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Lucky Luke – DVD Review

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Utah, 1856. A young boy sees his family murdered by a gang of outlaws. He grows up to become “Lucky Luke” (Jean Dujardin), a suave and cheeky gunslinger who always seems to be able to work his way out of a tight spot. He is recruited by the Us President to bring peace to Daisy Town, which is set to be the place where the continent-spanning railroad will finally join up. In so doing, he runs into Jesse James, Calamity Jane and Billy the Kid. Oh, and everyone is French.


More so than most films, your enjoyment or otherwise of this will rest upon your tolerance for silliness. Stylistically unique but distractingly quirky, Lucky Luke is undoubtedly its own creature, but that may not be enough to win over audiences. It goes without saying that this is another cynical attempt to cash in on Dujardin’s post-Artist acclaim. Lucky Luke dates
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Interview: Jean Dujardin - 'I'm Naturally A Little Bowlegged'

Interview: Jean Dujardin - 'I'm Naturally A Little Bowlegged'
Jean Dujardin's beaming face and effortless French elegance lent a whole new magic to this year's Oscars and helped ensure The Artist's success everywhere it went.

If it feels like he turned up overnight to scoop up all the acting awards on offer earlier this year - including the coveted Best Actor Award - he's actually been around for a lot longer.

Here's a little something he made earlier - a western, Lucky Luke, in which he plays, quote, "Fearless gunslinger, Lucky Luke, ordered by the President to bring peace to Daisy Town." This is an iconic French cowboy - yes, they do exist. Billy the Kid and Calamity Jane both make honourable appearances.

Sound all right? To celebrate this 2009 film being released on DVD - pushed through, no doubt, by Monsieur Dujardin's more recent global triumph - we've found an interview with Jean Dujardin, talking about the
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Win: Lucky Luke on DVD, We Have 3 Copies To Give Away

Oscar winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist) stars as gun-slinging cowboy Lucky Luke in this new comedy Western based on the best-selling French graphic novels. Lucky Luke will be available to rent and own on DVD for the first time from 28th May (Rrp £12.99).

We have three copies to give away.

When the President wants to restore law and order to Daisy Town there is only one man fit for the job ‘the man who shoots faster than his shadow’ – Lucky Luke! Accompanied by his faithful companion Jolly Jumper, the fearless Luke takes on Daisy Town’s worst criminals. Crossing paths and gunfire with Billy The Kid, Jesse James, Calamity Jane and Pat Poker is there any cowboy star left for Luke to encounter?

This fun spoof based on the classic comics by Morris and Goscinny also stars Michael Youn, Sylvie Testud and Daniel Prevost and is a bright, modern, comic take on the Western Adventure!
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What to Buy This Week: DVD and Blu-ray releases for May 28th

Another week, another Monday. So it’s time for the rundown of DVDs and Blu-ray’s hitting stores online and offline this week. It’s another packed week, with plenty of movies waiting to take you money, so let us breakdown the new releases and highlight what you should – and shouldn’t – be buying from today, May 28th 2012.

Pick Of The Week

Chronicle (DVD, Blu-ray)

Chronicle is an unconventional and slightly darker take on the superhero genre where three ordinary teenagers suddenly gain super powers and are able to do things they never imagined possible. Initially they have fun, but their pranks become ever more dangerous and they must face the inevitable question of whether they can handle the responsibility that comes with extraordinary powers. Chronicle Review

And the rest…

Iron Sky (DVD/Blu-ray)

In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space programme evaded destruction by
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DVD Review: Lucky Luke

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Lucky Luke

Stars: Jean Dujardin, Michaël Youn, Sylvie Testud, Daniel Prévost, Alexandra Lamy | Written by James Huth , Sonja Shillito, Jean Dujardin | Directed by James Huth

First released in 2009, French spoof Western Lucky Luke is being re-released, presumably to capitalise on the newfound fame of Jean Dujardin, the Oscar-winning star of The Artist (the same trick was played with Cash). Lucky Luke is based on the popular Gallic comic strip of the same name (which once shared a writer with Asterix) and features Dujardin as the titular hero, a cowboy with outrageous shooting skills who is tasked by the President with purging his birthplace of Daisy Town of the various outlaws and bad guys that thrive there. Short of Blazing Saddles, the best-forgotten Wild Wild West and that episode of Red Dwarf, the Western is a genre that seems poorly served by affectionate parody; Lucky Luke is a welcome addition to this slight canon.
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Arthur and the Great Adventure

This is a sequel to an already forgotten French children's movie set in 1960s America, shot partly in Normandy, and using a combination of CGI animation and live action to tell the story of the 10-year-old Arthur who with the help of his fey grandfather communes with a subterranean world of fairies and insects known as Minimoys. This time out, Arthur (rather charmingly played by Freddie Highmore, the juvenile star of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland) is lured by the satanic Maltazard into the Minimoy land, while the forces of evil set about taking over the world, starting with the dinky little Connecticut community of Daisy Town. The narration is somewhat muddled, the special effects are almost endearingly naïve, and I cannot see who it's aimed at. Snoop Dogg, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed provide the voices of the animated creatures.

FamilyAnimationDramaComedyPhilip French © Guardian
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Lucky Luke Review – Edinburgh Film Festival

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Based on the popular Franco-Belgian comic book series created by Maurice De Bevere, Lucky Luke manages to keep the same comedic style of the source material, which works wonders in this affectionate parody of the western genre.

The result is a wacky western that manages to avoid the pitfalls that films such as Barry Sonnenfeld’s overblown Wild Wild West and the more recent Jonah Hex.

Just before the opening credits, we are introduced to a young Luke who not also sees his father and Indian mother murdered, but also manages to escape from a dastardly gang who are known to never have a single survivor.

We then skip through time until we find that Luke has grown up into a quick-shot cowboy named Lucky Luke (Jean Dujardin), who is given a mission from the President of the United States to clean up Daisy Town before a great railway track can be completed.
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