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Season 18

7 Feb. 2015
Dance, Yancham - Captivate, Fokko! The Dance for Tomorrow!!
Ash, as per usual, messes up a play rehearsal, which makes Gallade (the star Pokemon) unconscious. Ash's Hawlucha and the "Shiny" Hawlucha need to put aside their differences and work together.
7 Feb. 2015
When Light and Dark Collide!
When Satoshi and Pikachu attempt to rescue a Bull from a sinister Luchabull, they accidentally injure the Erureido who's swooping in to protect it--and then discover that they've interrupted a rehearsal of a Super Pokemon Battle show. The director, Carl, explains that the show combines a Pokemon battle with a scripted storyline--but since one of his stars is injured, he'll have to call off tomorrow's performance. Eureka has a better idea: she suggests that Satoshi's Hawlucha step in to fill the role of the shining hero. Luchabull has some trouble with the idea of a ...
28 Feb. 2015
Ninja Arts Showdown! Gekogashira VS Gamenodes!!
Our heroes spot their ninja friend Sanpei and his Gekkouga floating down a river, unconscious. After they mount a rescue, Sanpei explains that he's on a mission for his ninja master, Saizo, but a masked ninja and his Gamenodes partner keep trying to interfere. Satoshi and friends decide to help Sanpei on his mission, but soon Satoshi and Sanpei are separated from the others--just as the masked ninja strikes again. Keromatsu and Gekkouga team up to fight him off, and when the battle seems to be going against them, Keromatsu evolves into Gekogashira. The masked ninja ...
7 Mar. 2015
Serena's Earnest! The Wild Meecle Race!!
When our heroes come across a Meecle ranch known for its delicious cheese and ice cream, they discover that Serena's mom, Saki, is there as a Sihorn racing coach. Everyone wants to ride a Meecle, except Citron - Saki asks Serena if she's keeping up her Rhyhorn race training, not knowing her daughter's dream is to become a Pokemon performer. Meanwhile, the Rocket-Dan shows up to swipe all the goodies. Serena recruits one of the ranch's racing Rhyhorn to speed after them, and thanks to her exceptional riding and battle skills, the villains are defeated. When Saki ...
21 Mar. 2015
The Weakest Dragon!? Numera Appears!
As our heroes make their way up a rocky hill, an unconscious Goomy falls out of the sky, right onto Ash's head! Clemont figures out that Goomy isn't feeling well because it's dehydrated, and Ash braves a steep climb to get it to the nearby river. But as soon as it's restored to health, Team Rocket swoops in to grab Pikachu, and Goomy ends up in their cage as well! While Jessie, James, and Meowth are celebrating their latest catch, the two Pokemon are working together, combining Pikachu's strength and Goomy's slime to escape the cage and flee. When they reunite with ...
28 Mar. 2015
Do Your Best, Dedenne! Do it for Numera!!
When our heroes take a break on the way to Coumarine City, Team Rocket attacks! Everyone is separated in the chaos, leaving Meowth stranded with Serena and Bonnie (and Ash's Goomy). While pretending to help, Meowth leads the group straight to Jessie and James! Serena and Pancham step up to take them on, and with the help of Bonnie and Dedenne, they're victorious! But during the battle, Goomy gets frightened and goes off to hide. Dedenne follows Goomy's slimy trail through a rocky tunnel--and discovers the little Dragon type facing off against Team Rocket on the other ...
4 Apr. 2015
Vanipeti Panic! An Ice-Covered Whiteout!!
When our heroes arrive in Coumarine City, they learn that Nurse Joy is taking care of a lost Vanillite and head off to meet it! They take a shortcut through a ranch where the owner, Ramos, watches over a large number of Grass-type Pokemon. At the Pokemon Center, Bonnie happily plays with the friendly Vanillite--until Team Rocket shows up to steal it! It turns out Vanillite has powerful friends, and when Vanillish and Vanilluxe come looking for their lost companion, they bury the entire city under a massive snowstorm! Ramos directs the huge group of Sunflora under his ...
11 Apr. 2015
Hiyoku Gym Battle! Gekogashira VS Gogoat!!
