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Richard Gere: Ike Graham



  • Ike Graham : [on the perfect proposal]  Look, I guarantee there'll be tough times. I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you're the only one for me.

  • Maggie Carpenter : Is there one 'right' person for everyone?

    Ike Graham : No, but I think attraction is mistaken for rightness.

  • [Ike and Maggie have just kissed] 

    Coach Bob Kelly : [to Maggie]  If you were imagining me, you did great.

    [turns to Ike] 

    Coach Bob Kelly : What the hell were YOU doing?

    Ike Graham : I'm sorry, Bob. She kissed me back.

    Maggie Carpenter : I kissed him back.

    Coach Bob Kelly : Yeah, I caught that. Want to tell me how long this has been going on?

    Maggie Carpenter : About a minute...?

    Ike Graham : A little longer for me.

    Maggie Carpenter : [smiles]  Really?

    Coach Bob Kelly : What do you expect me to say to this?

    Ike Graham : How about - "I hope you'll be very happy together"?

    [Bob punches Ike in the face] 

    Coach Bob Kelly : I hope you'll be very happy together.

  • Maggie Carpenter : I wanted to tell you why I run - sometimes ride - away from things.

    Ike Graham : Does it matter?

    Maggie Carpenter : I think so.

    [takes a deep breath] 

    Maggie Carpenter : When I was walking down the aisle, I was walking toward somebody who didn't have any idea who I really was. And it was only half the other person's fault, because I had done everything to convince him that I was exactly what he wanted. So it was good that I didn't go through with it because it would have been a lie. But you - you knew the real me.

    Ike Graham : Yes, I did.

    Maggie Carpenter : I didn't. And you being the one at the end of the aisle didn't just fix that.

  • Maggie Carpenter : [Ike has just seen Maggie in the mirror in his apartment]  Hello Ike.

    Ike Graham : Don't tell me, my *doorman* is one of your many admirers.

    Maggie Carpenter : I'm making friends with your cat. Is it okay that I'm here?

    Ike Graham : I don't have much choice in the matter, do I? But, I can't speak for Italics.

    [points at Italics the cat] 

    Ike Graham : *Traitor*.

  • Ike Graham : Hey, don't knock drunks in bars! It means they're not out driving.

  • Maggie Carpenter : Benedict.

    Ike Graham : Arnold.

    Maggie Carpenter : I love Eggs Benedict, I hate every other kind. I hate big weddings with everybody staring. I'd like to get married on a weekday while everybody's at work. And when I ride off into the sunset, I want my own horse.

    Ike Graham : Should I be writing this down?

  • Ike Graham : [Mrs. Whittenmeyer refuses to sell a wedding gown to Maggie]  You sell wedding dresses, right?

    Mrs. Whittenmeyer : Yes, I've been selling wedding gowns for thirty-five years.

    Ike Graham : Wonderful! Because we are here to buy one! But not just any one.

    [points to a gown in the window] 

    Ike Graham : She wants "that" one!

    Mrs. Whittenmeyer : It's a thousand dollars!

    Ike Graham : Listen, Aunt Bea! Conversation has never worked for me, let's try "visual."

    [jumps into the window and pulls the mannequin down, knocking its wig off] 

    Ike Graham : We're buying the dress! And anything else she wants!

  • Maggie Carpenter : I love you, Homer Eisenhower Graham. Will you marry me?

    Ike Graham : I... I've got to think about this a little bit.

    Maggie Carpenter : Good. I was hoping you'd say that.

    Ike Graham : [laughing]  You were not!

    Maggie Carpenter : I was, because if you said "yes" right away, then I wouldn't get to say this next part, and I've been practicing.

    [Maggie sits down, clears her throat] 

    Maggie Carpenter : Ready?

    Ike Graham : I'm listening.

    Maggie Carpenter : I guarantee there'll be tough times. I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us is going to want get out. But I also guarantee...

    [starts to cry] 

    Maggie Carpenter : ...that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Because I know in my heart... you're the only one for me.

  • [Ike's voice on his answering machine] 

    Ike Graham : Hi, leave a message after the beep. If you want to send me a fax, then buy me a fax machine.

  • Ike Graham : SHAZAM! I think I'm in Mayberry.

  • Maggie Carpenter : Gill, I am really afraid of needles, but that doesn't make me a bad person...

    Dead Head Gill : Look...

    [Gill shows her his rose tattoo on his chest] 

    Ike Graham : [in a surfer-dude voice]  Look, look! I think this man is heart broken!

  • Ike Graham : You want a man who'll lead you down the beach with his hands over your eyes... Just so you can discover the feel of the sand under your feet.

    Ike Graham : You want a guy that'll wake you up at dawn. He's just bursting to talk to you. Can't wait another minute... Just to find out what you'll say. Am i right?

  • Ike Graham : A toast to uh to Maggie's family and friends. May you find yourselves the bulls-eye of an easy target. May you be publicly flogged for all of your bad choices. And may your noses be rubbed in all of your mistakes.

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