Toy Story 2 (1999) Poster


Wallace Shawn: Rex the Green Dinosaur



  • Rex : [gasps]  What're we gonna do, Buzz?

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Use your head!

    [the toys use Rex as a battering ram in the next shot] 

    Rex : But I don't wanna use my head!

  • Rex : Buzz, you could have defeated Zurg all along! You just need to *believe* in yourself!

    Emperor Zurg : [Points his blaster at Buzz #2 set at the highest level]  Prepare to die!

    Rex : Aah! I can't look!

    [as Rex turns he accidentally knocks Zurg down the elevator shaft with his tail] 

    Emperor Zurg : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Rex : I did it; I finally defeated Zurg!

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : [forlornly reaching down toward the abyss]  Father.

  • Buzz Lightyear : Good work, men. Two blocks down and only nineteen more to go.

    Mr. Potato Head : What?

    Rex , Hamm , Slinky Dog : Nineteen?

    Mr. Potato Head : Are we gonna do this all night? My parts are killing me.

    Buzz Lightyear : Come on, fellas. Did Woody give up when Sid had me strapped to a rocket?

    Mr. Potato Head , Rex , Hamm , Slinky Dog : No.

    Buzz Lightyear : No. And did he give up when you threw him out of the back of that moving van?

    Mr. Potato Head : Oh, you had to bring *that* up!

    Buzz Lightyear : No, he didn't! We have a friend in need, and we will not rest until he's safe in Andy's room! Now, let's move out!

  • Buzz Lightyear : [after spotting the Al's Toy Barn commercial]  Now, Etch.

    [Etch draws up what's shown on the TV] 

    Buzz Lightyear : *That's* where I need to go.

    Rex : You can't go, Buzz. You'll never make it there.

    Buzz Lightyear : Woody once risked his life to save mine, and I couldn't call myself his friend if I wasn't willing to do the same. Now who's with me?

  • [the road leading to Al's Toy Barn on the other side has a tonne of Traffic in the way of the Toys] 

    Rex : Oh well, we tried.

    Buzz Lightyear : [Holds onto Rex's tail]  We'll have to cross.

    Rex , Slinky Dog , Mr. Potato Head , Hamm : WHAT?

    Mr. Potato Head : You're not turning me into a Mashed Potato.

    Slinky Dog : I may not be a smart dog, but I know what roadkill is.

    Buzz Lightyear : There must be a safe way.

  • Rex : [as Al breaks into the box that Andy's Mom locked Woody into]  I can't look. Could somebody please cover my eyes?

  • [At the beginning of the movie, Rex just lost a Buzz Lightyear vs. Emperor Zurg game, right when nearly winning] 

    Rex : No, no, no, no.

    Buzz Lightyear : Oh, you almost had him.

    Rex : I'm never gonna defeat Zurg!

    Buzz Lightyear : Sure, you will, Rex. In fact, you're a better Buzz than I am.

    Rex : But look at my little arms! I can't press the fire button and jump at the same time!

    [gestures those buttons] 

  • Rex : What happened?

    Mr. Potato Head : [in disbelief]  Woody's been shelved!

  • [the toys are trying to find a way to enter Al's apartment building] 

    Mr. Potato Head : I say we stack ourselves up, push the intercom and pretend we're delivering a pizza.

    Hamm : How about a ham sandwich? With fries and a hotdog?

    Rex : What about me?

    Hamm : Ah, you can be the toy that comes with the meal.

  • Buzz Lightyear #2 : [Watching the elevator Al went into go up]  Blast, he's at Level 23.

    Slinky Dog : How are we gonna get up there?

    Rex : Maybe if we found some balloons, we could float to the top.

  • Buzz Lightyear : [Having figured out the Liscence Plate with the help of Mr. Spell]  Etch, Draw that man in a Chicken Suit.

    [Etch redraws the picture of Al holding Woody wearing a Chicken Suit, which bears a Striking Resemblance to the Chicken Mascot from the Al's Toy Barn Commercial] 

    Rex : [Surprised]  It's the chicken man!

    Buzz Lightyear : That's our guy!

    Hamm : I knew there was somethin' I didn't like about that chicken.

  • [Woody goes to the yard sale with the help of Buster, Andy's dog, to rescue Wheezy] 

    Mr. Potato Head : Where is he going? He's nuts!

    Slinky Dog : His arm ain't that bad.

    Rex : [yells]  Don't do it, Woody! We love yooooou!

  • Alien toys : [Inside the Pizza Planet Truck]  Ooooh! Strangers! From the outside!

    Buzz Lightyear : [groans]  Oh, no!

    Rex : [as the Traffic Lights up ahead turn red, forcing Al to stop]  He's at a Red Light. We can catch him.

    Buzz Lightyear : Natural Power Slink!

    [Slinky hits the Gas Peddle, but the car doesn't start] 

    Rex : [the Lights turn green, allowing Al to continue driving off]  Ah! They've turned green, hurry!

    Buzz Lightyear : Why won't it go?

    Alien toys : [Referring to the gear knob]  Use the Wand of Power.

    [Mr. Potato Head pulls the handle, starting up the car] 

  • Buzz Lightyear #2 : Oh no, they've detected us, the walls are closing in!