It's time for Ash's Coumarine City Gym battle with Ramos, and our hero can't wait to get started! But Ramos is in no hurry. He invites our heroes to tea, and then asks them for some help tending his garden. When the battle begins and Ash's Fletchinder takes down Jumpluff, he thinks he has a big advantage at this Grass-type Gym! But Ramos's Weepinbell unleashes a Poison Powder that quickly defeats Fletchinder and then Hawlucha. Finally, Ash sends out the Water-type Frogadier, which seems like a bad type matchup. But it turns out Ash has a plan--he instructs Frogadier ...
18 Apr. 2015
Satoshi and Serena's First Date!? The Tree of Promises and the Presents!!
Hiyoku City holds an annual festival to celebrate the bond between trainer and Pokémon. However when Satoshi has trouble deciding on a present for his Pokémon, Serena helps inspire him on their shopping trip.
25 Apr. 2015
Aim to be the Kalos Queen! Serena Makes Her Debut!
It's time for Serena's Pokemon Showcase debut in Coumarine City, and her friend and rival Shauna is also registered to compete! First up is the Styling Theme Performance, which is like a Pokemon fashion show. The performers are divided into groups, and only one from each group gets to move on to the next round. Shauna wins her group easily, beating out Jessilee (Team Rocket's Jessie in disguise). In Serena's group, things seem to be great...until Fennekin trips over its ribbon while walking the runway. This knocks them out of contention, and they watch sadly from the ...
2 May 2015
Decisive Battle in the Badlands! Fight, Numera!!
Ash and Goomy are in the middle of some special training in the Lumiose Badlands when an injured Spoink appears and leads Ash and the others to its oasis home. There, our heroes find a group of Spoink under the control of an unpleasant Grumpig, who's using its psychic powers to control them and steal all their food! When our heroes retreat to plan their strategy, they find themselves in a cage set by Team Rocket! It turns out Grumpig is in cahoots with the villains to seize the oasis and its impressive food supply from the resident Spoink. Goomy slips through the bars...
9 May 2015
Protect the Future of Science! The Electric Labyrinth!!
As our heroes make their way through the Lumiose Badlands, Clemont remembers his promise to battle Ash at the Lumiose Gym for Ash's fifth Gym badge. But Clemont now has doubts about his own readiness to take the challenge... When they reach the Kalos Power Plant, our heroes discover it has been seized by Team Rocket! They've also taken control of all the Electric-type Pokemon in the area, including Pikachu, Dedenne, and Luxio, and they're threatening to shut down power to Lumiose City. It's an uphill battle, but our heroes demonstrate exceptional bravery in rescuing ...
16 May 2015
A Fork in the Path of Indecision!? Musashi and Sonans!
While Clemont prepares for his upcoming battle with Ash, Team Rocket is attempting to catch Pikachu, as usual. But Jessie and Wobbuffet get separated from the others and find themselves in danger! They are rescued by a country doctor named White, whose friendly demeanor immediately catches Jessie's interest. She accompanies the doctor on his rounds, growing fonder of him by the minute. And when our heroes find Jessie, she's talking about leaving Team Rocket to stay with him! When a lurking Pokemon hunter grabs Meowth and the rest of Team Rocket's Pokemon, Jessie finds...
23 May 2015
Fokko VS Mahoxy! A Splendid Performance Battle!!
As our heroes continue to the Lumiose City Gym (without Clemont) for Ash's next Gym battle, Serena is doing some training for her next Pokémon Showcase. But trouble is brewing, and Fennekin and Pancham are fighting fiercely! Things are getting out of hand, and a frustrated and angry Serena leaves to take a walk and think things over-alone. In town, an unknown girl-also a Pokémon performer (the Kalos Queen Aria, disguised as Eliza), befriends an unhappy-looking Serena, urging her to smile! And to come along for some shopping and lunch... After Eliza suggests Serena ...
30 May 2015
Kameil and Raichu Appear! Good Luck Numeil!!
On the way to meet Clemont in Lumiose City, our heroes run into their friend Tierno from summer camp! A Team Rocket robot quickly interrupts the happy reunion when it grabs Ash's Sliggoo and Tierno's Raichu and Wartortle and carts them back to the villains. But Jessie is annoyed that their "Automatic Pikachu Catcher" malfunctioned and sends it flying, allowing the Pokemon to escape. When Team Rocket comes after Pikachu again, Sliggoo bravely steps up to protect it--and when their robot explodes and starts a fire, Sliggoo evolves into Goodra to put out the flames with ...
