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  • The Little Devils are mini-masters of mayhem, created by an evil scientist. Dr. Lionel discovers an ancient mudpot from Hell, returning home with samples of it. Unfortunately, he has been possessed, and begins to sculpt Gargoyles, later giving them life. Of course, they then go about killing people and wreaking havoc.


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  • Lionel Crane (William McNamara) uses blood from boiling well to create a sculpture. He is a nerdy kind of guy, who is looked suspiciously by his landlady, Mrs Clara Madison (Stella Stevens). He has a hallucination in which his skin is bleeding and he is heavily disfigured all over, but then he returns to normal. He is come across by Edward "Ed" Reid (Marc Price) who lives in the same house renting the flat under Lionel's. While Ed is friendly, Lionel seems to be keen in avoiding any kind of human contact. Right after this event, George (Jerry Levitan)and his thug (-----------------) show up to threaten Lionel, because he owes them 200 dollars, presumably for rent. They are going to cut his fingers but Ed Reid, who had hidden himself and tried to stay out of it, makes some noise and is seen. Ed ends up paying Lionel's debt with a cheque, and the thug requests that he signs an autograph for him, as Ed Reid is quite a famous writer. Next week, Lionel will have to pay again. Lionel is a bit hurt, but he is more worried about not speaking to Ed than anything else. Lionel says that he will give him his money back soon.

    Back home, Clara calls him on. He tells him off, because he is constantly messing everything up. Clara is crazy for having a perfect carpet. Her attitude is totally opposite when Ed tells her that he won't be able to pay rent that week. She tells him not to worry about that, because she loves the sexy way he writes. She also flirts with him, and shows him kinky underwear and a whip. She wants him to describe her aloud. She likes it, but she wants some more, to be described as he describes Laura, the sexy flight attendant. She insists in being described later on, and tells him that they are arguing about the rent. Ed says that he only writes filthy stories because it is better than working at McDonald's.

    Doc Clapton (Russ Tamblyn) takes Ed to a par, and he introduces him to some poor homeless people who are being fed. Rick (Sean P. Carroll) attacks him with a bear hug.Ed is indignant, and is about to say that he doesn't know what he is doing there, but then he shuts up when he sees Lynn (Nancy Valen), a volunteer social worker. Ed is also introduced to Stan (Cliff Makinson), who is the hunter of the group - dogs, pigs, rats, you name it - what in the film is described as "Korean food". Ed is writing down notes. Ed thinks that there is material for a novel. He also asks Lynn to go to a date with him, but she says she works during the night. Ed insists, and proposes to have breakfast together after work. Doc and her laugh because Ed doesn't know anything about her job.

    Cut to a striptease club. Doc says that Ed is lucky, because she is very special. Doc says that he is not interested in either men or women because he can see glands and anatomy. Doc wishes good luck to Ed, who approaches Lynn after her dance. Lynn is going to change, and promises to see Ed the next day at 14:20.

    The guard (Henry Roth) of the well catches Lionel again. There is the presence of a monster who sets the caretaker on fire inside the ruins. Ed is ashamed about writing cheap porn, but Lynn appreciates that he is imaginative. She comes from a broken home,with two psycho ex-boyfriends. Ed asks her to keep him informed when she falls in love with him. He shakes her hand and kisses her softly. Lynn admits that he had fun and will meet him the following day. Ed celebrates like a child.

    The monster helps Ed to finish his sculpture. This seems to bring to life another monster. Clara sees that Lionel has stained her carpet again. Lionel is giving life to more gargoyles. Ed puts on loud music and starts to write. Clara enters Lionel's flat and sees weird sculptures made of blood. A gargoyle is watching her. She faces Lionel about the mess in the apartment. Clara wants him to leave immediately with all his things.

    While dancing and drinking, Ed sees one of the gargoyles dangling down the facade from a piece of rope. Clara will forget about Ed's rent but she wants to seduce him. Joe Madison (Donald Saunders) is away. Clara offers him sex in exchange for the rent, saying that she longs for satisfaction.Or Ed does that, or he will be put on the street. When Ed comes back to his apartment, the gargoyle is not there. Clara goes back to her apartment and there is smoke. She coughs and the main door gets locked. The gargoyle covers her in something painful. Ed can't hear Clara's screaming, furniture turning over... He comes in and he notices that she disfigured. The gargoyle also smears Ed. Both Mrs Madison and Ed pass away. Ed sees the chocolate gargoyle.

    Doc and Lynn wake Ed up. It's already 3, and they were worried because he didn't meet them, it took them 15 minutes to wake up. Doc thinks that Ed took drugs. Ed thinks that he must have fainted. Ed remembers being at Mrs Madison's apartment and that's all. He comes back there in spite of Lynn's protests, but the apartment looks undisturbed. Ed comes back and doubts what happened.

    In a rubbish bag he sees the lemon fizzy drinks Lionel bought. Ed knocks on Lionel's apartment. Ed says that there is a leak in his apartment, so he wants Lionel to check it. Lionel closes the door on Ed while checking the supposed leek.Ed comes in uninvited. Ed thinks that Lionel is weird, maybe working for the government. Ed thinks that the bath cauldron is weird - it really is blood. There is a gargoyle lurking in. Ed says that there is no problem and goes away promising to call on a plumber. Lionel unwraps a gargoyle, one still not alive. Ed says that he has seen something every similar to his sculpture close to the body of Mrs Madison. Lionel becomes aggressive, but Lynn calls him out, which stops Lionel on his tracks. Lionel tells Ed to watch out.

