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Despite a charming cast, the film suffers from a host of unlikable characters and a silly storyline
christian12323 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Julia Roberts seems to be one of the most hated celebrities on this website. I can't really understand why. I find her to be talented and charming as well as engaging and usually likable, until I saw Runaway Bride. I thought I was going to like this one but it offered some of the most unlikable characters I have ever seen in a romantic comedy. Generally, the audience should want to cheer for the two people to get together but I couldn't care less. I don't think Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) actually deserved to be in a marriage because she was selfish, immature and seemed incapable of love. I just couldn't fathom why anyone would actually be attracted to her. She has weddings like there no big deal and she probably wasted a lot of money between the four failed ones she had. She has her fiancé invest all of his time into the relationship, trying to show her that he does indeed love her only to be left at the altar. I guess the situation was supposed to be humorous and I shouldn't have taken it so seriously but it was tough to overlook all of the garbage the film was trying sell to me.

Acting wise the film was decent, which did save it a little. Julia Roberts gives an okay performance, although it's one of her worst. However, she is working with rather weak material and she's portraying a woman that is just so hard to like. Richard Gere was also decent although nothing special. The chemistry between these two was basically non-existent which made their relationship seem completely fake and unrealistic. It was hard to buy that a cynical man would fall for a woman that has no problem trampling all over a man's heart. They did have a few funny scenes together though which made the film more enjoyable. Unfortunately, the film runs for an inexplicable 116 minutes so there are a lot of dead spots.

Romantic comedies shouldn't really be loathsome movies. The characters should be likable and engaging so it's easy to get behind them and the story shouldn't be too far-fetched. Unfortunately, Runaway Bride commits the worst sin for a romantic comedy by offering unlikable characters, making it basically impossible to really get into the movie despite how talented the cast may be.
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You know what? Don't tell me anything about Pretty Woman, because I don't even want to hear it.
Anonymous_Maxine28 August 2000
Runaway Bride is just a good romantic comedy. Yes, the director and the two big name stars are the same as the film's 1990 counterpart, but even though the two films have striking and almost offensive similarities, Runaway Bride has a good enough story that I refuse to believe that it relied on the success of its predecessor.

Julia Roberts is Maggie Carpenter, a hardware store owner (a laughable profession surpassed only by Denise Richards as a nuclear weapons specialist in The World Is Not Enough. Yeah RIGHT!), and Richard Gere is a newspaper columnist (Ike Graham) who has been fired for printing a supposedly false column about a woman who consistently runs out on her marriages. When he travels to the tiny town where she lives to learn more about her life and possibly get his job back, he finds that there is more to her than just a newspaper column.

By the end of the film, there is such a huge media hype about Maggie's wedding that it's a wonder that Ike wasn't honored for his 'false' column about her. Joan Cusack has never looked and acted better than she did in this movie, delivering a wonderful nasally performance that was strangely heartwarming.

Runaway Bride had all kinds of wonderful scenes. I particularly liked the wedding rehearsal scene. The look on Christopher Meloni's face was priceless! There were so many good things about this film that I am able to overlook the superficial look of unoriginality. If you just look past the director and the two big names, the story itself is not at all like any other film. There will, of course, be the inevitable cynical comparisons to Pretty Woman, and these complaints are understandable, but people who condemn Runaway Bride as a rip-off of Pretty Woman or some sort of re-make are simply not looking at the film, but only at the names on the bill. This is a very good romantic comedy, and it should not be missed simply because of a superficial comparison to Pretty Woman.
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Like fine wine, time is of the essence
Misspoe9328 August 2004
Until Runaway Bride came on the scene, I didn't realize how dated Pretty Woman had become! Fans of Pretty Woman will delight in the thinly veiled references and homages that Runaway Bride serves up. This is a fun film, very tongue in cheek in it's delivery. The first viewing of the film may seem a little flat, but after watching it subsequent times, you get a definite feel for the dance that is perfected here. That is what I look for in a movie; can I watch it over and over and still delight in it?

