Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998) Poster

Adam Hann-Byrd: Charlie



  • [about shoplifting a bottle of alcoholic drink] 

    John : I can't believe we're doing this.

    Charlie : Desperate measures.

    John : It's illegal.

    Charlie : It's harmless and expected.

  • [to John Tate] 

    Charlie Devereaux : You're an Oedipal enabler.

  • Charlie : [Comes out of a liquor store, hiding a liquor bottle inside his blazer] 

    John : [laughs]  God, I can't believe we're doing this.

    Charlie : Desperate measures.

    John : It's illegal.

    Charlie : It's harmless and expected. Studies have proven that all teenagers, at some point in their adolescent lives, have shoplifted.

    John : What studies?

    Charlie : Hey, we could have avoided all this if you had simply scored some of your Mom's booze.

    John : Look, my Mom's a functioning alcoholic, she counts for every-...

    Laurie Strode : John! Charlie, what are you doing here?

    John : Just getting some off-campus lunch.

    Laurie Strode : You're not allowed to have little off-campus lunches, John! You know that. You too, Charlie.

    Laurie Strode : Come on, I'll drive you back. You know what? Charlie, here, go get in the car. I'll be right there.

    Charlie : [Charlie takes the keys and walks over to the car] 


    John : Mom, I'm real uncomfortable with you saying that word.

    Laurie Strode : Then don't put me in the position, John! Do you know what day it is? Of all the days for you to pull this shit, just what do you think you can do? Just WONDER AROUND TOWN? I don't ask you for very much, just give me ONE DAY!

    John : Mom, I've given 17 years!

    Laurie Strode : And I need you to be responsible! Do you know what that means?

    John : Responsible?

    Laurie Strode : Responsible!

    John : Don't talk to me about responsibility, Mom!

    Laurie Strode : I JUST NEED THIS ONE THING!

    John : MOM, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU! That's it! That's enough! I can't take it anymore! He's dead! Michael Myers is dead!

    Laurie Strode : What do you want me to say?

    John : That it's over, that we should try to make some attempt at a happy existence, Mom, 'cause all the shit that's going on inside of your head is leaking out on me and I can't take it anymore. You told me, yourself, you watched him burn.

    Laurie Strode : I didn't exactly stay to see his ashes, John.

    John : Mom, 20 years. 20 years. Don't think he would've shown up by now? What's he waiting for, huh?

    Laurie Strode : [Doesn't respond] 

    John : Mom, I can't live like this

    [Starts to walk away] 

    Laurie Strode : What... What does that mean, John?

    John : If you wanna stay handcuffed to your dead brother, that's fine, but you're not dragging me along, not anymore!

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