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A treat for parents as well as kids!
akbrown19 October 2000
I have to say I was delightfully surprised with the new Buzz Lightyear video. Not only is there enough action and quirky stunts to keep the kids entertained, but the writers took pity on parents as well by throwing in a LOT of inside jokes and great taglines for us to enjoy as well! The new characters are fun (Larry Miller as XR is just a riot) and we get to see a terrific cast of gifted voice talent having a blast with their characters.

The violence factor is minimal cartoon violence - more campy than anything else. One of the biggest surprises is to hear Patrick Warburton doing the voice of the Little Green Men - as well as the hilarious cameo by William Shatner "singing" the Space Ranger anthem!! That in itself is worth a viewing. Overall, I have to say this is well worth at LEAST a rental, if not a purchase, particularly if you have young ones in the house who love Buzz to infinity and beyond!
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Despite some faults, this animation movie was entertaining enough to overlooked them. You got a friend in me.
ironhorse_iv18 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
'To infinity and beyond'! When we first heard those words, from misguide astronaut toy in Disney's 1995 film 'Toy Story', we were hooked, in learning more about Buzz Lightyear (Voiced by Tim Allen). We got more information about his backstory in 1999's 'Toy Story 2', where Disney and Pixar studios, introduce on the first on-screen appearance of his arch-enemy, the Evil Emperor Zurg (Voiced by Wayne Knight). From there, Disney wanted to create more content. Thus, 'Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins' was born. Unlike, the 'Toy Story' series, which is grounded in a world, where toys come to life. This movie is set in alternate fictional world where Buzz Lightyear isn't an action figure, but a real-life space ranger out to defend the whole galaxy from the forces of evil with the help of his team, Mira Nova (Voiced by Nicole Sullivan), Booster (Voiced by Stephen Furst) & XR (Voiced by Larry Miller). Without spoiling the spin-off direct to video movie, too much, the film also acts as a television pilot to a television show, they wanted to create, call 'Buzz Lightyear of Star Command'. Because of this choice, it allows a boundless amount of adventures for the Disney writers to explore in other episodes. Sadly, for this pilot, many of the audience felt like the plot was too generic. While, I have to agree with them, with the whole idea of Buzz Lightyear refusing a new partner after the death of the last one, then learning to accept help, does seem clichés. It was still, somewhat interesting. I like how it all work out in the end, with his team forming to stop Evil Emperor Zurg trying to stealing a telepathic orb in order to control the galaxy. However, there is certain points of inconsistency, during the action scenes, throughout the film. First off, the rocks falling on the monster scene would had buried Zurg's hidden outpost, even more. Yet, somehow, the area was clear. Then, there is certain points of inconsistency of how much damage, the space ranger laser can afflict. Sometimes, it can destroy certain buildings; other times, it just bounce off. The violence factor is minimal pure television PG nonsense cartoon violence, at best. It's really hard to take threats like death serious, when characters can take direct laser hits, yet somehow, able to survive, while robots soldiers just blow up. It doesn't really help make the 'death scene' in the beginning, believable. Plus, they kinda ruin the twist ending, with all the foreshadowing. While, the action and story need to be polish; the comedy does not. The film has the right amount of humor mixed with serious moments to make the film, work. Although this video is made mainly for the kids, the humor isn't all silly simplistic slapstick, silly voices, and dumb characters. Some of the jokes are pretty clever. Such in the case of them, making fun of the exposition exterior & interior text box, film clichés or scenes where character break the fourth wall. There were even some funny inside jokes that only adults might only get, such as a robot, XR (Voiced by Larry Miller) reads a Victoria's Circuit catalogue or Buzz being arouse by Nova's 'ghosting' powers. I also dig the couple of Easter eggs, the movie fit in, like the magic lamp from 1992's 'Aladdin' or the giant crawl from 'Toy Story'. I also love, how great, all of the characters were. The characters have nice personalities, & all of these actors give commendable performances as their characters. Who knew that Patrick Warburton was doing the voice of the Little Green Men or Adam Corolla as Commander Nebula!? I didn't! In my opinion, the only voice-actor that seem a bit off, was Jim Hanks replacing Tom Hanks as Woody in the beginning. He doesn't have the same high spirit loud energy that Tom is putting into his performance. Another great thing about this movie is the music. Adam Berry is the composer to this film and I must say that he did a great job creating a main theme for our beloved Pixar character. The tune is very memorable. Also there is some good music cameo with William Shatner providing a rendition of his 'Rocket Man' theme over the end credits. While, many people might hate that the film and series wasn't all computer animation. I thought, that the traditional cel-based animation techniques by Walt Disney Television Animation works best, as it gives us, a different feel, from the Pixar's counterpart. Plus, the television budget computer-animated shows at the time, weren't that great. For the most part, I was pleasantly pleased on how surprising good, this film's animation turn out. Sadly, like several other Disney animation pilot movies, the pilot was later edited into three episodes of the television show, with the Pixar's animation opening "Andy's Room" sequence being removed and Tim Allen's voice being replaced by Patrick Warburton. Even the William Shatner's song was cut. While, I can live without the Pixar's 'Toy Story' prologue as it doesn't serve much, than taking me out of the believable of the movie, the other two, make this film harder to watch if aired on television. Thus, it's very important for fans of this movie to get the original VHS or DVD copy of this film, than waiting for Disney to take this film, out of their vault. In the end, while the whole video might be campy. It's also a blast. That in itself is worth a viewing. Overall: I highly recommended seeing.
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Decent feature length pilot, worth watching if not quite up to the standard of the wonderful Pixar films
TheLittleSongbird6 March 2010
You can probably guess that I loved the two Pixar films, they were sophisticated, funny and imaginative. This is a decent feature length pilot to the equally decent TV series. Of course some of it is corny, with one or two lacklustre plot points and a rather scant length. But the animation is good, more the galactic backgrounds rather than the character animation. Also there is some good music with William Shatner providing the biggest surprise singing over the end credits, and an excellent voice cast especially Wayne Knight as Zurg. A vast majority of the jokes are hits than misses, the best coming from Booster and Warp, and the dialogue has its moments. The characters have nice personalities, Mira is lovely, while Buzz is a good hero and Zurg an amusing villain. Overall, uneven but a decent pilot to a decent series. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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As far as hilarious, action-packed space adventures go, this isn't a patch on "Galaxy Quest."
Victor Field2 February 2003
In "Toy Story 2," Woody finds out that he came from the TV show "Woody's Roundup"; Buzz Lightyear did it the other way around and for real. The trouble is that "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" never really worked as a series, and this video feature doesn't really cut it - and that's without taking either of its truly great predecessors into consideration. If you do...