I took absolute delight in the setting of this film more so than anything. The movie refers to the town as Hale, Maryland. The actual town is Berlin, Maryland, absolutely gorgeous and located more to the Northeastern part of the state. Setting is everything here because you focus more on the characters and the small town atmosphere than the glitz and glitter of a major city. The character Maggie Carpenter is not unlike women of her generation--perhaps we tend to marry later in life now more than ever because we don't want to make that mistake that ends in divorce. Maggie doesn't know what she wants out of life, but she has enough sense to get down to the minute and realize a mistake. Her timing is rough, but it manages to avoid divorce lawyer, right?

Drink in the backdrop of the movie, and enjoy the main characters and the strong ensemble cast in this enticingly amusing tale of love and romance redefined.
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Let it grow on you.....
silly_al30 November 2001
When I first saw this movie, following the wonderful "Notting Hill," I was less than thrilled. However, I have watched and watched and watched "Runaway Bride" and it really is a witty romance. What is particularly poignant about the film is the chemistry between Gere and Roberts. Though it seems very fast, it is completely natural for fans of "Pretty Woman," who saw these two fall in love a decade earlier.

Roberts is wonderful in this movie. She is completely comfortable, natural, and highly believable as the spunky Maggie Carpenter. Gere is cocky, weathered, and attractive as the misguided Ike Graham. The plot is predictable, but the first act is snappy and the climax is well-done. It may not please most people on the first run, but rent it again and you'll begin to see the subtleties that make it great.
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It made good actors look bad.
junebug-624 August 1999
I am not going to compare Runaway Bride to Pretty Woman because, quite frankly, I don't care too much for that movie either. I do, however, enjoy both Richard Gere and Julia Roberts as actors. This movie left them both cold. Neither character was well-rounded and the one dimension of them is quickly felt at the start of the movie. The dialogue left me distant; I felt nothing for either character and was only thinking about how I was going to get through the next hour and thirty minutes. Each scene contained lame punchlines that left almost the entire audience silent. The entire story annoyed me. If I had to watch her run from her vows one more time I was going to barf. The movie was hopeless from the first draft of the script.
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Runnaway from this Movie fast!
IWFTriplehGame13 May 2003
If you have seen the Simpsons Episode mocking it, you know why this is the worst movie ever. You know the rich snob will lose, and Gere and Roberts will get together. This is a tired story, with no suprises. Julia and Gere have done better together, apart and in their sleeps. Avoid this movie at all costs, runaway from all showings of this movie or suffer the pain of a horrible movie!
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Spleen6 August 2000
I found "Pretty Woman" charming, and I suppose I still do, but in one respect its storyline is contrived. (In ONE respect? I hear you ask. Well, maybe more than one, but only one that worries me.) This much of the standard formula a light love story MUST follow: (a) boy falls in love with girl, (b) girl falls in love with boy, (c) obstacle, (d) union. Timing is surprisingly unimportant. It doesn't matter when (c) is established - it can be before the curtain rises, or half an hour before it falls - nor does it matter if (a) and (b) are simultaneous, or over an hour apart. (And obviously it doesn't matter which one comes first. Even the order c-b-d-a is acceptable.) The trouble with "Pretty Woman" is (c). So she's a prostitute. So what? It's a pity that twentieth-century writers have somehow acquired the idea that external obstacles are less interesting than internal ones: it isn't true, and in any event, internal obstacles are harder to draw convincingly.

Which is why (FINALLY, I get to the point) "Runaway Bride" is a more pleasant confection than "Pretty Woman". Believe me, you don't know how surprised I am to find myself writing this. Before I saw the movie I was all but certain it would be deathly stale. The premise - love blossoms between an insulting newspaper columnist and a serial jilter he writes about - screamed, "This will spend two hours going nowhere" at me ... and the curious thing is, now that I've seen the film, I can't even remember why I found the idea so unpromising. Maybe I was unduly swayed by the last Julia Roberts romantic comedy I saw, "I Love Trouble", which was at once thin, bloated, and flat.

