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Sex & Nudity

  • There's a little nudity but nothing too extreme
  • A woman is seen in her underwear
  • A stripper is performing in the background of a dimly-lit club scene
  • A female character describes being offered money for sex

Violence & Gore

  • Tonny shows Frank how to make a roundhouse kick but he twists his ankle while trying to do it
  • Frank tells Tonny about a man he beat up one time
  • The cops harass Frank to make him talk (including throwing pieces of candy at him and pouring icy water on him)
  • Frank walks into a bar and beats Tonny up (with punches and kicks and twisting his already injured ankle) and then hits him several times with an aluminium baseball bat (with blood splattering) and we see a short glimpse of Tonny afterwards (now unconscious with a bloody head) - Frank leaves the bar with his face splattered with blood
  • In some scenes we see Frank beating up people (not graphic, but quite intense)
  • Radovan gives a shotgun to a junkie tells him to rob a bank. When the junkie refuses he threatens both Radovan and Frank with the shotgun, but Radovan grabs it and kicks the junkie to the ground. The scene culminates when the junkie blows his own head off (we don't see it but do see blood everywhere, including the bloody hand of the deceased)
  • Frank holds a gun to another man's head
  • Radovan punches Frank several times and another man holds a knife to Franks throat
  • Frank is tortured (electrical shock, punched, kicked) by Milo's men, but he escapes when he gets a gun from one of the men (he shoots that man in the kneecap with bloody results)
  • Frank coughs up blood
  • Frank knocks down Radovan and are about to shoot him but doesn't
  • We see several men in a van with many handguns


  • Many uses of "fuck" (in English, Danish and Bosnian) and many, many other profanities in Danish
  • Much crude and graphic sex talk
  • Racial slur comparing a black woman to an ape

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The entire film centers on the drug trade
  • Customers test the heroin Frank brings them by tasting it
  • Frank and Tonny are seen doing lines
  • We see a woman shooting up heroin
  • Frank smokes pot
  • Frank and Tonny smoke and drink in many scenes
  • There's much talk of drugs and dealing

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated R for violence, pervasive vulgar language, drug content and some explicit sexual references.
  • The whole movie is very intense for the main 'protagonist' as he fears for his life.

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