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The "inspiration" for Mickey in Fantasia
TomWills7 March 2002
This one has it all, the apprentice, the multiplying brooms, the buckets of water, everything that the Fantasia sequence has. I don't know that it is credited in Fantasia, but it should be.

The multiplying booms are quite something. Overall it works quite well. Reminds me of Der Golem a little.
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early classic
kinetica23 May 2006
This film is a marvel of stop animation and the storyline is familiar, VERY well done. The sets are interesting,

there are a few twists and some extra effects that are impressive. The film is short, and the water scenes are a bit scarce. Overall I thought it was very well done. The extra bits with books and a woman add and not detract from the movie. Filling out ten lines on a short film can be very tough and challenging. The music is stirring as always. The master is well played and what he does while the apprentice is practicing is appropriate. I recommend this film. And since it is with Our town they go well together. Look for the set changes as the master leaves and returns.
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Before Mickey Mouse
dbborroughs21 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Live action telling of the same story that Disney would use to create the iconic image of Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's hat. Here the story is slightly changed at the Apprentice uses the broom to carry water to impress a girl. The effect is outcome is still the same.

Well done music "video" from the early days of sound nicely shows that one need not animate the tale to create a stunning portrait. The animated broom is in fact an animated puppet of sorts and its limited motion is in a way much more frightening than Disney's simply because its so much more mechanical. I really liked this a great deal. Its not perfect but it clearly shows that there was a time when shorts were lavished upon and little masterpieces were turned out. Worth searching out.
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