"Runaway Bride" is none of these things. It's over two hours, but none of this is bloat: it takes its time because it NEEDS this time, given obstacle (c), to convincingly establish (a) and (b). The film doesn't waste our time any more than it wastes our own. I was never bored; very often I was even basking in the glow. Tastes in romantic comedy are hard to justify or defend, so I'll leave it at that.
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Runaway and Never Come Back
betadk26 July 2001
I am a fan of Pretty Woman and so I was anticipating the release of this film, expecting to find it just as enjoyable. Boy was I wrong! I wanted to leave the theater halfway through the movie, but chose to sit it out, purely on hope that it would improve. It didn't.

I actually think the plot had potential but the script was terrible, and the characters were all so one-dimensional. I felt like this talented cast struggled from beginning to end. I like Richard Gere but he was so stale in this film! Roberts was her usual cutesy-pie self. I just don't understand why someone with her potential talent wastes her time on some of these C- (if not lower) movies. Does she read the scripts??

My main problem with this film is the cheesy, cornball dialogue. Give me a break!! As if all the bad one-liners and jokes aren't enough, we're forced to sit through silly, random scenes like Maggie swinging the church bell; the whole scene where the girls dye Ike's hair; the duck-billed platypus imitation; I could go on and on!

My advice to you is not to pay money to see this movie. Only watch it if it comes on TV and you have a couple hours of your life you'd like to throw away.
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Don't Runaway From This One...
JackReese11 July 2000
This movie is supposed to be hilarious. It's not. It is a cute ROMANTIC-comedy. Anyone who knows anything about this genre realizes and understands this does not indicate some psycho babbling funny, teenage, chick flick. It is actually both romantic and entertaining. I enjoyed it greatly. The unfortunate problem with reuniting great actors in a movie after already having a success is that everyone expects some great magic and to relive that same thing. However, each movie must be taken on it's on frames so there...Anyway, most will recall the team up of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in two similiar yet completely different films known as Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail. I like both of these films for thier own independence not relying on the previous to get them through the next. Now, with that said, Runaway Bride is good movie. It's not great, but it is a good movie. And it touches many subjects that are life relevant. Sure it exaggerates it and makes it glamorous but all movies do and it's necessary to make it believable. Kind of ironic, ain't it? Anyway, go rent this one or buy it or whatever and then you'll know what I'm talking about.
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Two words - completely misguided
Smurfo21 May 2000
"Runaway Bride" is one of those films that probably looked good on paper - bankable stars like Julia Roberts and Richard Gere trying to rework their "Pretty Woman" magic in a similar plot - but is so horribly mishandled it became painful to watch.

I rented it because my wife wanted to see it, and besides it was only an extra $1.00 with another 5-day rental at the local video store. How bad could it be for a dollar?

Let's put it this way - paying $1.00 to see this film was a rip-off. I shut off the movie after 30 minutes. My wife, who likes romantic comedies, stopped watching after an hour. The only reason I think she lasted that long was she was on allergy medication and lacked the strength to push the "Stop" button. The last movie I can recall her refusing to finish was "10 Violent Women" (we were in B-Movie/MST3K mode when we rented that one). As you have already determined, lumping "10 Violent Women" and "Runaway Bride" together is a huge red flag for the discriminating moviegoer.

First of all, Richard Gere's character is at best confused, but he is also conniving and mean. He's piggish yet suave - a great combination for a modern romance, I guess. He writes for USA Today, but is surprised when he's fired for not checking the 'facts' of his story. He tries to vindicate himself by getting the real story on Julia Robert's character, but he annoyingly turns up everywhere prying into every last detail of her life - and even though he just skewered her in a nationwide newspaper, everyone including Julia's fiance accepts and loves him. He's not a journalist - he's a stalker.

Julia Roberts is her usual cutesy self. At best, she gets by on charm, and if that's all you require I guess you'll like this film.

Most scenes are predictable and/or require the use of Roger Ebert's infamous "idiot plot." For example - in the first scene in the beauty shop, where I shut off the videotape. I won't give it away for those who want to see this film, but just watch and think about it for one second - would a big-city reporter fall for the towel gag? Why on earth would we buy this as a plot twist?