6 Jun. 2015
The Miare City Investigation! Citroid VS Black Citroid!!
Ash, Serena, and Bonnie have finally rejoined Clemont in Lumiose City! Ash can't wait to get their Gym battle started, but it's quickly interrupted by Officer Jenny...who places Clembot under arrest! Security footage shows a robot that looks just like Clembot vandalizing several businesses around the city. Clemont sets out to prove Clembot's innocence with the help of the journalist Alexa, who's been trying to track down the mysterious man in the Blaziken mask as a possible witness. At Alexa's advice, Clemont investigates the Prism Tower computer where Clembot's ...
13 Jun. 2015
Miare Gym Battle! Satoshi VS Citron!!
After a false start, the Lumiose Gym battle between Ash and Clemont is getting under way! To begin, Clemont's Bunnelby and Ash's Pikachu trade the same moves they used when they first met, on Ash's first day in the Kalos region. Bunnelby has learned some new tricks since then, but it can't stand up against Pikachu's Iron Tail. Next up, Clemont sends out Heliolisk, and Ash switches to Goodra. But Heliolisk moves with impressive speed, dashing around the battlefield more quickly than Goodra can follow and leaving it paralyzed. Ash calls Goodra back and sends out the ...
20 Jun. 2015
The Coveted Mega Evolution! Gaburias's Bonds!!
On their way out of Lumiose City, our heroes visit Professor Sycamore, who enthusiastically shows them his latest experiment: he's acquired a Key Stone and a Mega Stone, and he wants to see if his friend Garchomp will Mega Evolve! But while everyone's excitement builds, there is a huge explosion and Garchomp is whisked away, along with both stones. The thieves? None other than Team Rocket! Professor Sycamore and our heroes chase after them, soon joined by the mysterious man in the Blaziken Mask! When Team Rocket tries to get Garchomp to Mega Evolve and join them, ...
27 Jun. 2015
Battle in the Wetlands! Numelgon VS Florges!
Our heroes are on their way to Laverre City when a passerby recognizes Ash's Goodra. He introduces himself as Keanan and explains that he's the caretaker of the nearby wetlands where Goodra used to live when it was a Goomy. Ash and the others are excited to visit Goodra's old home, but the Pokemon seems reluctant... When they reach the wetlands, Keanan explains that some time ago, a feud broke out over a healing spring in the area. In the battle, Goomy was launched into the air, where it was carried along by a flock of Swanna until it eventually fell on Ash's head! ...
11 Dec. 2015
Hoopa's Surprise Ring Adventures
Six various shorts featuring Ash, Pikachu and Hoopa released in connection with Pokémon 18th movie (Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages).
27 Jun. 2015
Conclusion! Numelgon, Somewhere Over the Rainbow!!
Pikachu, Dedenne, and Wooper have been kidnapped, and after an intense battle with Florges, Goodra is in no shape to go after them! While our heroes start a search, the real motivation behind the attack on Goodra's home becomes clear: Florges is taking care of a sad little Floette, who needs the spring's healing water to get better. But now, the water appears to be drying up. Soon, everyone discovers the truth: the Team Rocket trio are slowly draining the wetlands so they can sell the healing water for profit! Goodra and Florges decide to work together against this ...
4 Jul. 2015
The Worst Luck? Eureka VS Nyarth!!
On the way to Laverre City, Serena and Bonnie look up their daily fortunes in Serena's guidebook, which predicts a bad day for both of them. Meanwhile, the Team Rocket trio, who have just gotten their hands on a berry bonanza, spot our heroes and swoop down to attack! In the ensuing battle, some of the berries end up in our heroes' hands. Then, when three angry Pangoro charge out of the woods, everyone runs for cover and gets separated, and Bonnie ends up with Meowth! The two of them bicker at first but eventually decide to cooperate. After Bonnie gets hit with Spore ...
18 Jul. 2015
The Scary House's Hospitality!
