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(1961– )

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Season 1

The Sailor
After a sailor on a freighter in the port of London hits another's dog, he's viciously beaten. Bollinger has the crew restricted to their ship. Soon, the victim dies in hospital, and the killer and his dog escape into the city. They must be located quickly-it's found the dog has rabies.
21 Oct. 1961
The Frame
After leaving prison, an ex-policeman is determined to make a witness from his trial tell the truth about the false testimony he gave, but the perjurer is murdered after an incriminating public encounter.
Tomorrow's Ghost
At a civil defence site, a woman is killed by a collapsed wall. Bollinger investigates, finding she was also mysteriously radioactive, and a uranium sample is suddenly two ounces lighter than it should be.
The Web
An older man, crippled in a wheel chair, has a young, beautiful wife, who has a secret lover. They conspire to steal her jewels and collect the insurance, but their plans don't stay secret long when Bollinger begins his inquiries.

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