson broad...

    M.J. Monahan : What about her?

    Lt. Quinn : The commissioner thinks, and I agree with him on this, that's she's leakin' like a rusty bucket. Maybe she's trying to hype her new book. I don't know - I don't care! She's just not reliable - especially after lunch.

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