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Toooo funny!
elizabethbennett14 October 2002
This comedy is one of the funniest to grace the tube. These people are TOO FUNNY and I wish it was still in first run but glad to see it in syndication! John Lithgow and Jane Curtin are BOTH great comics and I would love to see a 3rd Rock reunion someday, a definate +10 on my scale! Definate must see TV!
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Very funny
MovieAddict201614 January 2002
"3rd Rock from the Show" is a very funny comedy series about a group of aliens disguised as humans. John Lithgow (one of the most underrated actors of all-time) is fabulous as Dick, the confused and overly dramatic alien posing as a college professor (I think - it's been so long since I've seen this on TV!). Sally (Kristen Johnson), Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Harry (French Stewart) all join in on the fun as his clueless, bumbling pals - Tommy is an old alien in a teenager's body, Sally is a male in a female's body (or so we are led to believe). Harry is a walking radio who receives incoming transmissions from their home planet.

It may sound silly but that's the entire point! It has some very funny quotes like, "Last week I didn't even know the difference between Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton!" Dick: "Pullman is the fat one." "I know that now!" (or something like that). A lot of it has to do with pop culture and as a result you may have to be American to "get" some of the jokes.

One of the top ten greatest television shows of all time. Miserably underrated. It gained a strong cult following while on TV and was awarded with many Emmy nominations but never really become as successful or popular as "Seinfeld," etc. Too bad.
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We own the series
kittiwake-18 December 2006
I fell in love with Third Rock when it was on daily in syndication. I just didn't know what it was about until the last season it was on. Can you believe that? I'm a huge fan now. I love the extras offered in the DVD collection. You learn all about the production and plots. I love all the characters. Some recurring characters (look for Jan Hooks and John Cleese!) are just roll-on-the-floor-laughing funny. If you've never seen this series, please start with show number 1 from season 1. You have to meet these characters from the very beginning to understand a lot of the comments. I didn't understand "Sally" until I saw the first episode. Then I got it. The casting is perfect. The characterizations are hilarious. I honestly can't see this show too much. I'm glad they are on DVD so they won't wear out like VHS would (for those of you over 30). By the way, if you know anyone who has Asperger's Syndrome/Autism, it is likely they will love this show, too. (My son has AS) They can really relate to these characters trying to figure out how to be human. (You do know they are aliens, right?) Buy it, watch it, fall in love with it. I'm just disappointed they didn't make 10 seasons!
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One of the All-Time Greatest TV Shows!
RiffRaffMcKinley25 August 2007
NBC has sinned much. They canceled "Joey," "Four Kings," and "Committed." They let Seinfeld run for nine years (if I'm not mistaken), which felt like an *eternity*. However, this cosmic sitcom almost absolves them... for "Joey," anyway.

When this was first on TV, my family would watch it every single week. We'd then watch it re-run in syndication to rediscover our favorite moments. And now I have some of it on DVD, and, if anything, it's only gained charm as the years have gone by. It's impossible to tell anyone how much I enjoy this show. But here are the basic reasons: a superb premise, a cast with no weak links whatsoever, and the guarantee of something completely and mind-bogglingly funny happening in virtually every episode! John Lithgow is fantastically self-absorbed as High Commander Dick Solomon, a selfish "jackanape" who feels the purpose of the universe is to serve his own needs. Kristen Johnston shines as Sally Solomon, who is *literally* a male trapped in a woman's body ("Next planet, I get to be something big with horns!") Joseph Gordon-Levitt adds another quirky angle as the old man of the crew who is relegated to the task of being a teenager. And French Stewart proves us he can play a loony with his eyes closed... by doing it with his eyes closed. Every episode. As for humans, Jane Curtin gives a fascinatingly nuanced portrayal of Mary Albright, Dick's perpetual object of affection; Elmarie Wendel is simply delightful as landlady Mrs. Dubcek; Wayne Knight lends many interesting facets to the cop who steals Sally's heart; and let's not forget Simbi Khali as Dick and Mary's amazingly sarcastic secretary Nina, who has to be one of the best sitcom characters ever. And who can forget Ileen Getz as the monotone-voiced Judith?