I found it impossible to identify with or care about any of the characters. Since both main characters and the plot are thin and uninteresting, the smaller aspects of the film might as well be problematic too. Some scenes and dialog, especially those of the minor characters like Julia's family and the ladies at the salon, would be better left on the cutting room floor. Most of the actors either seem uneasy with their dialog or are sleepwalking through stereotypical roles. The first 30 minutes seemed like a continuous product placement ad for USA Today and Z28's. The soundtrack songs are unimaginative - "Maneater" for crying out loud? I felt like I was watching a UPN sitcom instead of a movie.

I wish I could find something positive about this film, but it is only a transparent attempt to sequel "Pretty Woman" and make a bundle. My advice is short: don't see this film. Save yourself the time and money, even if it's only a dollar.

My Rating: 1 out of a possible 10
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Best movie I've seen this Summer!
JEZEBEL-75 August 1999
I absolutely loved this movie! I would consider this a true "romantic comedy". There were wonderful, well written characters and laughs all the way through. It was quite a treat to see Richard Gere play such a comedic role and do so well at it. I found this movie a joy to watch, not just because of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, but the fantastic supporting cast and the picturesque town in which the movie takes place. It was altogether a wonderful experience. I can't express how refreshing it is to see a movie with no sex, no nudity, and no cursing. Hats off to Gary Marshall for putting a movie out there that's just good, clean fun!
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This is a funny, funny movie.
Time Tripper22 July 2000
Warning: Spoilers
As much I have to admit I enjoyed the gross-out humor of AUSTIN POWERS and THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, its nice to see a movie that manages to be funny without resorting to non-stop vulgarity. There's a lot of really good material in this one. As far the story goes, its pretty obvious to anyone with anyone with half a brain (spoiler warning) the two lead will get together in the end. Besides that, the story isn't too predictable, and the cast is outstanding. The whole Gere/Roberts chemistry is there, and the rest of the cast gets their good lines in too.

This isn't your average "chick flick," this is funny stuff. And its good clean fun.
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so bad, it comes off more like a fantasy than a comedy or romance
ajdagreat27 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
If you really want to suspend your belief, see this movie. This is a movie about a woman who leaves a guy at the altar. One would think that she'd be more careful in her next relationship, but instead she leaves another guy at the altar. And if you're thinking that both the woman AND her potential suitors have learned their lessons by now, another guy proposes to her and ANOTHER guy is left at the altar.

What a charming woman, huh? Jeez, no wonder Richard Gere fell in love with this horrible, stupid woman who has decided last-minute to dump THREE guys! Why do the two of them fall in love? More importantly, are we even supposed to take Julia Roberts's side? Let's look at what she did:

After Gere wrote a TRUE article about her, she complained to the newspaper and got him fired. Then when he shows up in her hometown, she dyes his hair ridiculous colors. Then in order to investigate his article more fully, Gere is forced to pay her a LOT of money. And after they "fall in love", it only gets worse from there.


Then, after Roberts has supposedly found her one true love, this horrible woman has the gall to run away from her FOURTH marriage, with a guy she LOVES! And why? The reason given is that he doesn't make eye contact with her! But after that, she goes BACK and marries him! What kind of horrible, insane woman is this?


