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Very enjoyable
romeo clive18 June 2006
I can understand that some Danish viewers don't like this Norwegian version of an originally Danish film. But then again, it wasn't made for them. I find this silly little film quite amusing (the best one in the series), and the plot has been transplanted into a Norwegian setting in a very convincing way. The use of locations is a treat. Not having seen the original, I wonder how the Danes made the train sequence work - Denmark is such a flat country that it's hard to imagine a Danish train being pulled by gravity ... Anyway, let's thank the Danes for making the Norwegian Olsenbanden films possible! And let's thank Aud Schønemann and Carsten Byhring - they steal the show as always!
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One of the best!
oynis4 October 2006
This is without a doubt one of the very best of the Olsenbanden-films! The fact that I grew up with these movies might be a part of it, but still, you can't miss the true art of this movie. I rank this one along with "Olsenbanden for full musikk" as the best in the series.

This is the first movie in the Norwegian series, and with a collection of some of the most superb Norwegian actors of that time, this is a film with high class-acting! The actors preform their characters excellent, and the smart story evolves beautifully. It's shot in beautiful Norwegian scenery and includes a lot within its duration. I really love all the different elements that makes this movie unique, a nice mix of comedy, car-chases and cigars are always fun! This is a movie that should be appealing to everyone, any age.

I've not seen the original danish version, but no-matter how it is, this Norwegian version is well worth a look. Personally I love it!
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Very Amusing
CooperCom7 December 2000
This is the first of the film-series about Olsenbanden. Opsahl, Byhring and Holm are great and the plot are clever and fun for everybody between the age of 5 and 90. This is one of the best in this film-series. I saw it for the first time when I was a child, and I still like it. (definitive a 7)
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Excellent Movie
syrix-19 September 2007
This movie/series of movies have been my favorites through my childhood and still are.

The story about a "gang" of unlucky criminals with a ingenious leader. The incredibly complicated plans who always seem to fail when success is within their grasp.

I think i can safely say the Olsenbanden series have been the most watched and loved Norwegian movies through time.

Watch and enjoy.

To the danish fellow posting before me, it's a fact that the Norwegian Olsenbanden movies has and is a lot more popular than the danish version.
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Bad imitation, indeed.
Vassago28 April 1999
Though I'm from Poland, not Denmark, I have been a fan of Egon Olsen (the REAL Egon, Ove Sprogøe). I had a chance to see some of the 'remakes', too, and while they're not bad movies as such, they are blank and weak when compared to the original. I wouldn't go as far as comparing real Egon series to Hitchcock's "Psycho" and their remakes to VanSant's copy of Hitchcock's masterpiece - those remakes aren't *as bad* as the VanSant example - but it's close.
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if you're anything but Norwegian all in the description of the Olsenbanden film you see on this page will be wrong to you!
carinaback2213 September 2011
The description of this film, if you're anything but Norwegian is misleading! The danish film was syncronized and brought to several European nations. So if you're anything but Norwegian, perhaps some swedes have seen the Norwegian version too.. then the info in this article is wrong! I've personally seen the Norwegian version, and I don't care for the actors. The plot is fine, but the acting is like watching a class of 2 graders put on Romeo and Juliet, when you're used to having it be Oscar winning performances! it's just wrong! Good for Norweigans you like it, happy for you, but that doesn't make this film Norwegian nor it the Original. Just like I can't claim Fleksnes is Danish course I'm used to it with danish subtitles.
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