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Very cute flick
adasrules26 September 2000
A very nice remake of 'French Kiss' for Indian Audiences. Excellent on screen chemistry between the leads, real life lovers Kajol and Ajay Devgan who were married later that year A romantic soundtrack only added to the films' impending success. It would have swept the awards if not for another film called 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'.

Ajay Devgan plays Shekhar a small time crook who's only helping Sanjana (Kajol) at first because he's trying to steal back an item she accidently picked up from him. In the end he tries to help her win back her crooked fiance who is having an affair with someone else. Wouldn't you know it, the kids fall in love. Great visuals, songs and comedy make it a treat though.

Character development is somewhat weak - Shekhar stealing because he needs the money for a family member's operation. Om Puri does an excellent job providing comic relief at times as a cashew chewing cop hot on Shekhar's trail.

Mentionable Scenes: Hostage Situation in the mall and the climax.
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Nice remake of "French Kiss"
hprill26 February 2004
Pyaar to hona hi tha ("Love had to happen") is a well-done, very close remake of Lawrence Kasdan's French Kiss for an Indian audience. As such, it's an enjoyable, lightweight, fluffy, if inconsequential comedy which, despite its sometimes garish use of colours certainly has its moments and is at times even better than the original.

Ajay Devgan and Kajol share much better chemistry than Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan (they got married pretty soon afterwards). Devgan's thug is a lot slicker than Kline's, and his moustache is much superior. Meg Ryan played her character in a cute, whiny, bratty way, whereas Kajol is equally cute in a more wacky, goofy way. Jean Reno was pretty good as the police officer, but Om Puri is even better.

Whereas casting and character interplay are actually better in this remake, technically the American original is, of course, much superior. Some of the continuity problems and location inconsistencies are downright annoying. I also don't find the slapstick scenes (like the airplane scene) too funny, but thankfully there's only a few of them.

Overall a very enjoyable movie, especially if compared to the original.
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Love Must Happen Between Them
cybersupam9 March 2008
I have been watching this movie continuously from the time it released, but never felt bored yet. So I will rate this movie as Perfect 10**********. Why so? Because personally I never found a single mistake in any part of the whole movie but only getting well entertained every time I watch it. We can consider this movie neither comedy, nor action, nor romantic; but ultimately a total combination of all these three ingredients. So far I found only two movies of Ajay favorite in romantic stories, first is this one and second Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Earlier Ajay was considered as an 'action star' but with this single movie he proved it wrong. Therefore surprisingly this movie made a good turning point in his career.

Right from the beginning to the end the story twists, scenes, camera angles, dialogues, facial expressions, body languages etc. were used perfectly under the direction of Anees Bazmee. I wonder for the work of Anees, how he made this superb movie after his previous big flop Hulchul of which also Ajay and Kajol were the main cast. I guess he improved better after realizing the weaknesses in Hulchul. In some parts I get deeply tired of laughing the hilarious scenes of Ajay, Kajol and Om Puri. Here Ajay did his best by trying to become a comedian rather than serious roles and he succeeded.

