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Season 2

11 Dec. 1996
The Mummies of Malenque
The Quests find a devastating plague that destroys an ancient tribe.
12 Dec. 1996
Rock of Rages
The Quest team tries to stop a former KGB operative from creating a golem.
13 Dec. 1996
Hadja goes to Calcutta to find his adoptive father and stumbles across the truth about his past.
16 Dec. 1996
Race Against Danger
Race must cross an obstacle course he once knew well, but which someone has altered dramatically in the years since.
17 Dec. 1996
The Dark Mountain
The Quests search for the truth behind a rash of Bigfoot sightings and the mystery of why the monster is stealing electronic components.
18 Dec. 1996
Surd and Race switch bodies, leaving the villain desperate to force Quest to right the situation.
19 Dec. 1996
Undersea Urgency
Murderous amphibians are released by an underwater earthquake, and attack an undersea reasrch facility.
20 Dec. 1996
Zin holds the world hostage using a satellite he's stolen and modified.
23 Dec. 1996
DNA Doomsday
An organic computer goes out of control during a test of military defenses.
25 Dec. 1996
Ghost Quest
Jonny, Jessie and Hadji stumble upon a tragic island.
26 Dec. 1996
Nuclear Netherworld
On a visit to Jonny's grandfather's ranch, the kids discover a uranium mine hidden beneath a biodome.
12 Feb. 1997
Digital Doublecross
Surd enters into Jonny and Jesse's virtual reality game in Questworld.
27 Dec. 1996
Hadja falls under the spell of a beautiful New Orleans girl.
16 Apr. 1997
More Than Zero
Race and the kids explore a Venetian haunted house.
31 Dec. 1996
Village of the Doomed
Benton and Jonny run across a peaceful Devon village with a violent secret.
30 Dec. 1996
Without a Trace
Dr. Quest and Race are accused when Air Force One vanishes, and the boys race to prove their fathers' innocence.
10 Feb. 1997
Dark Sentinel
The Quests discover that Cameroon villagers can handle the threat posed by a logging team.
11 Feb. 1997
Other Space
People from another dimension pour through a portal which was accidentally opened by some scientists, and lay claim to the Earth.
13 Feb. 1997
Surd tries to attack the Quest team from inside by using Jesse's mind.
14 Feb. 1997
The Bangalore Falcon
The kids find a rare falcon from a legendary land said to posess a river of immortality.
15 Mar. 1997
Diamonds and Jade
The kids race to help an old friend recover a jewel which seems surrounded by a strange force.
17 Mar. 1997
The Edge of Yesterday
When the 2D Jonny Quest is transported to prehistoric times he turns into a 3D cg character to battle a T-Rex.
18 Mar. 1997
The Haunted Sonata
Jonny and Jesse follow a ghost to a half-finished sonata in the Czech Republic.
26 Mar. 1997
General Winter
General Vostok returns with a terrible weapon which he wants Benton to make even more destructive.
14 Apr. 1997
Night of the Zinja
Zin's daughters target the Quest team, determined to carry on their father's dynasty after his death.
15 Apr. 1997
The Robot Spies
Zin launches a final, encompassing scheme to destroy the Quests.

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