The gang finds themselves lost in the forest and happen upon a creepy house. They are invited in by its host Lon and despite his warm welcome, something else is lurking in the house and intends to give them the scare of their lives.
25 Jul. 2015
Battle at the Fashion Show! Tatsubay VS Shushupu!
When our heroes arrive in Laverre City, Serena tells Ash that Gym Leader Valerie is also a renowned fashion designer--which, unfortunately for Ash and another would-be challenger named Sawyer, means the Gym is closed for a fashion show and there are no battles to be found! Ash and Sawyer decide to have a battle of their own while Serena and Bonnie admire Valerie's lovely designs...and then get recruited to join the fashion show as substitute models! Our heroes soon learn that at the end of every fashion show, Valerie chooses a challenger from the audience so she can ...
1 Aug. 2015
Kunoe Gym Battle! The Beautiful Fairy Trap!!
After observing the talents and skills of Laverre Gym Leader Valerie in action, it's time for Ash to challenge her for his sixth Kalos Gym badge! First, Valerie's Sylveon is up against Ash's Fletchinder. Ash gets the first win-as Sawyer takes notes. Valerie next sends out Spritzee, who gains the speed advantage by using Trick Room and knocks Fletchinder out. The score is now one to one! Ash sends in Hawlucha. Ash is victorious Sawyer really wants Ash to teach him how to battle with the same unique brand of creativity and power. Ash promises to battle Sawyer later by ...
8 Aug. 2015
Three-Match Rival Battle! Towards the Future!!
After Ash's victory at the Laverre Gym, our heroes are walking with Sawyer, who's completely focused on his battle notebook and not watching where he's going--until he trips and falls, dropping his notebook in the process! He doesn't realize this until later, and by that time, Team Rocket has picked it up, determined to make use of all the information within. With the help of his Slurpuff's talented nose, Sawyer manages to track down his prized possession, and he and Ash battle together to send Team Rocket blasting off again. Then, they decide to battle against each ...
22 Aug. 2015
The Wind, the Egg and Onbat!
When Ash's Hawlucha finds a Pokémon Egg, everyone teams up to keep it warm, including a very helpful Fletchinder! Soon, a cute little Noibat hatches from the Egg! It starts trying to fly at once, but isn't very successful. Hawlucha tries to show it how to ride the wind--until Team Rocket swoops in and grabs both of them! Jessie and Meowth are hoping to evolve Noibat on the spot into a powerful Noivern, but James does some research and learns it won't be that easy. During their discussion, the two Pokémon manage to escape into a pitch-black cave, where they quickly get...
29 Aug. 2015
Pikachu Becomes a Star!? Its Movie Debut!! / How to Pikachu The Movie! OK! Action!! / The Lightning-fast Hero! Super Pikachu!! / Pikachu's Shocking Bloopers
During aerial training with Noibat, our heroes spot three Pokémon flying overhead at impressive speed. It turns out they're headed to the Pokémon Sky Relay, an aerial race in which three-member teams of flying Pokémon compete against each other. An elderly gentleman named Ornithol offers his Sky Relay expertise, and Ash just happens to have three flying Pokémon, so they agree to work together! Fletchinder takes an early lead. Then, in the second leg, Hawlucha encounters an aggressive Pelipper that keeps trying to knock it out of the sky...and turns out to be a robot ...
5 Sep. 2015
Fierce Battle in the Monster Ball Factory! Pikachu VS Nyarth!!
Our heroes have taken an exciting detour from their Anistar City journey: a visit to the one-and-only Poké Ball Factory! The three factory managers who offer them a tour look strangely familiar... It's Team Rocket, of course, but by the time the villains reveal themselves, our heroes have handed over every one of their Poké Balls (plus Pikachu) and gotten themselves locked in a storeroom! When Pikachu escapes, a frantic chase ensues as Pikachu tries to rescue the case full of Poké Balls and Meowth tries to use Pikachu's own Poké Ball to trap it! Finally, Meowth offers...
12 Sep. 2015
Tairenar and Yancham!! A Captivating Fiery Performance!!