By now, this is up-to-date Ajay-Kajol's best paired movie. Though they acted together in several movies before and after this hit like Hulchul, Gundaraaj, Ishq, Dil Kya Kare and Raju Chacha those could not capture the heart of the audiences (except Ishq).
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Kajol at her Best
Li_8511 June 2006
Slightly borrowed from Hollywood Movie French Kiss. Pyar to Hona Hi Tha is a amazingly entertaining movie. I can be honest and say that No Bollywood actress has made me laugh apart from Hema Malini in Seeta Aur Geeta / Satte pe Satte. I love watching Bollywood Comedy, but its always the boys that have all the jokes like Kader khan, Shakti Kapoor, Anupom Kher or Paresh Rawail etc. After watching this movie, i realised i was wrong to judge that. Kajol provides a Brilliantly Comedy performance. She proves why she is Bollywoods classic actress. Kajol is amazing in almost every scene. Ajay Devgan is pretty good, but it was Kajol who provided most of the entertainment in this film. The music in this film is fantastic. Ajnabee Mujko Itna Bata is the best song of the film. I remember watching the awards for that year. Kajol was nominated three times in the Best actress nomination, including for this film. She obviously won Best Actress on 1998 for another great performance in Kuch kuch hota hai. Overall this movie was funny and entertaining.
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Love had to blossom anyway
jmathur_swayamprabha28 July 2014
Pyar To Hona Hi Tha (love had to blossom anyway) starts with the journey of Sanjana (Kajol) from abroad (Peris perhaps) to Delhi in search of her fiancé Rahul (Bijoy Anand) who has fallen in love with a rich girl Nisha (Kashmira Shah) and deserted her for that. She comes across Shekhar (Ajay Devgan) during the plane journey and then they cross paths quite frequently and Sanjana finds herself landing in the hometown of Shekhar which is a small village in Punjab named as Shaamla Kot. She has already understood that Shekhar is a thief but after meeting Shekhar's family, she comes to know the reason behind his becoming a thief. Shekhar commits to her that he will bring her fiancé back to her but as we know, in the exercise aiming at bringing the heroine's fiancé back to her, the heroine comes to understand that it's the hero who deserves to be her beau and not her greedy fiancé. The hero is already in love with her within his heart and he also comes to know of her love for him before the movie ends. Arre Bhai, it's a Hindi movie in which love had to blossom anyway between the leading gentleman and the leading lady (Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha).

The movie boasts of a highly entertaining first half which is full of comic moments demonstrating that Kajol is proficient in not only profound roles but also comedy. Her comic timing is amazing. Ajay Devgan has done the dual duty of making the audience laugh as well as making it feel his hidden emotion and stuffiness through his wonderful underplay. The activities involving the interactions of Om Puri playing the cop chasing the hero and Shekhar are quite hilarious and sensational (especially the sequence in which Shekhar allows his vehicle to run into a running train to get rid of the chasing cops). The activities of a petty thief (Mushtaaq Khan) and the receptionist of a hotel (Adi Irani) also entertain the audience very much.

In the village also, though the movie gets a bit sentimental when the facts pertaining to the hero's family come out before the audience on a layer-by-layer basis; there is no dearth of amusement and entertainment. The hero's interaction with a barber and his losing his mustache are no less than a laugh riot for the viewers.The happenings in the hero's home contain the engagement ceremony of the hero's sister also where a beautiful engagement song takes place. The interval comes at the most appropriate point, generating curiosity in the audience for the second half of the movie.

However in the second half, the movie dips and it does not remain so entertaining as it has been in the first half. The cinematic liberties taken in the first half are ignored by the audience because the entertainment rendered does now allow to take any notice of them. However in the second half, the artificiality of the things shown glares straight into the viewer's eyes. Gradually the viewer gets bored and, naturally, starts looking at his watch to check how far is the inevitable, i.e., the union of the hero and the heroine so that the movie may end. All the same, the overall impact of the movie on the audience remains positive only.

Writer-director Anees Bazmee has skilfully used the story available with him (borrowed from French Kiss) alongwith the real life romantic relationship of the lead pair to make an entertaining movie. He falters in the post interval session but in the end, it turns out to be a paisa-vasool movie which nobody regrets after watching.

Dialogs are good and apt for the script. Ajay Devgan's pet dialog - Aisa Hi Hoon Main (I am built that way only) is very impressive and amusing especially because Ajay delivers it in a peculiar way which is in sync with his character in the movie.

Jatin Lalit have prepared good music for the movie. Engagement song - Aaj Hai Sagaai, Sunn Ladki Ke Bhai is the best song of the album. Its choreography is also wonderful. Next is Jab Kisi Ki Taraf Dil Jhukne Lage sung by Kumar Saanu. Other songs (including the title track) are also nice to listen as well as to watch on the screen.

The movie boasts of high production value. The locations of both India and abroad have been shown very beautifully, making the movie a visual treat for the audience. Technically it's admirable but the length of the movie is just too much and should have been less.

