In the post-apocalyptic medieval 27th century, Ramirez mentors young Quentin MacLeod who must seek pacified Immortals, gain their knowledge through a non-lethal form of Quickening, and free the land from the evil Immortal overlord Kortan.


Serge Rosenzweig




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Series cast summary:
Miklos Perlus ...  Quentin MacLeod / ... 40 episodes, 1994-1996
Benedict Campbell Benedict Campbell ...  Ramirez / ... 40 episodes, 1994-1996
Katie Zegers Katie Zegers ...  Clyde 40 episodes, 1994-1996
Don Dickinson Don Dickinson ...  Arak / ... 36 episodes, 1994-1996
Lawrence Bayne ...  Kortan / ... 33 episodes, 1994-1996
Lorne Kennedy Lorne Kennedy ...  Malone 27 episodes, 1994-1996
Wayne Robson ...  Asklepios / ... 27 episodes, 1994-1996


For seven centuries the world has been living in ignorance, since a meteorite destroyed almost everything the human race had built throughout the milleniums. For seven centuries the world has been dominated by Kortan, the evil Immortal who rules from his fortress city of Mogonda. The other Immortals have renounced fighting among themselves and sworn to preserve the knowledge lost to humanity; they are called the Jettators. The Immortals have always lived alongside humans on Earth. They are like them but not of them. As they hide from Kortan they await the arrival of the Last of the MacLeods, the one who will one day come to confront the evil tyrant, the one with whom they will share their knowledge and who will use it to free the human race. For seven centuries Ramirez, the oldest and noblest of the Immortals, has waited for the arrival of the hero he must initiate, protect and guide until he is ready to meet Kortan. Finally the day is at hand! After seven centuries, he has come.. His... Written by Anonymous

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The cartoon aired on Children's BBC in the United Kingdom in August 1995. See more »


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Highlander's Animated Adventure
20 August 2020 | by hellraiser7See all my reviews

This is another of the under the radar gems, I remember when I heard of this it really took me by surprise and I thought it was awesome I always felt that the "Highlander" franchise could have a animated series and it looks like my dream came true, well sort of. As a fan of the "Highlander" franchise this show retains some aspects and meet some expectations but not all which is part of why this show in my book is one of the good licensed animated series on my list.

The animation is good it's sort of French style animation which fits well. The character animation is good, but I really like more the animation of the world they inhabit. The music I think is good, I really like the main and end theme songs which are an honorable mention in favorite main and end theme songs.

I really like the story which I thought was creative and took the franchise in an interesting direction. Here they set it in the far future which was something the franchise has done before with the films "Highlander 2: The Quickening" and "Highlander: Vengeance" this show does the same thing but here it's in the post apocalypse. This was slightly unique not just for the franchise but also animated shows in general as there really aren't that many animated shows in that setting, except for some like "Spiral Zone" another under the radar game and story for another time.

It's not really clear where this show takes place in the film and TV franchise, this show to me like every entry after the first film is really just simply a stand-alone; you get to decide if it takes place after the first, second, or just neither of the films it's left up to you and it doesn't really matter because this show is one that does it's own thing.

I really like the post-apocalyptic world they inhabit which is fascinating which is a little like the world in the graphic comic book series "Judge Dredd". From the bad guys side their country is sort of like the Mega Blocks we see it's a world that is almost like a modern day city as there is technology that is still functioning and has even advanced a little. But there is of course a catch where everyone is under tyrannical rule and the price of living there is your own freedom. Outside is much like the Cursed Earth where there are plenty of regions that are your typical villages that all have their own thing and customs, but even out there their not safe from this tyrannical rule which is spread out even in their badlands.

This is a fascinating world as this is sort of a post apocalyptic medieval fantasy world where there are swords again though also guns but not the regular kind were accustomed to, technology though slightly limited as most is hard to find and access but also slow development from the slight lack or resources and lost knowledge. There are some strange creatures that are mutants or species that are new or long lost and have resurfaced.

Really like the premise of another McCloud and his mentor Ramirez (descendant of the first one) both are on the run from the immortal tyrant Kortan and his evil forces while both train for the prophesied final conflict. This makes the show sort of a combo of both an adventure and a chase thriller which is cool cause I think both are a beautiful combo and one commonly done like with the TV show and Movie "The Fugitive". Nothing new but it's in the execution that always makes it stand out.

