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  • During their first confrontation with the aliens, Professor Furlong attacks the group. Zeke cuts Furlong's fingers off with a paper cutter blade and then jams a pen of "scat" into his eye, causing the body of Furlong to drop lifeless to the ground and expel a foamy white fluid. However, during the end credits, Jon Stewart as Professor Furlong is shown with an eye-patch and his right hand wrapped in gauze. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • It has been suggested that as the only time Delilah is seen off-screen, apart from the group between leaving Casey and the reveal at the drug test, it is safe to assume that she was assimilated sometime immediately leaving the school, thus explaining why the police are unable to reach her at her home. This also explains her use of glasses and more dowdy clothing when returning to school, as the aliens seem to allow their hosts to unleash their desires free of normal societal constraints; in this case, Delilah secretly wants to fit into the crowd rather than lead because of her looks. Though her wearing glasses is more likely because contacts will dry out the eyes of people who wear them. As these creatures dehydrate their human hosts, she switched to glasses so her eyes wouldn't dry out.

    However, it is also possible that she was assimilated during the scene in the lab during all of the commotion with Professor Furlong, as Marybeth was seen taking her 'to safety' behind one of the benches. Edit

  • During the scene in which she reveals herself to Stokely as the alien , she almost seems to try and convince her to come over willingly. Shortly after, when Zeke confronts her in the locker room, she states how it was "sweet of him to bond with her." She later goes on to say how when she met them (referring to the main cast specifically now) she noted how they were all lost and lonely, just like her, but that even "her" feelings can be hurt by them. Long story short, it is possible that she didn't infect the main group because she had taken some sort of observatory interest in them almost to the point of wanting to befriend them in some way (at least enough to convince them to convert willingly), or that she enjoys the greater manipulation. After all, it is easy for her to take over the humans by force, but messing with their emotions may take more work and therefore is more enjoyable for a creature like her. Edit

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