This is one of the worst, most ridiculously written movies I have ever seen. The acting is nothing to be desired either, as some other commenters noticed. It tried to be "Pretty Woman", but it fell flat on its face. The eggs thing was some of the stupidest writing ever (if you really want to know how Julia likes her eggs watch the scene in "America's Sweethearts" where she goes on an eating binge). However, if you're the kind of person who can ignore the writing and the acting just because you feel good when Roberts and Gere kiss, this is a movie for you. But if this is true, I hope I never meet you.
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Big budget=big failure=big garbage
yduric14 February 2006
I am really becoming tired of coming across some 'generic' users' comments about movies such as: 'With a bigger budget, this film would certainly have been better'Runaway Bride, in my opinion, perfectly belies this too many heard statement: I wonder how many millions of dollars have been USELESSLY WASTED to make this stupid, boring and absolutely not funny movie: it is overwhelmed by clichés and extremely stupid dialogs with a thousand times overused storyline. Moreover, I also wonder how many millions Richard Gere and Julia Roberts 'earned' for their BAD ACTING. But, of course, many people will unfortunately still give some credit to this piece of garbage, for the only reason that the director Gary Marshall had directed 'Pretty Woman' nine years before and that he cast Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. However, here I say: STOP! What is more important than money and will always be in order to make a good movie is THE BRAIN and I fear that this time Mr Marshall lost his. I also sympathize with probable thousands of hundreds of people who walked out of the theaters feeling robbed of their money and with others who will buy the DVD (Moreover, with this awful NTSC standard) Fortunately, I am extremely glad I didn't have to pay a single cent for it, because I saw it on TV. but I still feel that they STOLE TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE, which is infuriating me enough. So I sharply encourage people who think like me to give a 1 to this so-called movie to send it to where, despite its big budget and misbegotten pretension, it belongs: THIS IS A PERFECT CANDIDATE FOR THE IMDb BOTTOM 100!!!
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Whoa! Did they just steal my money, or what?
Adam Frisch16 December 1999
Are they kidding? This film actually made more money at the US box office than Notting Hill did. That kind of tells you something about american women....

It's the worst piece of crap I've seen in ages. Relying solely on Julias somewhat charming smile. Gere is sleepwalking through this whole movie (his life?). Joan Cusack is phoning it in. And the story! Don't get me started on the story, folks. The lamest excuse to ever reteam these two people is hereby in the can.

No, if you must see a Julia Roberts film, tune in Notting Hill instead. It will actually be remembered in the future.
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Catch her if you can!
Old Joe29 April 2002
Committing to a relationship means getting married, but if you are not up to being committed than it can mean you have ‘cold feet'. Well in this movie the bride to be has anything, but cold feet. She might as well be wearing running shoes down the alter, as that is what we get to see, not once but many times, and it is a funny thing to watch as well.

Ike Graham is a big-city newspaper journalist who causes an uproar with an unflattering and wildly erroneous story about Maggie Carpenter, a small-town woman whose reputation for leaving men stranded at the alter has made her a local legend! But while Ike plans to prove he was right about Maggie all along… and Maggie plans to even the score with Ike.. neither expect the sparks that fly when they finally meet!

Now considering that Pretty Woman was one of Hollywood's biggest films of the eighties, and with good reason, it was always going to be difficult to cash in on its success for a second time. I believe that ‘Runaway Bride' was trying to do such a thing. Although I personally enjoyed this film, I can see why some people might not have. It did not have the same appeal that audiences everywhere had for Pretty Woman.

Perhaps the cast was in some way responsible for the movie being a popular choice for movie-goers to want to see. Undoubtedly, the onscreen presents of both Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is a big deal for movie fans. I can see why, this film for me backs up that relationship. Roberts is a star in her own right, who deserves all the accolades that come her way. You can not help but like her and that great smile. Gere has had a very good career also. With movies that include The Jackal, alongside Superstar Bruce Willis, Final Analysis and Primal Fear.

I enjoyed the story that was presented to audiences in this film. Having a girl that continually runs out on her husband to be is an interesting concept, which was well adapted to the bigscreen. Though I would hope in real life that a girl as gorgeous as Maggie Carpenter is, would not bolt for the church door when you are about to commit to her for your whole life. The story for this movie was written by two people, Josann Mcgibbon and Sara Parriott. I feel they both

Director Garry Marshal also deserves a mention. You could feel (well I did at least) some part of Pretty Woman coming through in this film, and this undoubtedly was because of Garry. He has done some incredible work which include movies such as The other sister, Beaches and TV shows the caliber of Mork and Mindy, Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley.

This movie also had some good lines when it came to the issues of love, relationships and how men and women interact with each other. The one line that stands out the most would have to be when Maggie asks of Ike –

`Is there one ‘right' person for everyone?'

I love his response -

`No, but I think attraction is mistaken for rightness.'

I totally agree, because I think people can make so many mistakes when it comes to looking for that right person. That is the reason, I believe, for the high separation/divorce rate. You need to be able to act like you always do around someone, in order to be able to say they are in someway ‘right' for you, because if you cant then there is no point even trying to make a go with them.