Real life lovers Ajay and Kajol have done wonderfully here, showing different colours of their acting talent. Their real love must have helped them in performing. After Gupt (1997) Om Puri again brilliantly presents the character of a cop who means business but amuses through his activities all the same. The complete supporting cast has done well. However Bijoy Anand and Kashmira Shah are over the top and unnatural. Perhaps they are the victims of their poorly crafted roles.

Pyar To Hona Hi Tha is an entertaining movie. Hence I unconditionally recommend it to the entertainment seekers. Overall it's a one time watch. However the first half can be watched many times also.
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Lovely adaption of 'French Kiss'
Ace_of_Hearts12 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** If you can remember in 'French Kiss' *POSSIBLE SPOILER* Meg Ryan got dumped by her boyfriend, flew to France in the process meeting the Frenchman Kevin Kline who fell in love with her and tried to help her win her boyfriend back. But when she finally got him back, she realised she loved Kevin and they lived happily ever after, or at least until the credits started rolling. Well, Kajol is Meg Ryan and Ajay Devgan is Kevin Kline. He even has the stupid moustache to match. The film is endearing. It's funny, romantic and entertaining. The lead characters even have chemistry (they got married later that year in real life). And Kajol, well Kajol is Kajol. She's cute, loveable and a total klutz, which only makes you love her more. And let's not forget a wonderful guest roll of Om Puri, the channa eating cop trying to arrest Shekhar (Ajay Devgan).

Naturally as all Bollywood films, this one also had some unlikelihoods. *POSSIBLE SPOILER* The one that just jumps out at you is the chase scene where Ajay has stolen a car and is being followed by Om Puri. Om manages to blow all four tires of Ajay's cars with only four shots (if only Hollywood would learn from this and have their characters save some bullets, take e.g. Bad Boys II). Then Ajay manages to get his car to drive on the train tracks (didn't quite realise that cars and trains have the same width) and manages to jump on the train as it sends his car flying in the air. All this without even getting a bump. A little blood might have made it look a little bit more real, but then again if you're that far removed from reality, why bother.

Nonetheless, it was a nice movie. Kajol is big reason for that.

***/5 stars
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French Kiss
silvan-desouza26 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Anees Bazmee after the failure of Hulchul repeated same cast in Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha which released in 1998, The film was in news because it paired Ajay and Kajol as there were dating that time, their previous film Ishq too was a hit though it also had Aamir and Juhi.The film was a remake of French Kiss The film starts off well, there are few irritating slapstick scenes which were a must in 1990s, The plane scene and the song, The train stunt.etc but yet the film is watchable due to the chemistry between Ajay and Kajol and also the scenes are well handled. The scenes between Ajay and Kajol and also the games they play in the second half keep you engaged, though at times the slapstick does get bothersome but it's forgiven The climax though filmy and clichéd works well for the genre

Direction is good Music by Jatin Lalit was fab, All songs are well picturised and are good

Ajay Devgan sheds his action hero image and plays his part superbly, Kajol is the lifeline of the film, she is simply outstanding Amongst rest Bijay Anand is okay, Kashmira Shah is adequate, Tiku Talsania is as usual, Om Puri is funny, Mushtaque Khan is okay, Reema Lagoo, Harish Patel and rest are good
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One of the best romantic movies i have ever watched!
azetkhataieva21 May 2019
"It could be your Love Story..."

