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  • Situations turn a man who believes in secularism into an extremist. He plots to bomb a monastery where the survivors of a riot take refuge.

  • The peace and harmony existing between two religious communities in a local Indian village, gets shattered by a riot planned by ambitious politicians. Followed by his family's tragic death in the riot, Raghuraman - the son of a local Hindu priest swears revenge against opposite community. With the intention to wipe out them, Raghuraman joins an armed extremist group. They find that the people of opposite community have already taken refuge in a Holy Guru's monastery, where Raghuraman also manages to disguise and take refuge. Raghuraman and his friends plan to bomb the monastery and kill the refugees.They anticipate their job to be an easy one.But things were not at all easy as they anticipated.


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  • Raghuraman (Mohanlal) is the son of a local Hindu temple's priest in an idyllic village. The people, Hindus and Muslims, live in harmony. When an ambitious politician's (NF Varghese) goons, disguised as Muslims, cause trouble at the local temple, tensions breaks out between the two communities leading to widespread religious riots. Raghuraman, after his family is killed, joins a Hindu extremist gang to take revenge by attacking a group of Muslims who have taken refuge in a Guru's ashram (place where a holy Guru lived and worked). After infiltrating the Ashram, he meets Vaidehi who suggests him to meditate for a few moments. During meditation, he experiences an altered state of consciousness and perceives being transported into another world.

    In this new world, everyone is blind. They believe the sense of sight to be a lie and that is blasphemous to even talk about it. Children are taught from a very young age that sight does not exist. Raghuraman befriends Ramanagan, a man he saves from death. Raghuraman tries to tell them that there is a world of sight and that he can see, but they refuse to believe him and warn him that such talk will get him killed by the king and the elders.

    Living with the man, he learns of their daily life and culture. He notices that they have built a world where sight is not required for anything. He eats a tasty and highly addictive fruit called Ilama pazham, the seeds of which are extremely poisonous, which is a common delicacy among them. After eating it, he turns blind and helpless. He is captured by the king's soldiers and is ordered to be executed by forcing him to eat the seeds of Ilama pazham, very rare and cruel punishment.

    After the soldiers follow the orders, he is left to die and is surprised when he wakes up hours later having gotten his sight back. He uses his newfound knowledge to spread the truth about their blindness and the cure. He convinces Ramanagan and family to trust him and eat the seeds and they too gain their eyesight. The news spreads like wildfire and more and more people begin to eat the seeds and follow Raghuraman.

    When the king and advisers learn of this, they arrest Raghuraman. The people respond by starting a rebellion. They storm the palace with weapons where Raghuraman begs them not to use violence and that it achieves nothing. At the same time, in the real world, Raghuraman drops his weapon and wakes up. The extremist group begins their assault on the refugees in the Ashram but Raghuraman rushes to save them, irrespective of their religion.

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