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  • Presumably the President was able to get a replacement copy of the nuclear fusion formula and was able to stave off the war with China and the USSR. Edit

  • Director John Carpenter commented just before the release of Escape From L.A. (1996) that IF this movie was successful then he would consider a third movie and that the only place left for Snake to escape from would be Earth. "Escape From Earth" was just an idea - Carpenter never even gave that title, it's just something people assumed it would be called.

    Escape From L.A. evidently was not a commercial success and so the idea of a third movie went no further than Carpenter's comment. Edit

  • Depends on your point of view. Snake's decision is to essentially turn Earth's history back to the Victorian era, pre-electricity, where a man like him would flourish as a self-reliant gunfighter and despeardo. On the other hand it's suggested that humankind has deteriorated into tyranny so he essentially tears a corrupt society down and replaces it with a more egalitarian society 'Cabin in the Woods' style instead. Edit



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