    [grabs Mr. Potato head and mounts him aganist the celing of the vent] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Quick, help me prop up Vegetable man here or we're done for!

    Mr. Potato Head : Hey! Put me down you moron!

    Rex : Look, guys, it's not the walls, it's the elevator.

    [the elevator further down the shaft arrives at the bottom] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : [Looking up, it's quite a way]  Quick grab on.

    [Buzz #2 draws out a rope from his Utility Belt, tossing it to the other toys, and activates 2 Suction Magnets from the sides. He then starts climbing up at the side of the shaft] 

    Hamm : Uh Buzz? Why not just take the Elevator?

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : They'll be expecting that.

  • [Rex is Channel-surfing at a Slow Pace to find the Al's Toy Barn commercial] 

    Rex : I can't find it. It doesn't seem to be on any of these stations.

    Hamm : Oh you're going too slow, let me do the job.

    [Hamm starts Channel-surfing at a Breathtaking Speed] 

    Rex : It's too fast. How can you even tell what's on?

    Hamm : I can tell.

    [Hamm just skips right past the Al's Toy Barn commercial] 

    Rex : Go back, go back, you missed it!

    Hamm : Too late, I'm in the 40's, gotta go around the horn!

    [the toys spot the Al's Toy Barn commercial, prompting Hamm to stop] 

  • Rex : [Rex is running to catch up with the toy car Barbie is driving]  Hey, wait up! Hey! come on! Slow down! Dinosaur overboaaaaard!

    [he trips and falls face first into the backseat] 

    Tour guide Barbie : Remain seated, please. Permanecer sentados, por favor.

  • [the toys have just arrived at the airport in the Pizza Planet truck, and parked against the pavement] 

    Rex : Guys, we can't park here; it's a white zone.

  • Hamm : All right, let's review this one more time. At precisely 8:32-ish, Exhibit A, Woody, was kidnapped.

    [Etch-A-Sketch draws Woody] 

    Hamm : Exhibit B, a composide sketch of the kidnapper.

    [Etch-A-Sketch draws Al with a long beard] 

    Bo Peep : He didn't have a beard like that.

    Hamm : Fine. Uh, Etch, give him a shave.

    [Etch-A-Sketch redraws Al without a beard] 

    Slinky Dog : The kidnapper was bigger than that.

    Hamm : Oh, picky, picky, picky.

    Mr. Potato Head : Oh, let's just go straight to Exhibit F! The kidnapper's vehicle.

    [Refers to their toy reconstruction of the driveway] 

    Mr. Potato Head : Now the vehicle fled the scene in this direction.

    [pushes a toy car to the left] 

    Hamm : Oh, your parts are in backwards! It went the other way!

    [pushes the toy car right] 

    Hamm : Hey, put a cork in it!

    [Rex walks through, destroying their model] 

    Rex : Hey, how do you spell F-B-I?

    Mr. Potato Head : My crime scene!

    Hamm : Hey, watch where you're going, Godspilla!

    Rex : I didn't know this was a crime scene!

  • Buzz Lightyear : Woody you're in Danger here, we need to leave now.

    Rex : Al's selling you to a Toy Museum, in Japan.

    Woody : I know! It's okay, Buzz. I actually wanna go.

    Mr. Potato Head : [Shocked]  What? Are you crazy?

    Woody : Look, the thing is, I'm this rare "Sheriff Woody" doll, and these guys, are my - round-up gang.

    Buzz Lightyear : Woody, what are you talking about?

    Woody : What am I talking about? "Woody's Round-Up"! Oh, it's this great old T.V. show, and I was the star.

    [turns on T.V. and "Woody's Round-Up" video starts playing] 

    Woody : See, look, that's me!

    Hamm : This is weirdin' me out.

  • Buzz Lightyear #2 : [Rex having pushed the Other Toys down due to slipping, causes Buzz #2's weight to give in]  What was I thinking? My Anti-gravity servos

    [Presses the button on his Utility Belt, lighting it up, unaware that he's just a toy] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Hang tight everyone, I'm going to let go of the wall.

    [the other toys all look up at him shocked] 

    Slinky Dog : Huh?

    Rex : What?

    Mr. Potato Head : He wouldn't!

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : One!

    Hamm : He would.

    Hamm : Two!

    Slinky Dog , Rex , Mr. Potato Head , Hamm : DON'T DO IT, BUZZ!

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Three!

    [he lets go of the wall and they all land on the elevator, which is coming up the shaft] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : To infinity and beyond! Approaching destination. Reengaging gravity.

    [Turns off Belt] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : [gets off the elevator into the vent]  Area secure.

    Slinky Dog , Rex , Mr. Potato Head , Hamm : [all moaning] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : It's OK troops, the antigravity sickness will wear off momentarily. Now, let's move!

    Mr. Potato Head : Remind me to glue his helmet shut when we get back.

  • Rex : [as Al drives off]  How are we gonna get him now?

    Mr. Potato Head : Pizza, anyone?

