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19 Jan. 1999
Gimme an O!
Back from Christmas vacation, Felicity propositions Noel, but a fire and other impediments may doom the plans.
26 Jan. 1999
Noel must run the gauntlet of Sensa's family to fix a vending machine problem, Julie gets information about her biological mother, and Felicity weighs whether to tell a friend of an infidelity.
9 Feb. 1999
Todd Mulcahy: Part 1
An old friend of Felicity's comes to visit, Elena is forced to deal with Blair, and Julie makes a risky decision.
16 Feb. 1999
Todd Mulcahy: Part 2
Tragedy causes Felicity to remember how it was, and Julie mails her tape - which she immediately regrets.
23 Feb. 1999
Love and Marriage
Noel's brother comes to town with surprising news, Felicity agrees to a proposal with Javier, and Ben wrestles with trying out for another sport.
2 Mar. 1999
The Fugue
The reappearance of Hanna in New York has unexpected repercussions for Noel and Felicity, and Ben bonds with his team.
20 Apr. 1999
Felicity and Noel deal with repercussions of their respective evenings, a game of 'Assassins' puts Elena in overdrive, and Ben neglects Julie.
27 Apr. 1999
Happy Birthday
Noel's distress over Felicity causes him to start apartment hunting, Ben picks up a bad habit, and Julie's mother reappears.
4 May 1999
Sean's film of student life ends up focusing on Felicity and Noel, and he gets some surprising footage.
11 May 1999
Ben's financial problems cause him to do stupid things, Noel and Felicity explore being "just friends," and Elena starts a relationship.
18 May 1999
The Force
Meghan's spells wreak havoc with Felicity's life.
25 May 1999
Felicity Was Here
Felicity has to make a choice, and Julie's heart is broken.
26 Sep. 1999
Felicity starts her second year at college with a possible new relationship, and the aftermath of her decision to cope with. Elsewhere, housing shortages cause unusual living arrangements.
3 Oct. 1999
The List
Ben worries about Felicity's expectations of him, Sean and Julie throw a party, and Felicity tries unsuccessfully to counsel one of her charges.
10 Oct. 1999
Ancient History
Felicity's decision about her hair leads to even more life changes, Julie looks for an apartment, and Noel takes an art class.
17 Oct. 1999
The Depths
A stalled subway train forces Felicity and Julie to confront each other, Noel and Ruby go to an art show, and Ben stands up to a client.
24 Oct. 1999
Noel and Elena become obsessed with a video game, Felicity goes out on a blind date set up by her professor, and Ben is confused by Maggie's actions.
7 Nov. 1999
The Love Bug
Felicity, Ben, and Noel each deal with uncertainties in their individual relationships, and Mono hits campus just in time for mid-terms.
14 Nov. 1999
Getting Lucky
A stray dog Felicity picks up on the street impinges on everyone's lives, and provides her with plenty of excuses for not taking the next step with David.
21 Nov. 1999
Family Affairs
Holiday gatherings are difficult for Felicity and Ben. Ben, because he has to work a party given by Maggie's husband, and Felicity feels pressure from an unexpected family visit and from David.
19 Dec. 1999
Felicity and Noel struggle against feelings for each other while worrying how their actions will affect their grade, Ruby makes a surprise visit, Julie meets a music producer, and Ben is on short-time to complete a final in American Lit.

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