This show deserves to have a rating that's much higher than "7.something". It was one of those rare comedies that was interesting in both concept and execution, while most sitcoms (even the greats!) cash in on making boring concepts entertaining.

Resume normal functions in 3... 2... 1... squeak!
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The best sitcom we never watched.
alastair_m8 December 2001
It's a low down dirty shame about 3rd Rock. While I've been a faithful viewer going on five years or so, the show never got the appreciation it deserved. Sure it won its share of Emmies, but that doesn't mean anybody watched it. It's a Ross and Rachel world out there, and the brilliance of 3rd Rock was often overshadowed by soap operas disguised as sitcoms.

But 3rd rock is rollicking comedy and nothing but. John Lithgow is simply one of our best in one of his best roles as Dick. If you like this show, I strongly suggest you see some of his movie work such as The World According To Garp, the movie I hate to love and love to hate, but Lithgow's performance falls on the love side of the scale.

Gangly Kristen Johnston plays Sally. The towering beauty and hilarious flake. She adds some amazing physical comedy to the show's ensemble. Her physical presence is so amusing she can crack you up just by standing there. I can't wait to see her in other comedic roles, my main fear being she'll fall into toilet humor instead of something sophisticated.

French Stewart as Harry is more or less the cute little pet and adds tremendously to the show. He acts as what at first might seem like the dumb member of the alien four, but in fact, his idiocy is what exposes that of the people that surround him in how they deal with him.

Finally, teenager Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tommy is most impressive in the fact that he plays at the same level of the rest of the ensemble. The show hasn't used him as an idle, but as another resource for more of the social observations with which the show is bursting at the seems.

The four play together as a remarkable comedy team, each with their own quirks that evoke criticism on society. The satire is complete with the addition of the stereotypes they encounter every day. Jane Curtin as Mary, Dick's love interest, tries to appear normal and show the Solomon's that they aren't but is really as bizarre as anyone else on the show. Then there's Nina, the secretary; Don, the cop of Sally's dreams; the lovable nympho landlord, Miss Dubcek; and countless other students, colleagues, peers and various characters that teach the Solomons, themselves and us about society (I love Judith.) The show is as observant as any I've ever seen and equally funny with it's slapstick, zany dialogue, unusually usual situations and running gags.

My feeling is that the main source of 3rd Rock's brilliance is it's mocking classic sitcom formula. It takes the perpetually utilized premise of placing a group of outsiders in the middle of a "normal" group of people and completely turns it around. Unlike a show like the Beverly Hillbillies where we principally laugh at the Clampets, we're laughing it the Solomon's AND the people around them. In 3rd Rock, nobody is normal and there is no true norm, which is much truer to the world in which we live. There are all the classic patterned events from sitcoms (meeting people, dating, finding one's purpose, and the trials with which every day sitcom life presents you) but none of these situations lack a deeper meaner on 3rd Rock. Then there's the little things. Aspects such as the fact that there is no couch in the living room and that all the characters' names are those which one would have found on an older sitcom (Who's name is Sally anymore, really? Then Tom, Dick and Harry- the quintessential normal trio) are just some of the ways of the creators screw with our established expectations of prime time.

I love this show, and think it will endure in syndication long after we've forgotten about Veronica's Closet or whatever other weeknight carp they're handing to us these days; I don't pay much attention to it myself. Like M*A*S*H, I Love Lucy, All in the Family and other purposeful shows that have been with us for decades, 3rd Rock From the Sun always has meaning and hilarity at the same time. That's sure enough proof that this is more than your average hip singles in the city tripe and that 3rd Rock will stay a part of our society since it has done such a good job of mocking it.
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Oh My God!!! I'm Gorgeous!!
dtrulez12 August 2003
err.....grrr....arrgghhh!!! "In Coming Message From The Big Giant Head"

Ever Since Harry (French Stewert) said "You Know Dick....." (In his nasal voice)for the first time I knew that this would be a Brilliant series! When the aliens discovered their human forms (And Sally's Boobs!) They started learning little by little everything that WE take for granted! I say Everyone who appeared on this series were simply BRILLIANT actors and nobody would argue with me! From the first time I saw the high commander salute I salute in no other way!!! My forehead is still sore! Thank you 3rd Rock for 5 wonderful years of bellycramping laughs!! Rock On!!!

