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Season 21

24 Mar. 2018
Satoshi and Hoshigumo! Mysterious Encounter!!
A vivid dream has set our hero on a mission to find out its true meaning!
12 Oct. 2017
Hoshigumo Panic! A Sudden Teleport!!
The Pokémon School class is sculpting with clay today. But while our heroes muse about various Pokémon and places, they disappear one by one-first appearing at the scenes of their musings, then reappearing back at school.
25 Mar. 2018
The Shapeshifting Metamon, Find that 'mon!
While our heroes explore one part of Aether Paradise, Team Rocket is busy exploring another!
27 Mar. 2018
Glazio and Silvady! The Mask of Punishment!!
Ash and his friends are off on another big adventure, thanks to Nebby's amazing powers!
28 Mar. 2018
Full Force Pose at the Sleepover!
Our heroes are having a sleepover at Professor Kukui's house, and Professor Burnet agrees to join them. Everyone has a good time, but there are a couple of hiccups during a game of Z-Move poses.
29 Mar. 2018
Lilie and Silvady, the Resurrected Memory!
Lillie is now unable to touch Pokemon again and so Faba kidnaps her so he can try to make her remember those memories again. Meanwhile Gladion scolds Ash for bringing Lillie to him but soon comes under attack from Faba too.
30 Mar. 2018
Sauboh's Counterattack! The Kidnapped Hoshigumo!!
Faba has released Lillie from his demented control but isn't ready to give up yet. Whilst Ash and the others do their regular schoolwork, Faba waits till the time is right and goes after Nebby.
31 Mar. 2018
Lively Lilie! A Determined Runaway!!
Having seen their mother Lusamine being taken away by an Ultra Beast both Lillie and Gladion run away from home in order to find where she was gone while Ash heads to Hala's home to find out what has happened to Nebby.
30 Nov. 2017
Revealing the Stuff of Legend
Ash and his friends have come to Poni Island to meet the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo. However, there's no Solgaleo there; instead, the Pokémon said to be the guardian deities of the Alola region have gathered there. And just before the surprised Ash's eyes, Tapu Koko and the other Pokémon take a certain action.
7 Dec. 2017
Rescuing the Unwilling
Ash and the others have passed through the Ultra Wormhole thanks to Solgaleo's powers. The place they eventually arrive is the world the Ultra Beasts live in. They make an attempt to rescue Lusamine, but the Pokémon that have been put under the Ultra Beasts' control stand in their way.
21 Apr. 2018
Shine, Z-Power Ring! Super Full-Force 10,000,000 Volts!!
With Lusamine still under control from the Ultra Beasts and with time running out Ash, Lillie and Gladion must think of a solution fast before all hope is gone.
21 Dec. 2017
Thank You, Solgaleo! Our Hoshigumo!!
With Lusamine and everyone now safe, they all head back home welcomed by many. On the very same night Professor Kukui tells Ash something very important.
28 Dec. 2017
The Strong Sleeper, Nekkoara's Secret!
Samson Oak tells everyone the story of how he first met Komala and a surprising but all too familiar face from Kanto plans to ruin it's long deep slumber.
12 May 2018
Rotom, Can't Stop the Form Change!
Ash and professors leave the house to go to the shop.
18 Jan. 2018
Don't Cry, Hidoide!
Mareanie evolves into a Toxapex, and a duel begins.
25 Jan. 2018
Mao and Suiren, the Bittersweet Memories!
Harper and Sarah tell Lana that a Pokémon saved them after they got lost in the woods, Mallow remembers the same thing happened to her and Lana when they were younger. The two friends decide it's time to find this Pokémon.
1 Feb. 2018
Lilie Soars Through the Air! The PokéSled Jump Tournament!!
The Pokémon School students, Professor Kukui, and Kahuna Hala are visiting Mount Lanakila on Ula'ula Island, where they meet Cerah, a star of the Pokémon Sled Jump event.
8 Feb. 2018
Set Off! Our Ultra Guardians!!
Lusamine gives our heroes their first assignment as members of the Ultra Guardians: catch an Ultra Beast named Buzzwole, who emerged from an Ultra Wormhole on Melemele Island.
15 Feb. 2018
The Evil Nyarth is an Alolan Nyarth!?
When Team Rocket encounters an Alolan Meowth, Jessie and James admire its clever demeanor-but our Meowth knows from experience that this lookalike is only looking out for number one.
22 Feb. 2018
Blaze, Nyabby! Overthrow Gaogaen!!
Visiting the Battle Royal Dome, Ash's Litten is excited to meet Incineroar who battles Litten but Litten is soon defeated, causing Ash and Litten to train hard.
6 Aug. 2018
Turning Heads and Training Hard!
The mysterious Masked Royal and his partner Incineroar star in the Battle Royal, an Alolan tradition in which four Pokémon battle until the last one standing is the winner.
13 Aug. 2018
Smashing wth Sketch!
The friends learn about Pokémon Ping Pong.
22 Mar. 2018
Love at First Twirl!
Our heroes are about to welcome an unexpected addition into the family - unexpected in so many delightful ways.
5 Apr. 2018
Real Life... Inquire Within!
Nurse Joy is feeling a bit under the weather today, but we know just the heroes to help her out.
12 Apr. 2018
Rise and Shine, Starship!
A potential disaster threatens the future of the Alola region, but the Ultra Guardians are ready, willing, and able to deal with it.
19 Apr. 2018
The Young Flame Strikes Back!
The survival of Kiawe's family farm may be at stake, but our heroes are up to the challenge!
26 Apr. 2018
Dewpider Ascending!
There are lots of interesting Pokémon for our heroes to discover in Alola, and the one they meet today is no exception!
26 Apr. 2018
Sours for the Sweet!
There's a big baking competition coming up in Alola, and a surprising participant is joining in on the fun!
23 Aug. 2018
The Big Old Thug is An Island King?
Ash is excited to arrive on Ula'ula Island.
17 Nov. 2018
Showering the World with Love!
The Pokémon School students visit Hokulani Observatory.
24 Nov. 2018
Not Caving Under Pressure!
A surprising show of determination leads to a happy outcome for many-in many different ways!
1 Dec. 2018
A Young Royal Flame Ignites!
A rule-breaking battle between the Masked Royal and the Revengers.
9 Aug. 2018
The Long Vault Home
Ash and his friends compete in jumping the highest.
16 Aug. 2018
I Choose Paradise!
Everyone's enjoying their vacation until Team Rocket shows up.
23 Aug. 2018
Filling the Light with Darkness!
Ash and his friends deal with the unusually cloudy sky.
30 Aug. 2018
Full Moon and Many Arms!
A mysterious creature has emerged from an Ultra Wormhole and now appears to be threatening Alola, but our heroes are ready to do anything they can to help.
6 Sep. 2018
The Prism Between Light and Darkness!
Our heroes are on a mission to rescue Solgaleo from UB Black's clutches, and what a mission it is turning out to be.
3 Feb. 2019
Connect to the Future! The Legend of the Radiant One!!
The Ultra Guardians are on a mission to save Poipole's world, and everyone and everything depends on them.
9 Feb. 2019
It's a Pikachu Outbreak! The Pikachu Valley!!
Ash and his friends discover Pikachu Valley.
21 Feb. 2019
Kukui's Desperate Situation! Another Royal Mask!!
It's time for the Masked Royal to face his old rival in the ring, but first, there are a few obstacles to be dealt with.

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