Essentially a feature-length pilot for the TV series*, "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins" opens with a Pixar-animated prologue wherein Andy's toys get ready to watch the very movie we're about to (the subsequent series also begins with Buzz, Woody, Slinky etc congregating in front of the TV); the point of this is never clear, especially since Woody's reference to how Buzz is drawn underlines how different the two ventures are. The story has Buzz and his partner Warp Darkmatter rescuing three Little Green Men from Emperor Zurg, but when Warp is killed in the fighting our hero swears he won't have any partners anymore; as fans of the show know he wound up with three of them anyway, and this relates how he got together with Mira, Booster and XR.

The movie's got its moments (like the throwaway gag where XR reads a Victoria's Circuit catalogue) and it's hardly boring, but I can't imagine many viewers who've seen more than, oh, five movies being surprised at the movie's biggest plot twist; and the wit and depth of the previous movies is sucked out, leaving little more than a standard comedy-action cartoon. True, it makes sense that a toy like Buzz would inspire a cash-in TV series in the world according to "Toy Story," but do we actually have to see it? Watchable but bland; however, you can't deny that "He-Man" et al never had end credit songs from William Shatner(!).

*Like several other Disney TV cartoons ("TaleSpin," "Chip'N'Dale Rescue Rangers"), the pilot was later edited down and shown on the series in several parts, in this case three. In that version (those versions?), Shatner's song and the prologue with the video are absent, and Tim Allen's voice is replaced by Patrick Warburton, who provided Buzz's voice on the series.
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kids might like the action,though it is pretty tame
disdressed122 February 2008
i wasn't too impressed with this animated spin off of the Toy Story films.i just expected better.the story was pretty weak,but at least there were a few amusing moments.i found it too preachy myself.i like the message it has,about friendship and teamwork,but i just thought it was a bit too might like it,considering there was a fair amount of action.there's nothing inappropriate that i saw,so it's probably suitable for most fact,the movie is pretty tame,with pretty much no violence.anyway,this isn't horrible by any means,it just isn't anything special.for me,Buzz Lightyear of Star Command:The Adventure Begins is a 2/5
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Great Cartoon
genius2320 June 2003
It begins with a standard S&R mission and in the end Buzz is involved in an adventure, where the whole galaxy is at stake, with him and his friends being the only ones left to stop evil emperor Zurg, who is the excellent villain here. At no time is the movie ever boring, the story is never hold up at any point for too long and while the overall plot is predictable (Buzz will defeat Zurg and save the galaxy), in between it often takes unexpected turns. The robot and Zurgs men add a great deal of comedy and the attentive viewer will notice some wonderfull allusions "That's not a spacecraft - it's obviously a weatherballoon"
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I think this movie is action packed but also a feel good film.
haleys_comet17200221 February 2002
This movie may not be a classic Disney masterpiece but the characters and story is just as good. It shows Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story in his own film. There is a completely new cast to add to this movie which is 2D unlike Toy Story's 3D. We are introduced to Mira Nova a Tangean space ranger who has the ability to "ghost" through solid objects, XR a robot ranger or experimental ranger and is the humor of the film, Booster a Custodian janitor who dreams come true by becoming a space ranger and Warp Darkmtter a villain who changed sides to bad. Buzz is the star of this film and show his adventure at star command in outer space. He has to battle Zurg and needs the help of his 3 new friends Mira, XR and Booster to win.
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The most surprising with this film is that William Shatner sings the end title song...
Tomek-89 August 2000
Amusing spin-of from the Toy Story movies. The film looks more like a pilot for a new TV-series with Buzz as the hero. Here in an animated (not 3-d animated) full length movie. The most surprising with this film is that William Shatner sings the end title song and the fact that it is Tom Hanks little brother Jim that is the voice of Woody not Tom himself...
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First Toy Story spin off.
emasterslake8 June 2006
Everyone knows Buzz Lightyear, an action figure with it's own merchandise.