This message will end in 5....4.....3....2.... Haaachewww!!!

What did I miss???
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One of the best shows!!!
Hollyinskies28 October 2004
This is one of the best shows put out! It really feels like your in a theater watching a play. 'Dick' is the best character, hes funny and bossy and quite the simpleton when he wants to be. I love the way he expresses his feelings through his facial expressions. I would be entertained just watching him, with no sound. and 'Harry' is definitely the next best character. i love the way he dresses...the fur coat and his suspenders and bright shirts. plus, hes very funny. he gives off the impression that he is the youngest alien even though tommy is. i love how innocent and sweet he seems.

3rd Rock is not your A-typical show, it doesn't deal with real life and regular families and friends. every character in this show is weird and crazy and doing their own thing. i think its better this way. i get tired of watching the same old shows with a husband and a wife. problems with the kids or work or each other. its very refreshing to see a show where they have crazy situations and answers. plus it fun to see what it might be like for an alien to come to earth and not know how to deal with their bodies, or relationships, or school and work.
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The_Godmother22 June 2003
My god, this was & still is one of my favourite tv shows, ever! "3rdrock" wasn't only funny & enjoyable, it was very innovative, original, creative & ingenious. The majority of the time i would find myself crying of laughter due to Dick's stubborness & Harry's silly behaviour/acts! :) i was absolutely gutted when NBC decided to discontinue the show! couldn't they exit another show? why o why, man??? *sniffle* it wasn't your "typical american comedy show"-it was different & just so funny! definitely 10+! :)
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3rd Rock rules
holdj17 April 2005
well I'm 15 and i simple love 3rd rock from the sun it has sections for all the family. The characters are great and are played with amazing talent. I don't think there is anything i could say that i hated and i only wished they could have carried on making more shows. As a family Dick Sally Harry and Tommy go great together each having their own individual style. Every show has more gags and laughs than the last. The story line of aliens disguised as humans is hilarious, I find it funny to see them tying to fit in and understand humans. Some of the lines leave me laughing for days and I'm sure they will live on for years to come!!!! Proving that there is no show better than 3rd rock from the sun!!
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i loved this show!
dettus24 December 2004
i totally loved this show!

instead of all the other sci-fi- or fantasy-centered sitcoms (like for example sabrina) this one didn't rely on heavy special effects. instead, the "alien" feeling came through the actors performance. it was exaggerated, sure, but in a very VERY good way. my favorite episodes where the ones where harry turned into a transmitter. in one of the last episodes he transmits an alien-award show and you can see him dance on behalf of the ballet. when you look closely you can even see kristen johnston (sally) nearly fall out of character. it was so hilarious, you could see her biting the insides of her cheeks not to start laughing and ruining the scene. and my favorite dialog was her asking dick "why am i the woman"-"because you lost".

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One of the funniest shows in the universe
Op_Prime5 January 2000
3rd Rock From the Sun is one of the funniest shows to ever air on televison. The actors are all great, especially John Lithgow who is the funniest. It's a brilliant series with so much originality. Anyone who thinks this show isn't funny, obviously needs their heads examined. This is classic television that will be remembered for years to come.
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It rocks!
kclambeth21 May 2007
I think third rock from the sun is great but is hardly ever mentioned as one on the greatest U.S sitcoms, even though it's way better than the likes of Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond.

The story starts with four aliens landing on Earth in human disguises; ready to embark on the greatest adventure; humanity. They have an assignment to learn all about humans and the way they live. This really works and it's especially fun at the beginning when they experience things for the first time, like crying, dreaming and falling in love.

