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Season 2

7 Sep. 1998
Kelly is assigned to train neophyte jet pilots (Nuggets). Hammer, his second in command; Kate, a bar owner; and three nuggets, Burner, Ice and Spoon are introduced.
14 Sep. 1998
Burn Out
Ice takes her first flight with Kelly as her Instructor Pilot. Burner is grounded by Hammer for losing his temper when a snob hits his motorcycle. Spoon's father visits, surprising Spoon with a girlfriend who is about 2 years younger than Spoon.
21 Sep. 1998
Solo Flight
Ice's plane has a major mechanical problem during her first solo flight and her confidence is shaken, Burner is covers up a water jet ski injury so he won't be grounded until he is 100% healthy and Spoon and his father's girlfriend, Teri, start falling for each other when they spend time together.
28 Sep. 1998
Spoon gets more involved with Teri, which leads to personal and career heartaches.
5 Oct. 1998
Stand Down
Breaker's plane suffers a hydraulic failure and she dies trying to land the plane.
12 Oct. 1998
Raid on Osirak
While Hammer and Kelly go on a top secret mission, Burner and Spoon find they have their hands full when they try to look after Kelly's ostensibly prim and proper niece. It is revealed that Hammer was briefly a P.O.W. during the Gulf War.
19 Oct. 1998
Burner may lose his wings for causing a sonic boom while showing off for two women. Also Kate may lose her bar when an underage woman is found with a drink..
26 Oct. 1998
The Red Baron
A hot shot German pilot shows off and annoys Burner, scares Spoon with his reckless driving and romances Ice. But he has a problem which may ground him. Also Spoon gets the wrong idea when Kate asks him probing questions to plan a surprise birthday party for him.
2 Nov. 1998
Hammer meets an interesting young man while playing pool at the 'Bucket'. Burner and Spoon get roped into judging the Miss Pensacola contest.
9 Nov. 1998
Wild, Wild West
The 'Nuggets' head west for "Strike" training. The IP seems to be out to get Spoon for some reason. Burner gets interested in a cowgirl.
16 Nov. 1998
Class Strike
Ice is made Strike Leader for a fiercely competitive bombing exercise against missile and fighter defenses. Spoon is attracted to Gunslinger, a pretty blonde operator of missile defenses. Jackal, still angling to obtain Kelly's command, intends to cheat during the Class Strike. And things escalate personally for Burner as he continues his attempts to help the woman with the abusive boyfriend.
25 Jan. 1999
Blue Angel
A former Blue Angel leader is now recruiting and he offers Hammer a position on the Blue Angels. He also begins a romance with Kate. Burner and Spoon try to play matchmaker between Kate and Kelly. Meanwhile a retired general who is a fan of Teddy Roosevelt drops by and takes the unit on a fifty mile march with full gear.
1 Feb. 1999
During a community relations day, a orphaned boy living with his aunt is kidnapped for ransom.
14 Feb. 1999
Ice's mother shows up without calling and arranges a date with Col. Kelly, not knowing that he is Ice's commanding officer. A private propeller plane strays into military airspace and crashes when Spoon flies too close to it. Spoon is put through the wringer in the subsequent "Mishap Investigation."
15 Feb. 1999
Fox Two
Swamp has a loss of confidence, both in his flying and when he tries to romance Holly. Burner competes against a new instructor from Top Gun who can't accept losing even though instructors are supposed to be able hold back. Pearly, who was one of Hammer's trainers, is trying to qualify in order to take a fleet assignment, but he seems to have lost his skills.
28 Feb. 1999
Blue on Blue
A Nugget, flying as wingman, shoots down his lead in simulated dogfighting. This is called Blue on Blue. Two women seek Spoon's affections while two pilots pursue Ice.
12 Apr. 1999
Cuba Libre
News reports have a boat with Cuban refugees being fired on by Castro's air force, a family whom the Nuggets are socializing with is directly affected, and a Cuban ace who met Kelly in the past is flying unusually close to the Nuggets' training exercises. Also, Paddles has back trouble which may ground him.
19 Apr. 1999
Burner meets and falls for a woman with a secret. Kelly and Hammer try to get recognition for a suicidal man who threw himself on a grenade while serving as a marine but lived while the people he tried to save died. Kelly asks Kate on a date to the retirement party of a General. The Nuggets are evaluated as they go on an "obstacle course" (or sortie) ending with a bombing run.
26 Apr. 1999
Touch and Go
The Nuggets practice touch-and-go landings before trying to land on a carrier, Spoon's father returns, a young acquaintance of Kelly's seeks romance with Ice and a sleep deprivation study needs participants.
3 May 1999
Spoon's father comes by with bad news. The Nuggets head out to try landing on an aircraft carrier, a dangerous and difficult skill to master.
10 May 1999
Night Traps
On the carrier, Kristi Blake, an actress planning to play a female pilot, studies and bunks with Ice. Spoon thinks of resigning. He confides in Ice about his father's cancer. Burner tries to argue Spoon out of resigning.
20 May 1999
Rules of Engagement
Someone is trying to kill Kelly and Hammer. Both are shot at, apparently in reprisal for the events of the "Raid on Osirak" episode. Burner and Spoon compete for a prized spot on the "Panthers" while Ice seems to be getting passed over because she is a woman.

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