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Sheryl Lee: Katrina



  • Montoya : [takes tape off Katrina's mouth; sighs]  What's your name? Do you understand what's been happening to you?

    Katrina : [screams]  Help me!

    Montoya : [grabs Katrina's head; puts her in strenghold; covers her mouth]  Hey! HEY! Don't fuck with me, honey! I'll snap your neck like a twig! Now nod your head "Yes" or "No". Do you understand what's been happening to you? DO IT!

    [Katrina shakes her head "No"] 

    Montoya : All right. Now I'm going to explain it to you. First, I'm gonna take my hand off your mouth. You scream...

    [imitates neck snap; Katrina sobs] 

    Montoya : Good. Now... what's your name?

    Katrina : Katrina.

    Montoya : Okay, Katrina. Here's the scenario.

    [throws covers back on her] 

    Montoya : I took off your clothes. I cleaned you up. I tied you down. I also saved your ass. You been bitten by a vampire. Do you remember the party back at the motel? Big guy, pointy teeth, real shitty breath? Don't worry. It'll all come back soon. A master vampire has a telepathic link to his victims, and you're gonna help us find him. And while he's sleeping, we unleash on his. You're the bait honey. Sorry.

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