Characters are pretty good, Quentin McCloud who uncannily looks like young Obi Wan Kenobi from "Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace". He's pretty much your typical young/student upstart. He's energetic and just a bit hot headed but always wants to do the right thing. Throughout the show he does catch on quickly and learns to apply the breaks every once in a while despite wanting to speed things up, which is one thing I can emphasize with as I like the go fast with whatever I learn but even I have to apply breaks so I can actually learn. I really like the McCloud sword that welded, which is an interesting design, where it looks a little like the trademark katana from the movies and TV show. But there are notable differences from the bell guard that Spaniard design and the color of the sword being gold.

Ramirez who is suppose to be a descendant of Ramírez from the first and second (if you care to count it) "Highlander" films. This Ramirez isn't really different from his predecessor as he's a mentor but has charisma and a sense of humor as he constantly teases Quentin but as a psychological method of motivating him in the right direction which he does. But really does care for Quentin and his family as he possesses a sense of warmth and in a way is sort of a surrogate father figure for them. Really like the voice actor that plays him sound a bit like Sean Connery whom of course played the role but really like that he got the inflections and mannerism down, you'd almost think Sean did the voice himself.

Kortan is the tyrant he's pretty much the archetypal overlord power mongering villain but still good all the same. This character is obviously this shows version of The Kurgan villain from the first "Highlander" film as he has the same type of broadsword. His villain is one you love to hate as he menacing as he's intimidating from his power mongering attitude and just that big sword, he wields which can make anyone nervous. But like the Kurgan he expresses a little of his insanity which is barely held in check by his ruling, as the show get further that check dulls out.

The action is solid if nothing entirely spectacular which is a weak point I'll get to latter. We see some sword fights, chases and fist a cuff sometimes and the show goes at a good pace. One of the things that make this show stand out is on how dark it is. From not just the ruined setting but how we see people die in this show. I actually liked that which makes sense as most animated shows in the 90's were taking that next step, but also created a sense of actual jeopardy for the characters, showing that their lives truly are in danger and that whatever they do they need to make it count because their won't be a second round. There is also some pretty good drama where Quentin doesn't just learn to be the best swordsman/warrior but a better person as well so there is some character development another thing from 90's animated shows that became prevalent.

Though this show does have a few guilded edges. The only problems I have with it are I felt the whole passing on knowledge/quickening concept could have been a lot better. I get that we can't see heads getting lobbed off but as I said could have been handled better where we would see Quentin and the Jetor/Immortal near the end of the episode both have a swordfight against each other and then Quentin triumphs by disarming his opponent of his sword and once that happens he would attain the quickening. It would have been more satisfying because we would know that Quentin has truly earned it though his growing skill. The fact this didn't happen was a lost opportunity but also just feels like cheating.

This gets at problem number two where there's not enough swordplay/swashbuckling action, we do get sword fights but there a bit few and far between which can be a little frustrating for fans of the franchise because sword fights are the main drive and trademark of the franchise much like the super-sized monster battles in the "Godzilla" franchise, having little of them just seems wrong. Let alone playing a little with the immortality ability, like seeing certain moments where Quentin and Ramirez die but come back.

Didn't care for Quentin's sister Clyde and that weird pet both are just unnecessary filler characters in the show that we could have easily left out. Though this creates a small inconsistence in the story as Clyde is also a McCloud and an immortal so shouldn't she also train with Quentin?

Personally I'd love another Highlander animated series, but make it for a mature audience, put it on a premium channel, and have either the French animation style but updated and a mature style or the Japanese anime style like with "Highlander: Vengeance" movie (which is a story for another time. It could be a remake of this show, though personally I was thinking an animated continuation or stand-alone version of the original 90's TV show with the voiced of the cast Adrian Paul, Elizabeth Gracen, Peter Wingfield and Christopher Lambert and of course keep the swordfight their a must. I honestly see no reason why this can't happen, and this franchise could use a resharpening.

Overall, this series I feel does make the cut if not a perfect cut, but anyone that is a fan of the "Highlander" franchise or even just licensed animated shows, this is worth a swing.

Rating: 3 stars

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