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Sex & Nudity

  • One episode has the Powerpuff Girls kissing a boy all over his face, leaving him covered in red lipstick marks.
  • The mayor's assistant may appear seductive, but she is a very good role model for the viewers. Her face is never shown.
  • Nothing major. The girls occasionally appear naked, but nothing revealing can be seen.
  • The mayor's butt can be seen in one episode.
  • The mayor has a busty assistant who speaks in a deep, sensual voice, but there is no mature content.
  • Sedusa is a villain who uses her physical features to manipulate men into doing her bidding. Her outfit is somewhat suggestive/revealing and she is a rather "well-endowed" character.
  • There are several isolated instances of sexual innuendo that will not be picked up by younger viewers.

Violence & Gore

  • Mass cartoon destruction and lots of hitting and attacking - all in the name of saving the world before bedtime.
  • Lots of fantasy-style action violence. It can get a little intense at times (lots of buildings and scenery tend to get destroyed on the show), but it is never played to a gory level.
  • Many different characters are shown being brutalized in hand-to-hand combat during certain fight sequences throughout the show.
  • "Uh-Oh, Dynamo!" is not gruesome in nature, but is thought to have a massive body count; possibly the highest in the entire show.
  • Blood is shown sometimes. In fact, blood is seen during the opening scene when Buttercup kicks out HIM's teeth. In the episode "Bubbleviscious", Bubbles beats up severaly monsters in a training session and blood pools are shown. Only one of the pools is red. Blood is also seen briefly in episodes such as "Buttercrush" and "The Bare Facts."


  • Overall, nothing harsh. Mostly childish name-calling.
  • The plot of one episode revolves around the girls picking up on swears. All uses of the words in question are censored by sound-effects.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Nothing worth mentioning, except a character does smoke a tobacco pipe on occasions.
  • In one episode, the girls become addicted to candy and go to great lengths to get more. Not harmful for children to watch, but it presents an obvious metaphor for drug addiction.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some characters on shown dying on screen, like Bunny and the Rowdyruff Boys.
  • In episode 3x10 there is a villain who sucks his victims heads leaving a leach mark. Some jump scares in the episode.
  • A handful of episodes deal with rather dark/emotional situations and subject matter. None of them are horrifically dark, but several of them are heavy-handed.
  • HIM is a seemingly omnipotent villain who serves as a main antagonist. He in essence acts as a stand-in for Satan, and uses supernatural powers on several occasions to threaten the girls, such as nightmare infiltration and turning loved ones against them through mind-control. His searing voice and appearance could be frightening to young viewers.
  • In "Speed Demon", the girls discover that future Townsville will completely fall to evil without their help. The city is in shambles, the citizens are decrepit/almost dead, and HIM rules as a supreme leader. Luckily, they revert and prevent this future by traveling back in time to the present. The majority of the episode has a dark, ominous, and hopeless atmosphere.
  • In "Knock It Off," the Powerpuff Girls die, but are soon resurrected by the Professor in a very emotional sequence. By the end of the episode, they are back to normal.

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