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Boston Globe
Nicholson, Hunt, and Kinnear will win you over as they turn the film into a valentine to New York's walking wounded.
Over the course of two-and-a-half hours, the film not only gets up on wobbly legs but learns to dance by the closing credits.
Portland Oregonian
You'll laugh and cry at the film, but you'll bridle, too, at Brooks' clumsy technique.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The result takes the audience on a screwball odyssey that mixes engaging twists with off-putting turns -- often fun, always watchable, but never quite as good as it could be.
Chicago Sun-Times
There's so much good here, in the dialogue, the performances and the observation, that the movie succeeds at many moments even while pursuing its doomed grand design.
Even as you question the central premise, Brooks makes you want to buy into it.
A sporadically funny romantic comedy with all the dramatic plausibility and tonal consistency of a TV variety show.
The New Republic
Nicholson, one of the best actors in American screen history, is miscast again… He is quite visibly uncomfortable in his role. It needed an actor who could easily be viciously stuffy, like William Hurt. Nicholson struggles for the core of the man but never gets it. [Feb. 2, 1998]
In between all the laughs and tears, it becomes painfully obvious that there's not a whole lot of story here to prop up the constant emotional yanking.
Dallas Observer
Experiencing this movie is a little like watching a manic-depressive's medication wear off.

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