The music of ‘Runaway Bride' was of significance to me, so much so that I did not realise how good that it was the first time. Martina McBride's tune of `I love you' was an obvious favourite from the film, with other artist including Coco- Lee, the Dixie Chicks, with a great rendition of the classic hit `You can't hurry love' , and U2. This is one soundtrack I definitely want to add to my collection.

So the lesson this movie gives to its audience is that marriage might not be for every person. However, it also show that you can overcome your difficulties in taking the next step in your relationship, if that is what has to be or wants to be done, by open and honest with your partner. Warning: For anyone who is about to get married or starting married life this might not be your film, then again it might just be too. If you like a laugh then you should say ‘I do' to what I think is a delightfully engaging romantic comedy!

Rating: 8/10 or 4 Stars
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Predictable in terms of plot, but very well played
TheLittleSongbird8 September 2009
Runaway Bride is an enjoyable romantic comedy. Yes, it isn't perfect, the story is very predictable and repetitive, the direction is perhaps a little too leisurely in some parts and there are parts when very little happens. But it is a very well played romantic comedy at that.

The script is full of very funny one-liners and quotes. Whilst I had a few problems with the story, the script was fine. Julia Roberts makes the most of her role as the title character, and Richard Gere, her co-star in Pretty Woman, is his usual charming self as the somewhat over familiar love interest, and Joan Cusack is enjoyable as Roberts's friend who gives her the odd piece of advice throughout the film.

All in all, not too bad. It is predictable, like I have said too many times already, but it is well played and well scripted, so not so bad to pass the time. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Great Movie!
elsabelsa167 November 2005
Awesome movie! A very funny romantic comedy, with a good resolution. Roberts and Gere have great chemistry and should have an award for it. Never a boring part, always action! Must see for romantic comedies! A few suggestions not appropriate for children, but over all it was pretty clean. Joan Cusac did an excellent job as well, playing Robert's best friend. Very real and believable movie, with plenty of good morals. Overall it is a hilarious movie that keeps you laughing and has you repeating lines constantly until you laugh even more. It is older, so there are a few dated things, but it isn't that bad. Once again, hilarious. Good family things too. This rates up there with You've Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping. A must see for all!
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a GOOD movie
cc-3621 August 1999
Call me old-fashioned, but I was glad to finally see an "adult" movie that didn't have any swearing (except for once when Gere hit the bathroom door), sex, or violence. It made me think of the old movies where the hero and heroine fall in love and at the end get married (and if they had sex, it was insinuated without showing anything). Yeah, that's unrealistic in these days of open speech and everything else, but it was refreshing. And it proved my point that a good movie could be made and still be rated PG. (And that Julia Roberts could still make a movie these days without the F-word!)

And even though I don't think Joan Cusack is the best actress in the world, she always makes me laugh in whatever movie she's in!
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I want my two hours and all those IQ points back! (Spoilers)
JadeEagle22419 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I must be immune to sorcery, because I seem to be one of the few Americans who are not spellbound by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. I will spend the rest of my life perplexed as to what is so *great* about these two! Yes, they were charming together in "Pretty Woman." There, the chemistry, storyline, and script all just seemed to come together for them. But they have yet to impress me in anything previous or since! They are one-note actors who appear to keep playing the same characters with different names. Richard Gere seems to have trouble changing the expression on his face, and Julia Roberts, well, she giggles and smiles a lot. Wow.

This movie was just another cutesy "chick flick" staring America's favorite pair with a plot so predictable I was bored to tears ten minutes in. Let's see...two high profile actors start out a movie hating each you think maybe they'll fall in love...? Hmmm...

I'll admit, many of my favorite romance comedies do boarder on the predictable, and many do start off with the soon-to-be couple in conflict with each other. But at least the scenes illustrating the hate-to-love progression in those films are interesting, touching, and believable. Nothing in "Runaway Bride" convinced me that Gere and Roberts should be together, or would last forever as a couple. So, what was the point?

