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Alternate Versions

An early workprint version had a different score and an altered opening credits montage, as well as a slightly different version of of the dorm room scene, where the girls have "So I Married An Ax Murderer" playing on the TV instead of in the final version where they have on "Scream 2."
On the FX Network Premire, there are several additonal scenes added for running time, and a lot has been edited.
  • In the opening, there are several extra shots of a goal post and interiors of Marion's house while Jimmy is checking it out.
  • Marion's death is totally different and there are extra policeman shots and Marion breaks the window and then is shown dying from the far away outside window P.O.V.
  • Sara's death is not shown and her body is never found.
  • There is an extra scene of Will carving a pumpkin and talking about his family.
  • There is a stalk P.O.V. shot of Micheal looking at thw people at the rest stop.
  • There is also a extra scene of Charlie and John walking downtown.
The above version on FX also edits the following:
  • The decapitation at the end of the movie. It cuts to the credits and Halloween music right after she swings the axe.
  • The scene of Michael getting pinned by the van against the tree has been cut out. It cuts to the van catching on fire. This becomes a goof though, as when Laurie looks at the van, there is no fire, but it starts up again.
  • The sequence where Laurie is driving down the road with Michael in the body bag in the back has been lengthened. It uses some shots of the van driving down the road twice.
  • The scene where Michael chases after John and Molly cuts out the shot of the knife going into John's leg when Michael stabs him.
  • Will's death has been edited. It only shows Michael go up behind him, then cuts to a shot of Laurie looking at him. His body is then thrown down on the floor.
  • Scenes with the f-word and/or s-word have been dubbed over, or taken out completely.
The FX televison cut includes the following:
  • A Micheal POV shot of the kid trying to grab the corkscrew from the drain
  • The FX televison cut removes the following:
  • The entire "pierce my nipples" line from Will(the counselor) is cut along with the "date-rape" response. The scene is edited as if the conversation never took place.
On October 26, 2003 an alternate version was shown on FX with these additions:
  • Marion looking around her house is extended.
  • Jimmy taking a look around Marion's house is extended.
  • Michael stalking Marion is extended.
  • Cops are shown bumbling around outside while Marion is chased by Michael.
  • Intro to Laurie is differently Paced.
  • a quick view of the town and school is shown before Laurine and John have breakfast.
  • a reference joke to Psycho made by Charlie is shown as he walks with John to school.
  • Michael is shown watching the Mother and little girl during the restroom scene.
  • Charlie and John are shown talking while they walk the California town outside the school and Michael follows them in his car.
  • Molly is shown walking through the school halls after getting the roses off the dish lift.
  • Laurie is shown watching the buses leave while on the telephone before the Psycho homage with Norma.
  • Laurie walking the school halls at night and walking the school grounds.
  • Adam Arkin chasing the Shape is slightly different.
  • John, Charlie and Molly are shown sneaking in through the kitchen window and get stuck while John sees Michael coming into the school.
  • Adam Arkin carves a pumpkin while he opens up to Laurie about his past; lead in for Laurie to open up to him about Michael.
  • Michael and Laurie stalking each other at the finale is extended.
  • Extended ending shows Michael's car following far behind Laurie but ends where Laurie chops off the guy's head.

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