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It has been sexed up, opened out, and finished off with a disappointing bang-bang climax, but it's still good fun.
Entertainment Weekly
I've seen far worse thrillers than A Perfect Murder, but the movie is ultimately more competent than pleasurable.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
By the head-scratching dénouement, the "perfect" in the title seems particularly misplaced. How about Dial M for Muddle.
TV Guide Magazine
If the roller-coaster plot twists lose you, there's always the satisfaction of Douglas's take on a script rife with amusing double entendres.
There's nothing about this thriller to prevent it from soon becoming enmeshed in the memory with others in which Michael Douglas wears a starched collar and grits his teeth.
The dilemma in this Perfect Murder is its singular failure at creating a rooting interest for a character or situation.
Washington Post
The unsatisfying thriller A Perfect Murder is a triumph of style over substance, with style in this case winning only by default.
Film Threat
This film once again proves that Hollywood has apparently run out of original ideas and is forced to remake another classic film and, like most Hollywood remakes -- big surprise -- it SUCKS.
I HATE to whine, but if Michael Douglas is half as tired of playing yuppie scum as I am of watching him do it, then he must be napping on a regular basis by now.
All the surprises strenuously cooked up by screenwriter Patrick Smith Kelly and director Andrew ("The Fugitive") Davis can't overcome the movie's inability to make us care about any of its paper-thin characters.

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