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11 Jan. 2000
The Giants Win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant
Dana begins to see the flaw in her dating plan; Dan wants to use Isaac in a feature on the 1951 New York Giants pennant win.
18 Jan. 2000
The Cut Man Cometh
Dan and Casey cover a boxing match; Dan's father visits.
25 Jan. 2000
The Sweet Smell of Air
The show lands an interview with Michael Jordan but there are a few strings attached; Sam returns.
1 Feb. 2000
Dana Get Your Gun
Dan tries to get the night off for a Tom Waits concert; Dana inherits a gun.
8 Feb. 2000
And the Crowd Goes Wild
It's Sam's last day at the show, Jeremy and Natalie break up, and Casey gets his eyes examined.
29 Feb. 2000
Natalie organizes a post-show trivia game but excludes Jeremy, who ends up meeting a woman at a bar.
7 Mar. 2000
The Local Weather
Dan reacts to not making the "100 Most Influential People in Sports" list; Dana goes to church.
14 Mar. 2000
Draft Day: Part 1 - It Can't Rain at Indian Wells
The team covers the first round of the NFL draft; Jeremy is nervous about Jenny's visit to the studio.
21 Mar. 2000
Draft Day: Part 2 - The Fall of Ryan O'Brian
It's the second round of the NFL draft; Jenny visits, and Dan and Casey fight.
28 Mar. 2000
April Is the Cruelest Month
The network's cutting costs and jobs may be on the line. The staff sit for Passover Seder, and Dan hopes this will afford him the chance to mend a few fences.
4 Apr. 2000
Bells and a Siren
Natalie has a job interview with Saturday Night Live; Dan hires a publicist.
9 May 2000
La Forza Del Destino
Dana meets a man with inside information on the sale of the network; Dan and Casey have a job offer in Los Angeles.
16 May 2000
Quo Vadimus
Rebecca returns, Natalie and Jeremy rekindle their relationship, and the network is sold.

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