Serena is ready to compete in the Fujo Town TryPokaron--and so is her rival Millefeui, who once challenged her to a Pofflé baking contest. As it turns out, the Theme Performance is all about Poffés, and Serena, Millefeui, and Musavie (the Rocket-Dan's Musashi in disguise) all advance to the Free Performance. After a run-in with Musashi that leaves a noticeable tear in Serena's costume, she's worried that this TryPokaron will end like her last one. But traveling with Satoshi has taught her never to give up, so she grabs her sewing kit to make a few last-second ...
19 Sep. 2015
Rotom's Wish!
At a run-down hotel, a timid desk clerk named Yolton shows our heroes to their room. Satoshi wants to check out the hotel's public battlefield, where they discover Mantle, the owner, challenging other Trainers to battle and taking their Pokémon when they lose. Yolton's Rotom comes out of hiding to reveal that its Trainer was once the owner, but Mantle challenged him to a battle on the hotel's opening day 10 years ago. When the inexperienced Rotom ran away, Mantle declared himself the winner--of the battle and the hotel. To make amends, Rotom sends our heroes back in ...
26 Sep. 2015
The Pumpjin Festival! Farewell, Bakeccha!?
Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie find themselves attending a Gourgeist Festival, where everyone dresses in Pokémon costumes. Naturally, our heroes want to join the fun! Meanwhile, Team Rocket, also in costume, gets an invitation to the castle from Count Pumpka. His Prince Pumpkaboo has developed quite an interest in Jessie's Pumpkaboo. Jessie seizes the opportunity and tells the count that some terrible villains have stolen her Pikachu--namely, our heroes! She suggests that she might trade her Pumpkaboo to the count if he helps rescue Pikachu. The count's steward ...
3 Oct. 2015
Crossing the Snow Mountains! Mammoo and Yukinooh!
A giant snowy mountain stands between our heroes and their next destination. To cross it, they rent two powerful Mamoswine and climb on board! It's a treacherous trek up to the summit, but everything proceeds as planned until the Mamoswine make an unexpected turn toward the Frost Cavern, where a mighty Abomasnow blocks the way! Ash and the others discover that Abomasnow is standing guard over a sick little Snover, and Clemont soon has everyone searching for medicinal plants. With these ingredients, he prepares a remedy, and Snover is soon feeling just fine. After a ...
10 Oct. 2015
Harimaron! Its First Errand!!
Our heroes have stopped at a busy Pokémon Center to get out of the rain when the power goes out! Clemont soon discovers that a leak in the roof has caused a short circuit, and recruits Luxray, Pikachu, and Dedenne to serve as a temporary source of electricity while he fixes it. Ash climbs up to repair the leak, and Serena and Bonnie offer to help Nurse Joy take care of the Pokémon. Clemont needs a replacement fuse, but he can't leave the still-sparking fuse box unattended, and everyone else is still hard at work. So he sends Chespin and Bunnelby into town with a note ...
17 Oct. 2015
A Broken Twig and a Broken Heart! Tairenar's Strong Feelings!!
Serena is reworking her Pokémon Showcase routine when a powerful attack from Pancham hits Braixen and breaks its beloved twig! Everyone tries to find Braixen a new twig, but it isn't interested in a replacement. Team Rocket has been spying as usual, and James dons a disguise and joins our heroes to see if he can help. Nurse Joy suggests they take the twig to a tree surgeon, Mr. Woodward, for repairs. He first wants Serena and Braixen to demonstrate their bond, and the best way to do that is with a battle. Braixen eventually uses its broken twig to unleash a powerful ...
24 Oct. 2015
Photo Op on Fire! Snap the Legend!!
When our heroes arrive at the foot of Mt. Molteau, the sudden appearance of a fiery Charmeleon lets them know that Trevor, their friend from Pokémon summer camp, is nearby! His goal is to take a photograph of the Legendary Pokémon Moltres, who is reputed to live on Mt. Molteau. The Team Rocket villains are close behind, hoping to catch Moltres for the Boss--but when they grab Pikachu and a battle ensues near the volcano's crater, the Legendary Pokémon awakens and sends Team Rocket blasting off with a powerful Flamethrower! Unfortunately, it thinks our heroes are also ...
31 Oct. 2015
Eureka the Caretaker! The Spoiled Chigoras!!
