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MPAA Rated R for violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A misogynistic joke in reference to fellatio.
  • A woman is seen wearing a towel while scrubbing another man's bare back and another woman is undressing in front of a man (her bra and panties are visible).
  • We see several small, ancient-looking figures of a man and woman in various sexual positions and two illustrations of someone's nude posterior (in the background of a scene).

Violence & Gore

  • A man head butts another man on a balcony, and throws him over the side to his death.
  • A man in a car chases two other men in a car, and he gets out and shoots at them. They back up and ram his car, pushing it off a cliff, and drive away.
  • A man slams another man's head into a table. The other man punches him, but is punched in the stomach himself. He, and several other men brutally beat the first man, and throw him out of the building. He goes back inside with a gun, and shoots them all (offscreen; some blood seen on his face in the end).
  • Several cops quickly take down two hitmen, knocking them over or punching them and holding them at gunpoint.
  • There's a shootout near the end, and several men are shot and killed with bloody holes seen.


  • 44 uses of "fuck" (1 paired with "mother"), 1 use of "c*nt", 2 uses of "cock" (1 used as "cocksucker"), 18 uses of "shit", 5 uses of "ass" (2 paired with "hole"), 4 uses of "hell", 3 uses of "bitch", 1 use of "Jesus Christ", 1 use of "Jesus", 2 uses of "dick", 1 use of "pussy", 2 uses of "tit", and 3 uses of "screw".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man shakes a woman roughly and she collapses. It's implied that she was killed, most likely by her neck being broken.
  • Two men struggle inside a house, and a woman stabs one of them in the back. The other runs out, and is pursued by the man that was stabbed. He keeps running, but twists his ankle and falls over.

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