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There's visceral horror, too, including a grisly image -- a horror-in-miniature involving a fingernail -- that located an open nerve in my jaded ability to endure screen violence.
Portland Oregonian
"Sixth" achieves a rare hushed poetry where Stir, for all its strengths, is more earthbound and familiar.
USA Today
The economical, fast-paced style and creepy mood are reminiscent of "The Twilight Zone."
A horror movie with a Hitchcockian veneer of the everyday, a story that taps into our fear not only of the paranormal but also of insanity and the secret evil that may lie beneath ordinary lives.
Chicago Reader
The conventional ghost-appeasement scenario isn't very suspenseful, which may be part of the reason it's so gripping.
The picture has an appropriately grungy sense of place.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
(Bacon's) most believable, heart-wrenching and charismatic lead performance in many years.
Charlotte Observer
A conventionally violent, do-or-die ending on such an unconventional movie.
Entertainment Weekly
Offers tricky fragmentation without mystery or mood; it's a mosaic of fear that grows less and less unsettling as it comes together.
Baltimore Sun
Some dazzling in-camera special effects, especially the ingenious idea of filming the story's ghost at a slow speed, six frames per second, giving the being a strange, otherworldly way of moving.

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