    Stan has hunted a gargoyle. Some other gargoyles approach.A mother (Tania Leil) is going home with some shopping, while her annoying bratty son, Zachary (Gregory Dan), sees a gargoyle. It lets him go because Zachary stays silent. Doc arrives to the homeless people's campsite, and he sees that everything has been destroyed. It was the gargoyle's friends to rescue them.

    Ed tells Lynn that he has seen the little monsters.

    George and his thug show up at Lionel's apartment. One of the alive gargoyles gets angry when they destroy the gargoyle sculpture. All the gargoyles prepare for war. Ed wants to record the creatures so that people may believe him.Some gargoyles go down from the window, but he didn't record them. Ed realises that the gargoyles go after George and the thug.

    George is in bed with two ladies (Monica Talma and Kelley Grando). Ed kisses Lynn when the thug gets close.The thug is welding something and the gargoyles spread oil everywhere. The thug stops when the two women scream after George is killed. The thug shoots Lynn and Ed, but fails. The gargoyles burn him and his car down. Ed and Lynn run away horrified. Lionel is watching them from inside his apartment. They kiss just in case they won't see each other ever again. Lionel turns off the light on his apartment.

    The door is unlocked and Ed comes in. Lionel attacks Ed and Lynn saves him. Both try to run away but the gargoyles scare him. They try to reason with them,saying that they were going to look for a doctor. Ed writes for the new gargoyle. Doc is leaving his practice and has already been drinking, so when he sees the gargoyles he thinks he is drunk. He doesn't freak out and the gargoyles shoot a photograph of him with his volunteer friend. A gargoyle with an automatic bazooka gives Doc Ed's letter. Doc goes to help Lionel, who has concussion. Doc writes the name of a medicine. Two of the gargoyles go find the medicine; they also mess everything up. Doc has given Lionel a tranquilizer, as there is nothing wrong with him.

    The three of them attack the gargoyles. Ed stabs a gargoyle but the big sculpture calls for the rest. Ed finds Lionel's diary in his computer. The secret ingredient is lemon fizzy drink. Lionel used to be a computer genius geek. Another scene has Lionel going crazy.

    Doc gives Lionel some lemon fizzy drink as an experiment. Lionel throws up blood and clay - that is the material for creating the little devils. There was a little part of his brain that the gargoyles haven't taken over because Lionel hid it, albeit showing it in the recorded message at the computer. The lemon fizzy drink kills the gargoyle. One of the ones which crawl through the ventilation shaft gets killed like that. They kill the gargoyle stabbed to the wall and the one enclosed in a metallic container with lemon fizzy drink. There are four more gargoyles, but they only have two cans.

    Lionel decides to go and fetch the lemon cans from Ed's apartment. Ed has to run after him with the keys. One gargoyle tries to kill Lionel, but Ed kills it. They prepare a lemon drink weapon while another gargoyle with acid shows up. They shower it with the lemon drink.

    Doc and Lynn wait meanwhile, but another gargoyle shows up. They hear the noise and stand up. One gargoyle shows up. Doc tells Lynn to hide away, even though she complains. Doc is killed with acid. He falls into the bathtub of bloody. Ed is aimed at by a gargoyle, but Ed kills it. Lynn calls out for Doc, but he doesn't reply back. Lynn moves around and so does the gargoyle. Lynn throws the lemon fizzy drink at the gargoyle, which becomes a gory mess. Another gargoyle shows up and Lynn ducks down - she has not more lemon cans. Fortunately, Lionel and Ed save her.

    Lionel realises that there is still one - the teacher, the big one. He smashes the sculpture with a pipe. That causes Doc to get out of the gory bathtub. Lynn sees Doc's attache and she inquiries where Doc is. Doc has become a huge deformed demon. Doc calls out to Lynn.Ed tries to protect her, who goes to Doc, but he suffers from electric shock.

    Lionel looks at his own videos. He reaches the conclusion that the devil is controlling Doc's body.

    They find Lynn close to the well. Doc Devil speaks nicely to him, saying that he is now in control. Doc tries to be extra nice, saying that he is happy for Lynn and Ed to be together and that Ed writes wonderful stories. That convinces Ed that he has to shower the demon, who dies and becomes Doc again.

    Doc and Ed go to see Lynn perform at the same club. They drink while Doc says that he feels that he has been inside a B-movie.

    Credits roll. Meanwhile Doc is going to date one sexy girl. Ed and Lynn are in love, in the club.

    David Campbell David Campbell ... Chin

    Vanessa Walton Bern ... Gwendy

    Elliott Stein Elliott Stein ... Jason

    Rita Antonucci Rita Antonucci ... Waitress Tracy Wood Tracy Wood ... Dancer in Bar Lara Daans Lara Daans ... Dancer in Bar Marissa Marissa ... Dancer in Bar

    Jacqueline Pillon Jacqueline Pillon ... Devils (voice)

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