One of my favourite movies of all time-"Pyaar to hona hi tha" are a great and funny entertainment you will never forget.Kajol and Ajay Devgan will both steal your hearts in their performances in this one-where they will deliver a lots of crazyness,charming humor and a lots of romance you will never forget.Watching Kajol as the clumsy and stubborn Sanjana,and Ajay as the macho skilled thief Shekhar was so epic,and the way they fall in love was so natural and beautiful...this is actually also the only movie where i liked Ajay himself,as he has a lot of charisma in this movie.Just L.O.V.E this movie so's one of the best,trust me on that.
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Beautiful Music
atiger-532215 May 2019
Just loves the movie. Well adapted with indian audience. Pyaar to hona hi tha is an amazing treat for the viewers. Inspiration song and soundtracks.. I have an clear open heart with that movie. Hope it's do great foryou as well.
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Perfect lovestory
bsplsamsung1 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Perfect lovestory.......such a good acting by couple ..
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Top film in RomCom List
rrv-7939413 March 2018
If you Are Looking For Romantic Comedy YOu Must Watch This Movie.It Shows what true love is with Fun.
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Kajol entertains.
josephrahul17 July 2016
Kajol is the only face in this movie... Thought the movie is highly predictable and even contains some loose plots. But the charm of Kajol amused us. Yes there are some funny slap scenes in the starting where Kajol slaps Shekhar on the plane. Yet she entertains. Her comic appearance in most of the scenes is incredible. Though the original one differs, as in the original one Megh Ryan leaves her boy friend in a friendly manner. But in the Hindi version Kajol in great fury gives thunderous tight slaps to her ex when she gets him back from an another girl of his. Later on she unites with her real life lover. Great movie and Kajol rocks in everyone scene because it's the only movie where she dominates over the lovers.
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Pyar to hona hi tha- A lovable movie
Ibuk20 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In the year of superhits like Ghulam and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai came this sweet love story. Even amongst such big movies this movie also found an audience. The main influence is the Hollywood flick French Kiss. There is nothing particularly blockbuster about it but it is still enjoyable. Ajay Devgan and Kajol were fantastic as the main leads. The songs were so good, my favourites are the title song and Ajnabi mujko itna bata. The script was good and there were one or two funny moments.

The story as it goes has Kajol going abroad to win back her fiancée. On the flight she meets Ajay Devgan, who is in possession of a priceless diamond. Worried that he will be caught hides it in Kajol's bag. To retreive it he has to follow Kajol around. He ends up pretending to be her boyfriend to make her fiancée jealous. During their plan to win back her fiancée he ends up falling for her. Kajol manages to win back her fiancée and they decide to go back to their country. Ajay Devgan is left heartbroken, cue a cliché last minute dash to the airport to win back his love. Easily Ajay Devgan's and Kajol best film together.
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Bad remake of "French Kiss"
faceman_16314 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Here's a million Dollar Question :"When is Bollywood going to stop doing bad remakes of Hollywood movies?" Nobody has an answer to that I guess.

What makes matters worse is that in Bollywood, Filmmakers take their time (&liberty!) to remake Hollywood hits (i.e after more than 3 years of the release of the later).

Exaggerated emotions, cheap & unreal ending with lots of accidents & the hero trying to stop an airplane from taking off for the sake of love!!!

Give us a break & make original Indian themes.
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French Kiss Ko Copy Karna Hi Tha Kya?
Chrysanthepop13 March 2011
Anees Bazmee is one of Bollywood's terrible directors. Unfortunately, his even remotely watchable movies are ripoffs. Such is the case with 'Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha' which pretty much replicates every single frame of the delightful romantic comedy 'French Kiss'. It's funny how Bazmee managed to make the Indian and Swiss landscape look like the ones in 'French Kiss's France. The Bollywoodish additions, such as the hostage sequence, the comedy and the dragged out ending are dreadfully cheesy and give the movie a B-grade quality.

Jatin Lalit's music is pleasant to the ears. Most of the songs are visualized well but some of the tunes are ripped off from American songs. The sad version of the title song is snooze inducing. The title song during the opening credits and the two Asha Bhosle-Udit Narayan tracks are the best of the lot.

Where performances are concerned, Ajay Devgan does a decent job. Kajol is superb in most of the movie. One particular scene that stood out to me was when, at Nisha's party, a tipsy Sanjana expresses her defeat to Shekhar with a sad smile and her eyes filling up with tears. She does tend to go a bit over the top with the quirkiness and comedy (unlike Meg Ryan who does it more naturally). Om Puri lacks the slickness that Jean Reno brought to the character. Kashmira Shah is wonderful.

The execution is quite amateurish as Bazmee merely copies Lawrence Kasdan's film. The editing is quite abysmal and what the hell was Bazmee thinking in including the atrocious action sequences? The cinematography in the song sequences is adequate.

That's about it. 'Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha' is just another lousy ripoff on a tall pile of Bollywood's unauthorized miserable remakes.
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