John Lithgow is such a great actor and his physical comedy is brilliant, the character Dick is such fun to watch. Sally, Tommy and Harry are great too, each having their own role to play. Sally being the woman, Tommy the teenager and Harry...well i'm not to sure about Harry, he was there because they had an extra seat! The other characters, Mary, Don, Mrs.Dupcheck and Nina are fun too and the predicaments that the Solomon's get themselves into are hilarious. The early series are better, but that's not to say that the later ones aren't good, it's just more fun in the beginning when they knew nothing about the world.

Give this a go, it's definitely deserves more recognition than it receives.
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My Favorite TV Show
jaddison38310 March 2007
Pure brilliance is all I can say!!! Pure brilliance! Every time I watch this show, I laugh out loud over and over again. Even episodes I've seen before. Hysterical.

The absolutely perfect cast is part of what makes it so good. John Lithgow is, of course, hilarious. He hits every one of his jokes spot on. Jany Curtin, Symbhi Kali, French Stewart, and even Joseph Gordon-Levitt are all great. But it's Kristen Johnston who really steals the show! She is one of the funniest people I've ever seen, and I only hope I get to see more and more of her.

A great script, done well by great actors. What more can you want? Impossible not to laugh- Really!!! 8/10 stars!!!

Jay Addison
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One of the best sitcoms ever.
Java_Joe8 April 2019
It's TV shows like this that make me sad for the state of TV today. Not saying that there are bad shows out there but they're just missing something.

3rd Rock from the Sun was a broad comedy about 4 aliens who have come to Earth to explore humanity and what it means to be human. You had the Information officer who was the oldest and wisest of the group who is now stuck in the body of a pubescent teen played wonderfully by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He showed that even at such a young age that he'd become a great actor. There was the security officer who was a no nonsense military man who found himself in the body of a statuesque blonde bombshell. You had the high commander played in a wonderfully over the top way by the great John Lithgow. And finally you had the receiver of the group, a dimwit who's only purpose was to transmit and receive information from their boss "the Big Giant Head". The entire cast was amazing and most of the humor came from them not understanding humans and trying desperately to fit in.

I knew it was going to be a great sitcom from the very start. Harry, the dimwit with the radio in his head, wanders into the room crying out, "I'm blind! I can't see!" One of them, I think Sally the bombshell, responds with, "your eyes are closed". He takes a moment, opens his eyes and realization dawns on him, "ohhhhhh! They're manual!" and he wanders off.

During their run they explored many different things about what it means to be human but they never lost their alienness. It was sad when they finally said goodbye but like all good things, it's best to go out on a high note than to stay around too long and have it get stale.

You can find the episodes in syndication or online so there's really no excuse not to take a look.
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Best show ever
aviteitelbaum26 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
No doubt best show ever. can't get enough. the actors are great, it's hilarious, the plot itself is funny. I would recommend this to everybody.



check it out it's worth it.

END OF SPOILERS The characters are all well rounded. even the humans are funny. there is never a sad moment, i laugh through the whole thing. just take this quote for example;

Sally Solomon: How did you afford all this? Tommy: You know that jar of pennies I keep in my room? Sally: Yeah. Tommy: Well that's where I keep Dick's credit card.

Obviously it's funnier when you see it, but that is just a trifle in comparison to the laughter and fun waiting for you in 3rd Rock from the Sun.
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beckrbug12 November 2004
I came upon this show late at night recently because I couldn't sleep. I forgot how funny "3rd Rock" was! I was laughing hysterical at numerous points of the episode! I love the premise, the characters, the antics, their views on humans! Dick is soooo damn funny!!!! Yelling and screaming for Mary. Classic. Fabulous. French Stewart is a little irritating but Dick and Sally and all the others make up for it. I love that knome too, who sits on the franklin stove. Reminds me of that Travelocity Roaming Knome (SO GOOD!) Those commercials are worth watching. Back to the point. Try to catch this show. Over here it's on late Friday and Saturday's, if not more (Eastern USA).
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Best Sitcom Ever!!!
maniuis8 August 2010
For me it all started back in 1997 when I became a fan of 3rd Rock From The Sun when the show aired -dubbed in Spanish- in a Peruvian TV channel broadcast in all Latin-America. Unfortunately the series was not a success and they only showed a bunch of episodes from the first season but it was more than enough to captivate me. I mean, who could possibly resist the funny Dr. Dick Solomon or the hilarious Harry Solomon -by the way, the dubbing of the series was just great and both characters were as funny in Spanish as they are in English...