I couldn't believe what good reviews this movie received from credible, professional critics! The lowest moment of the film ever was when the man Julia Roberts dumps to hook up with Richard Gere shows up at their wedding and gives Gere the "eye-contact" sign. Sure, recently jilted men always show up to help out at their ex-fiancees' weddings. At this point, I closed my eyes and tried in vain to get in a power nap during the remainder of the movie.

My rating: rock bottom. 1/10.
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Better then Pretty Woman
Rose-354 October 1999
I thought this movie was better then Pretty Woman. I liked Pretty Woman a lot but I just thought this was better. The storyline seemed funnier and just great to watch. Roberts and Gere are really good together. Good performances by all in this.
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Completely Contrived but a pleasant watch
long-ford31 January 2009
This is a thoroughly contrived film, but a pleasant watch nonetheless. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere still exhibit an easy going chemistry after their blockbuster 'Pretty Woman'. This film though isn't as good. The characters are superficial, and the story unbelievable. However, a lovely romantic sound-track and some soothing romantic moments between the two likable stars carry the film. The humor is mild but generally works. The supporting cast including Hector Elizondo and Joan Cusack work hard to elevate mediocre material using effective comic timing. A pleasant watch at home.

Overall 6/10
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Cute and mildly entertaining romantic comedy
roghache18 April 2006
I'm normally a huge Julia Roberts fan and while I found this romantic comedy entertaining enough, it cannot compare with her fabulous earlier movie, Pretty Woman, also starring Richard Gere. Nor did I care for it as much as her other comedy romances (most notably Notting Hill) or most of the Meg Ryan ones, especially Sleepless in Seattle.

The story revolves around a lovely young woman, Maggie Carpenter, who has left a series of three would be grooms partway through their wedding ceremony. A reporter named Ike Graham gets fired after writing an exaggerated article of half truths on her story, so to salvage his career, he travels to her small hometown, where he attempts to ferret out her true tale and get the scoop on her upcoming fourth nuptials. Needless to say, Ike does not prove very popular with his journalistic subject, Maggie, as he harasses her family & friends for info. However, he begins to feel protective of her when townsfolk mock her track record of jilting her fiancé at the altar.

Julia Roberts is invariably appealing & sympathetic in her roles, and typically this proves true in her portrayal here of Maggie. Richard Gere is competent as the journalistic vulture, Ike. I don't fault the lack of chemistry as much as the story, which simply isn't as good as Pretty Woman.

Of course romantic comedies are never exactly bastions of realism, but this tale where such a young woman has already run away from three weddings and is now embarking upon number four, really seems too far fetched even for this genre. One would suspect that any prospective groom would be quite leery by now, and why does Maggie keep planning these gala ceremonies if she suspects she might ultimately get cold feet? All in all, it's a cute, light hearted, & entertaining movie with some good scenes, but definitely not the best of its genre. For sure, it lacks the magic of Pretty Woman but judge this one on its own merits.
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Wolf773411 August 1999
I was ecstatic, looking forward to seeing this film, and I was ecstatic after it. The best part is that they pulled off the love story without sex, unlike (to quote David Letterman) "the cute little movie about the hooker." So, it was predictable. I thought it was very funny, wonderfully romantic and the best movie that I have seen this summer. Go see it. It's worth it.
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A charming film
scoobydoo2000ms8 April 2000
Following up on the huge romantic hit "Pretty Woman," Richard Gere, Julia Roberts and Hector Elizondo reteam to produce yet another romantic comedy called "Runaway Bride."

Nobody lost a step or missed a beat as Gere, Roberts and Elizondo teamed up with newcomers Joan Cusack and Rita Wilson. The cast performed with such perfection it seemed like they were performing as it happened for the first time. I commend the casting director and the producer for putting together an excellent cast that really gelled and had chemistry that was like magic.

I must say that "Runaway Bride" was much more charming than "Pretty Woman." I still enjoyed "Pretty Woman" but the updated version had a certain charm and a twist that was lacking in the first film.

I can't say what the twist is without giving away too much, you'll just have to see it to find out.

This was a cute film with a unique way of telling a plot that seems to have been done before on the silver screen.
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