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  • After the Jackal fails to assassinate the First Lady (Tess Harper), he makes a run for the Subway, changing his disguise along the way. Declan follows him. When the Jackal notices Declan getting closer to him, he leaps across the train tracks in front of the oncoming train and begins to run back down the tracks. Declan continues to follow until the two finally come face-to-face on the platform where the Jackal has shot a guard and taken a young girl hostage. To save the girl, Declan is forced to drop his gun and kneel. Just as the Jackal is about to shoot Declan, a shot is fired and the Jackal falls to the platform, a bullet in his neck. The Jackal's gun goes off, hitting Declan in the shoulder, and the camera pans to show Isabella (Mathilda May) holding a gun. She goes to help Declan, who notices the dying Jackal slowly pulling a gun from his pocket. Declan grabs Isabella's gun and fires a dozen bullets into the Jackal, killing him. Days later, as Declan and Preston watch, a pine box is lowered in a grave, and Preston wonders whether they'll ever know who the Jackal really was. As Declan and Preston leave the cemetery, Preston apologizes for not being able to get Declan a pardon and reminds him of the key given to him by Isabella. In the final scene, Preston goes off to buy himself a coffee, leaving Declan to walk down the road in the opposite direction. Edit

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