Thanks to the internet -and the fact that I learned English well enough to understand it without subtitles, because there are no subtitles available for this sitcom on the whole internet- I was able to get the whole 6 seasons and I just finished watching the 6th season finale, including the alternate ending -which I preferred- and some behind the scenes shooting.

I wish the showed had gone on for so many more seasons. There was so much to explore, but anyway, I just have words of gratitude to all the people who made this amazing show possible. I owe them many hours of entertainment and hundreds of good laughs.
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LOve It, Love It, Love it LOVE IT!!!!
LittleRascal-1514 September 1999
I love this show. John Lithgow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, & Jane Curtin give excellent performance. The funniest people on the show are of course Kirsten Johnson, French Stewart, and Jan Hooks. Kirsten plays Sally Solomon a 6-foot tall, sexy model type, who really was a guy on her home planet and was a great warrior. French plays Harry, the stupid and hilarious guy who is the somewhat communication reciever from The Big, Giant Head. and Jan plays Vicki, Harry's lover. Jan Hooks is such a fox! I give 3rd Rock from the Sun(who you haven't guessed, they mean Earth, i'm sure you already know that) 10 stars on the jeff Scale! Thank you drive through.
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Great Show. Everyone should watch it.
Toxicwasteland12 June 2012
This was one of the greatest sitcoms ever. It is hilarious from episode one to the series finale. John Lithgow and the rest of the cast really bring this show to life.

The story follows four aliens who have been sent to Earth in order to study the human race and cleverly disguise themselves as a regular ordinary family.

The show has very clever moments and is a must watch for everyone; young and old. It is wonderful to see a sitcom of this quality. Sitcoms these days need to learn from this show instead of doing the same old thing and do something interesting and intelligent.

Once you've seen 3rd Rock of the Sun you simply cannot stop watching.
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Glorious and something, something, hum dili didili da dee doo da.. SPACESHIP
mindbender230214 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles, and the bottle's in a poodle and the poodle's eating noodles, they call this a muddle puddle tweedle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle.... This man's a genius." - Dick Solomon -

Four aliens. One semi-alcoholic lover. A sarcastic assistant. A cowardly incompetent but lovable cop. A nymphomaniac land lady. An even more nymphomaniac land lady's daughter. William Shatner! The above statements sumarize everything that is 3rd Rock from the Sun, and it is, for the lack of better word, it's GORGEOUS.

From covering various topics, ranging from catching a cold to fighting a rival alien from home planet to win the heart of one's wee-body-lass, this show has hit every single apex in the racetrack that is a comedy show.

True that this show has a few sex-oriented humour, so what? Panic, chaos, compassion, love, laughter, tears, doing-the-worst-possible-thing-while-trying-to-do-the-best, more panic, thermal-bond-epoxy, and even more panic are somethings this show knows well about.

Surprisingly, a majority of the dialogue that discusses physics are actually sound. And to see the students in the class dumb-founded is simply hilarious.

This is a must see, and a must see again and again for all.
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absolutely great and brilliant
shahryarnwa27 August 2009
this show is great and brilliant,all the factors such as its name,subject,characters and story line are in a perfect harmony....they created a great serial and they really casted the best people that this show inquired......i mean nobody could do it better than john lithgow and the others,and the creators didn't stop,i have to say my hat tips off to them for their great efforts cause after this they made "that 70's show" which is also another great show with a lot of creativity, you can't put together a better arrangement than this,i mean really the actors fit their characters,i've been watching it for some years and i have the DVD so you know i plan to watch it over and over.....