Team Rocket has gotten their hands on a young Tyrunt, with plans to get it to evolve into a powerful Tyrantrum. But Tyrunt wants nothing to do with them, jumping out of their balloon and falling into a river! Bonnie finds Tyrunt there, trapped and yelping. After Bonnie frees Tyrunt, the two of them begin an endearing process of bonding, while the rest of our heroes watch in amazement. But Clemont can't quite understand what a Tyrunt would be doing out there in the wild... However, Team Rocket is determined as ever, and grabs Tyrunt, Bunnelby, Dedenne, and Bonnie! But ...
7 Nov. 2015
Memories of the Train! Citron and Horubee!!
On the road to Anistar City, Ash and friends fall into a Team Rocket pit trap! Pikachu quickly sends the villains blasting off again, but then the ground underneath our heroes collapses, leaving them in an abandoned subway tunnel. It reminds Bonnie of when she and Clemont first met Bunnelby, who was living in an old subway car in Lumiose City with a group of Pokémon. The group was being threatened by a grumpy Diggersby who wanted the train for itself! Thanks to some battling tips from Clemont, Bunnelby managed to defeat Diggersby and protect its home. Soon, the subway...
14 Nov. 2015
The Eievui Who is Shy of Strangers!? Capture at the Flower Garden!!
As our heroes take a break in a beautiful meadow on their way to Anistar City, Serena and Bonnie unexpectedly come across an Eevee, dancing joyfully in the sunlight! Serena is quite charmed by the Evolution Pokémon, but then Ash calls out to the girls and startles Eevee into running away. Determined to find Eevee again, Serena decides to put on a performance to attract its attention. Sure enough, Eevee creeps up to watch--only to be grabbed by Team Rocket! In the battle that follows, Eevee uses Protect to keep Serena out of the line of fire, and Pikachu's Thunderbolt ...
28 Nov. 2015
Tag Team Inspiration!
In Anistar City, where Serena is rehearsing for the next Pokémon Showcase, our heroes get a nice surprise when their friends Tierno and Shauna arrive with newly evolved Pokémon! But Serena's new friend Eevee is skittish and shy in the presence of so many others, and she suggests a Tag Battle so Eevee can gain some experience and confidence. It's Ash and Tierno versus Serena and Shauna! When Tierno and his Blastoise go into their usual battle dance, Eevee starts toe-tapping right along with them, and soon it's leaping and whirling faster than Blastoise can follow! It ...
5 Dec. 2015
A Performance Pop Quiz!
Serena joins her friends Shauna and Nini in the Anistar City Pokémon Showcase! The Theme Performance is a Pokémon quiz, which knocks Nini out of contention. Shauna, Serena, and Jessilee (Jessie in disguise) move on to the Freestyle Performance. Jessie's performance includes a loud fireworks display that sends Eevee running for cover! Serena can't perform until she finds Eevee, but the sound of her voice soon brings it out of hiding. Shauna and Serena give remarkable performances, and Serena wins her second Princess Key! As soon as the Showcase is over, Tierno and ...
12 Dec. 2015
The Crisis in Kalos! The Battle of the Giant Sundial!!
Ash is preparing for his Anistar Gym battle as Professor Sycamore arrives in the city to research the origins of the mysterious Anistar Sundial. A young woman appears and angrily demands that the professor leave at once! Gym Leader Olympia soon arrives to stop her apprentice. Powerful and mysterious, Olympia can actually see into the future! Olympia has a vision of the strong bond between Ash and Frogadier and a bright future for both, but she also sees that the sundial is in great danger of being destroyed--by none other than Team Rocket! Our heroes join forces with ...
19 Dec. 2015
The Double Battle in the Hyakkoku Gym! Gojika's Future Sight!!
The Double Battle between Ash and Olympia, the Anistar Gym Leader, is just beginning! Olympia's powerful team of Meowstic, with their combination of Helping Hand (a support move) and Future Sight (a delayed attack), seems unbeatable. But once Ash recognizes Olympia's strategy, things begin to turn around! He asks Pikachu to measure the timing of the Future Sight delay, and with that information, directs his Talonflame and Frogadier to send the Meowstic right into the path of their own attack! Ash claims the victory, and with it, the Psychic Badge! Our heroes then set ...

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