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MPAA Rated R for strong violent content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman leans into a car and the angle sees down her top and bra.
  • none

Violence & Gore

  • An unarmed man takes on 5 villains armed with sub machine guns and pistols on a dock. The guns are fired at the unarmed man (mostly his feet) and he successfully dodges the bullets sustaining no injuries. The unarmed man delivers a combination of kicks and punches to the villains. Some fall over on a flat surface. No visible injuries or blood is present.
  • A man throws another man behind a bar to protect him from gunfire. The thrown man sustains no injuries.
  • A fight occurs between the hero and several villains armed with guns in a bar. A table is thrown into the villains scattering them in various directions but causing no visible injuries. The hero delivers a sequence of punches, kicks, grabs and throws upon his assailants. Thuds and crunching sounds are heard from the villains during their beatings. Villains are seen and unseen shot in the heads/faces no blood but presumed wounded fatally.
  • A policeman punches a man across the face but no injuries are sustained.
  • A man throws a small object at another man. The target grabs his own neck in panic. The thrown object embeds itself in a pillar and blood oozes from it down the pillar. The target starts to cough out a stream of blood from his mouth and collapses, presumably dead.
  • A man is chased around a garage by several attackers, and knocks one out with a pipe. He cuts another's arm off with a chainsaw (dismembered arm seen; no blood), and the arm is seen a few times later. He fights with another attacker and knocks him out, before getting in a shootout with some other men. A woman comes to help him, and shoots a few men.
  • There's a long shootout/fight in a motel room in which a man fends off many attackers with guns and his fists. The men attack him with electric batons, and he fights them all off. They chase him into a car garage, and the fight continues, with many men getting beaten up and hit with objects, as well as slammed into objects. Several faces are seen bloodied.
  • A man sustains a number crunching body blows from a villain during a fight. In a brief pause, blood trickles from the target's mouth, presumably from internal bleeding, as he steadies himself for the next round of combat.
  • There's a long and brutal fight between two men, who both strike each other with punches and kicks, and both bleed from their mouths with blood seen on their faces. One ends it by ramming the other with a motorcycle. As this fight occurs, two other men fight, and one chokes the other with a whip, but he shoots him in the leg and pistol-whips him several times, bloodying his face.
  • A man with bombs strapped to himself approaches two men while holding two detonators. The men kick him backward and grab the detonators, activating them. The bombs explode, killing the man and blowing up the building as the two men run out.
  • Two men handcuffed together fight several men in a construction site and beat them all (nor brutal or graphic).


  • 25 uses of "fuck" (5 paired with "mother"), 37 uses of "shit", 19 uses of "ass" (6 paired with "hole"), 11 uses of "damn" (5 paired with "God"), 6 uses of "hell", 3 uses of "bitch", 3 uses of "bastard", and 2 uses of "dick".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man briefly smokes a cigar and then discards the butt on the ground littering.
  • A man slowly drinks a beer in a bar.
  • A man makes a call on a videophone beside which on the table are two unopened bottles of beer. The caller holds a third, open bottle of beer from which he is presumably drinking from.
  • A man lights a cigar using an electric weaponised shock stick.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man is held hostage at gunpoint with a gun to his head. He is then passed to a second man who does the same to him. The hostage exhibits some fear but mostly annoyance and anger.
  • Two men are handcuffed together and chased through a quarry by multiple armed villains. Some villains get shot, presumably fatally. No blood shown.
  • A masked gang of heavily armed villains dressed in black attacks a motel room by room. There are few patrons to be found. In the ensuing shootout damage is caused to buildings and the targets are subjected to a sustained assault which the targets resist with a sustained defence of punches, kicks, thrown objects and escaping.
  • A small army of villains attack a remote karaoke show bar within which are several staff and patrons. A sustained and intense assault in the venue ensues. Extensive damage is caused. Several patrons are caused in the gunfire with some blood/squib mortal injuries sustained. A target is run into by a motorbike but no visible injuries are sustained. A bike rider is kicked in his helmeted head causing a crunch sound to his neck. Villains are slashed/stabbed with swords. Seen from the rear so no blood or cuts seen but wet sound effects heard. Most patrons survive, flee and do not witness any but the initial attack.
  • The bar fight scene may be intense and is mildly violent.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A villain's forearm is severed by a small chainsaw wielded by the target. A spray of blood is briefly seen followed by the villain collapsing next to his severed arm.
  • A villain is repeatedly struck in the temple with the butt of a pistol, causing bloody injuries to his head. Temporarily incapacitated, the villain staggers after his assailants with blood and spittle seeping from his mouth. He carries two explosive triggers he intends to use to kill himself and his targets. The targets disarm the villain of the triggers, but choose to detonate them anyway, killing the villain and destroying the show bar in a huge fireball. No blood or gore is seen in the explosion. All incapacitated villains left in the bar are presumed killed in the huge exploding and resulting collapse of the entire building.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A villain armed with a rocket launcher explosively destroys an entire motel complex, presumably killing his incapacitated/mortally wounded fellow villains, whilst the targets escape.
  • A villain, enhanced by artificial implants and bio stims, intensely succumbs to the effects on his body and dies of exhaustion after the enhancements are turned up remotely by computer.

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