10 out of 10 is the number this show deserves,watch it if you don't believe it,and if you didn't believe it again then there's something wrong with you,it's inevitable,you can't not like it,you'll love it..
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When Sally Met Tom, Dick And Harry
atlasmb25 July 2019
When this series originally aired, I watched some of its episodes and I found it funny. Years later, I rediscovered the series in reruns and now I love it. Far from becoming dated, this series has only grown better with age, somehow.

The premise is that a group of aliens come to Earth to investigate earthly ways, disguised as earthlings. The alien aspect optimizes the fish-out-of-water setup, allowing maximum silliness. Imagine Mork with an entirely family in tow.

The cast is fantastic, starting with John Lithgow, who plays Dick, commander and patriarch of the transplanted foursome. Lithgow puts his stamp on every moment, every emotion, every action. Is this the same guy who played the smalltown clergyman in "Footloose"? Yes, and he seems to relish the degree of zaniness and hyperbole that the series permits.

Sally, Harry and Tommy are played by Kristen Johnston, French Stewart, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, respectively. When the series began, Gordon-Levitt was age 15, but he already had plenty of acting experience. He holds his own with the talented cast. Stewart's Harry is a powder keg of quirks and tics just waiting to voice his inner oddity. In her role as Sally, Kristen Johnston is a force of nature. She lifts the words of the writers with her inspired vision and makes them more than was ever conceived. She can more than hold her own with Lithgow.

Jane Curtin as Mary, the object of Dick's affections, Wayne Knight as Officer Don, Elmarie Wendel as Mrs. Dubcek, and Simbi Kali as Nina form the rest of the excellent cast. Each has moments of brilliance.

If you like your comedy with a healthy dose of wackiness that is, at the same time, intelligent humor, this is the show for you.
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a PERFECT sitcom!
TheDuckLord9 May 2019
This show is an actual gem! every dialogue, every act is so clever! theres no cheap comedy in this show! especially the actor John Lithgow! he's an absolute genius! the way the talks, the way he looks, his voice, his simple jokes everything will make you laugh! as for the other characters they did one of their best job anybody could ever do! if you never seen this show youre just missing it big time!
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The best sitcom of the 90's
dnccorruption28 November 2017
I have watched and re-watched all of the sitcoms from the 90's and by far 3rd Rock from the Sun was the best show apparently nobody else watched.

The concept for the show was brilliant as well as groundbreaking. How would aliens react to experiencing life through human body's for the very first time. Their hilarious antics and reactions to normal everyday life in American society keeps me in stitches.

John Lithgow (Dick Solomon) won an Emmy for "Outstanding Lead Actor" for each year the show ran (1996-2001) With Kristen Johnston (Sally Solomon) winning "Outstanding Supporting Actress" from 1997-1999. In 1997 and 1998 The show won "Outstanding comedy series". In 1997 "Third Rock" won more Primetime Emmy awards then any other television show winning 5 of 8 Emmy nominations.

So imagine my shock when I look up "best sitcoms of all time" and to my complete dismay there is no mention of this wonderful show. Imagine my shock when I check list after list after list and nobody listed "3rd Rock". Instead I see "Friends" and "Seinfeld"......SERIOUSLY?

If you haven't watched 3rd Rock from the Sun then you really haven't seen "the best" sitcom of the 90's.
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The Most Hilarious Show Out There
Bored_Dragon20 November 2017
One of the wittiest and most entertaining shows ever. With most of the comedies, you understand that something is funny but you don't actually laugh out loud at it. Shows that make you cry while your jaw hurts from laughing like crazy are extremely rare. And for me, this is such a show. I can always watch it, no matter I know it by heart from watching it countless times, no matter current mood. However nervous, edgy, sad and down I may be, one episode of Dick and family will always bring me back from the dead. One of the strongest tens I ever gave.


Episode titles are hilarious: Dick Smoker, Lonely Dick, Body and Soul and Dick, Ab-Dick-ted, The Art of Dick, Angry Dick, I Enjoy Being a Dick, Assault With a Deadly Dick,... I mean, even if you don't have dirty mind this is more than obvious and almost certainly intentional. I love it.
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