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  • A team of elite commandos led by Lt. Colonel Austin Travis (Steven Seagal) accompanied by Intelligence expert David Grant (Kurt Russell) and engineer Dennis Cahill (Oliver Platt) smuggles themselves aboard a hijacked 747 airplane, transporting passengers from Athens to Washington DC, by linking up an military plane to the 747, without detection. But, when Colonel Travis is killed and Sargeant 'Cappy' Matheny (Joe Morton) is injured and is left paralyzed, Master Sargeant Rat (John Leguizmo) assuming command of the mission and the commando team, have 4 hours to take control of the plane, which has been taken over by a group of terrorists led by Nagai Hassan (David Suchet) right-hand man of terrorist fanatic El Sayed Jaffa (Andreas Katsulas), whom demands that the American President releases Jaffa from US custody, which in return, he will release the hostages once the plane arrives in Washington D.C. But, Grant suspects Hassan has smuggled aboard the plane, a deadly bomb and he intends to destroy Washington D.C. and is proven correct, when the command team discovers the bomb onboard. As Cahill aids Cappy in disarming the bomb. Grant, Rat and the commando team, with help from Jean (Halle Berry), one of the flight attendants aboard the plane, set out to regain control of the plane and foil Hassan's plot and eliminate the terrorists and stop the bomb from detonating in Washington D.C. Edit

  • From the Trivia page: Originally, Travis was to die due to low cabin pressure causing his head to explode. Steven Seagal refused to shoot this scene for fear his fans would not like it. Director Stuart Baird insisted he must do it as scripted, though Seagal held up filming for a few days and argued that the scene was not realistic. Finally after threat of contractual breach, Seagal agreed to return to filming and a new death scene was scripted.

    John Leguizamo stated that Seagal didn't want to film his death scene because he had never died in a film before, so he locked himself in a trailer and refused to come out. Also, Leguizamo stated that Seagal wanted to re-write the scene in which Travis would hold the stealth jet and the passenger jet together like Superman until the crew was safely aboard, therefore the character wouldn't die. Though John Leguizamo has made it pretty clear he isn't fond of Seagal, and he also comes from a comedic background so it's possible that his story is true, but was embellished for comedic purposes. Edit

  • In Britain, this movie has only been released in a slightly censored version, missing out three short action sequences involving a knife.

    Executive Decision was at first released in Germany and the UK in an adapted, pre-censored version. Probably this also concerns other European countries and maybe Australia too. Many references to the Islamic-fundamentalistic background of the terrorists were deleted in this pre-censored version. By this time, the movie has been released on Blu-ray in many countries, in the USA too. But it seems that Warner used the old pre-censored master for the BD. This master is the source for all Blu-rays worldwide. So the cut version was released in the USA for the first time. Edit

  • Presumably he is picked up by the Navy but has no idea whether or not if the team made it onto the jet. Edit



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