Pitch Black (2000) Poster


Rhiana Griffith: Jack



  • Jack : Where the hell can I get eyes like that?

    Riddick : Gotta kill a few people.

    Jack : 'Kay, I can do it.

    Riddick : Then you got to get sent to a slam, where they tell you you'll never see daylight again. You dig up a doctor, and you pay him 20 menthol Kools to do a surgical shine job on your eyeballs.

    Jack : So you can see who's sneaking up on you in the dark?

    Riddick : Exactly.

  • [after Johns is killed] 

    Jack : We're gonna lose everybody out here. We should've stayed at the ship.

    Richard B. Riddick : He died fast, and if we have any choice about it, that's the way we all should go out.

    [specifically to Jack] 

    Richard B. Riddick : Don't you cry for Johns. Don't you dare.

  • [last lines] 

    Jack : Lotta questions, whoever we run into. Could even be a merc ship. So, what the hell do we tell them about you?

    Richard B. Riddick : Tell them Riddick's dead. He died somewhere back on that planet.

  • Riddick : I know you don't prep your emergency ship unless there's a fuckin' emergency.

    Jack : He's fuckin' right.

    Johns : Hey, watch your mouth.

  • Jack : [after Riddick comes back]  Never had a doubt!

    Richard B. Riddick : Anyone not ready for this?

    Imam : *There* is my God, Mr. Riddick!

  • Jack : [sneaks up on Paris and puts a sharp bone up to his throat]  He'd probably get you here, right here, under the chin, and you'd never even hear him. That's how good Riddick is!

    Paris : Tell me, did you run away from your parents, or did they run away from you?

  • Jack : So... I guess something went wrong.

  • Jack : So can I talk to him now?

  • Jack : *Three* suns?

    Shazza : Bloody hell.

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