    [camera pans to reveal the Pizza Planet delivery truck] 

  • [Whilst the toys search the Woody on Al's Office, unaware that he's not really there and in Al's Apartment, Al enters talking on the phone and walking over to the Fax Machine] 

    Slinky Dog : [Whispering]  It's him.

    Hamm : The Chicken Man.

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Funny, he doesn't look like poultry.

    Slinky Dog : That's the Kidnapper alright.

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Kidnapper, an Agent of Zurg if I ever saw one.

    Al McWiggin : [Putting a photo of Woody through the Fax Machine]  And the Piece de Resistance. I promise the Collection will be the Crown Jewel of your Museum.

    [the photo pops out the Fax Machine through the other side, landing on the floor where the toys hid] 

    Slinky Dog : It's Woody

    Al McWiggin : Now that I have your attention, imagine we added another Zero to the price, huh? What?

    Al McWiggin : [Overjoyed]  Yes? Yes! You've got yourself a deal! I'll be on the next flight to Japan!

    Mr. Potato Head : [Shocked]  He's selling Woody to a Toy Museum.

    Rex : In *Japan*.

    [the toys all jump into Al's Bag] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Into the Poultry Man's Cargo Unit. He'll lead us to Zurg. Move, move, move!

    [Rex's tail hangs out of the bag, Al picks it up and laughs] 

    Al McWiggin : [Cheering to himself]  I'm gonna be rich! Rich! Rich!

  • [Al arrives back at his penthouse, but leaves his bag with the Toys in the car] 

    Rex : He didn't take the bag!

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : No time to lose!

    [Buzz #2 struggles to open the locked door handle, and watches Al head to the Elevator] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : He's Ascending in a Verticle Transporter.

    [Jumps back onto the Car Seat and opens up his wings, hanging onto Rex and Mr. Potato Head, not knowing that he's just a toy] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Alright everyone, Hang on! We're gonna blast to the roof!

    Rex : Uh, Buzz?

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : To Infinity, and Beyond!

    [Nothing happens, Buzz #2 remains standing firm] 

    Mr. Potato Head : What are you, insane?

    [Runs over to the Car Lock, with Rex giving him a boost] 

    Mr. Potato Head : Stand still Godzilla.

    [Strains to lift the lock with his weak arms] 

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : [Confused, but still doesn't know the truth]  I don't understand. Somehow my Fuel cells have gone dry...

    [Leans against the Electric Window Switch, which successfully pops open the lock that Mr. Potato Head is still struggling to pull open] 

    Mr. Potato Head : Aaaah!

    [Mr. Potato Head having had his arms pulled off in the process bounces backwards and lands upside in the Cup Holder] 

  • [Buzz #2 straps Buzz into an Empty Box] 

    Buzz Lightyear : Listen to me, listen to me, you're not really a Space Ranger, you're a Toy.

    Buzz Lightyear : [Muffled from inside the box]  We're all toys, can you hear me?

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Well, that should hold you until the Court-Martial!

    Buzz Lightyear : [as he's being placed onto a shelf, straining]  Do you have any idea what you're doing? Let me go.

    Tour guide Barbie : [Arriving in the Toy Car with the Other Toys]  And this is the Buzz Lightyear aisle. Back in 1995, short-sighted retailers did not order enough dolls to meet demand.

    Hamm : Hey Buzz!

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : [Turns around, pointing his "laser" at the Toys]  Halt! Who goes there?

    [the car stops] 

    Mr. Potato Head : Quit clowning around and get in the car.

    Rex : Buzz! I know how to Defeat Zurg!

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : [Stops pointing his "laser"]  You do?

    Rex : C'mon. I'll tell you on the way.

    Buzz Lightyear : [From inside the Cardboard Box]  No, no, guys! You've got the Wrong Buzz! You've got the Wrong Buzz!

    Hamm : [Noticing Buzz #2's Utility Belt]  Say, where'd you get the cool belt Buzz?

    Buzz Lightyear #2 : Well, Slotted Pig, they're standard issue.

    [the Other Toys drive off, leaving "Their Buzz" behind, struggling inside the Cardboard Box on the shelf, as the Camera zooms out] 

  • [the other toys start attacking the Roundup Gang, much to Woody's confusion] 

    Woody : Look guys. You don't understand. They're my friends.

    Rex : Yeah! We're his friends.

    Woody : [Pointing at his Roundup Gang in the corner]  No Rex, I mean *they're* my friends.

  • [Al has just packed up the Roundup Toys, including Woody, into his Suitcase to go to Japan] 

    Buzz Lightyear : Quick to the Elevator!

    [All Run down the vent to the Elevator. Al has just pressed the button to send the Elevator up] 

    Buzz Lightyear : Hurry, I can hear it coming.

    [the toys all come to a halt as the Elevator arrives up the shaft. A Zurg toy that Buzz accidentally set loose from Al's Toy Barn has arrived standing ontop] 

    Emperor Zurg : So we meet again Buzz Lightyear. For the Last Time.

    Buzz Lightyear , Buzz Lightyear #2 , Rex : [Shocked]  It's Zurg!

    [Zurg draws out his Blaster, which is really a Nerf Ball Gun] 

    Rex : Watch out. He's got an Ion Blaster.

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