Till Buzz gets his own Cartoon series. In the beginning you get to see the Toys from Toy Story watching the new video of the Buzz Lightyear movie.

The movie is featured in 2-D animation. While the toys were in 3-D animation like in Toy Story. The movie has not the action figure Buzz but a Buzz Lightyear who is Human and part of star Command.

He is on a mission to prevent Emperor Zurg(from Toy Story 2) from using the powers of this core thing from the LGM(Little Green Men) planet.

He teams up with 3 different characters who wanted to be his partner.

The animation is very well done, and the story is original with some jokes and action.

If you're obsess with Buzz Lightyear then you might like this movie.
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Still aiming for infinity and beyond
studioAT10 March 2017
Launched as a pilot to a TV series this film debuted when Toy Story was at its peak in between films 1 and 2 of the series.

The big bonus this pilot has is that it features the voice of Tim Allen. Don't get me wrong, Patrick Warburton did a good job in the series that followed, but Allen's voice is so distinctive you know that its him.

Yes, it's a shameless cash in on the feature films success in a way that only Disney could exploit, but it's harmless fun for both adults and kids alike.
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There's plenty to enjoy here
Ted-Striker17 November 2006
In a web interview a few years ago, one of the head honchos at Pixar was asked the secret to making a successful kids' movie and he said it was to make something that adults will enjoy. Kids, he said, have terrible taste; they'll will watch anything. A kids' movie that is too dumb for the grown-ups is going to languish at the box office. But if you make a movie with some clever dialogue and engaging plot, plus some elementary "teaching moments" that mainstream parents can discuss with their kids, then you will enjoy robust ticket and video sales.

Pixar put that formula to good use with their successful run of computer-animated films, but I am hesitant to watch anything released direct to video. But I was pleasantly surprised with Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins.

There's more "kids' stuff" here than in Toy Story and its progeny, but there's still plenty for adults to love. The voice talents are top-flight, especially Wayne Knight as Zurg. (Kudos also go to Stephen Furst, Adam Corolla and Larry Miller, all of whom seemed to be enjoying themselves and working their roles well.) Besides the voices, the film also offers some clever dialogue and good visual humor (picture a lazy robot reading a catalogue called "Victoria's Circuits"). The plot is competent. Good themes (like valuing teamwork and obeying the rules even when you don't like it) give the kids something to think about.

Finally, William Shatner shows up in the end credits with a laugh-out-loud spoken rendition of the Buzz Lightyear theme song: "To Infinity and Beyond." I had a good time explaining to my nephews and my son about Shatner's infamous "Lucy In the Sky (With Diamonds)" recording.

I'd like to see Pixar make more stuff like this.
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Not perfect, but fun nonetheless.
quicksilver_160225 February 2005
If you ever want a bit of a laugh while babysitting, this might be a good film to have with you. Kids will love it simply because it's got Buzz Lightyear, an amusing villain, and loads of aliens. Maybe it's just a sign of my immaturity, but I found quite a lot of the jokes in this movie very funny (and even the parts that aren't funny can be vaguely amusing in their corniness). The characters do a lot for the movie - Lightyear's unlikely friend and partner Warp Darkmatter has several funny lines, and XR's personality changes and sarcasm make him quite endearing. Even the villain, the Evil Emperor Zurg, has his likable moments.

While you won't miss any life-changing moments if you don't see this movie (and really, it pales in comparison to the Toy Story movies), it's a good choice if you've seen every other kids' movie too many times and want to watch something that'll amuse you too.
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My 5-year old son LOVES this one...
pjbump28 August 2000
... but then, he's a big Toy Story fanatic anyway. Yes, this is essentially the pilot for a Disney "One Saturday Morning" cartoon offering, but it does help provide a bit more background as to the legend of Buzz Lightyear. If you're buying or renting a movie for a Toy Story fan, this will do just fine. I love Diedrich Bader as the voice of "Agent Z".
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Fantastic family film
jdimstr3110 August 2000
Disney has had a win some/lose some track record with its' direct to video animated features. From the triumphant Lion King 2, to the abyssmal Pocahontas 2. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is another winner. The movie begins with a computer animated segment featuring Buzz, Woody, and all the other toys of Andy's room, preparing to sit down to watch the new Buzz Lightyear movie. It's a really cute intro featuring Tim Allen as Buzz, and Jim Hanks (doing his best impersonation of his brother Tom) as Woody. Wallace Shawn is hilarious, once again, as Rex the dinosaur, who can't contain his excitement over the new Buzz video. As the toys sit down in front of the tv to watch the movie, we zoom into the tv and the feature begins proper. While it might disappoint some that the rest of the movie is done with traditional animation, to me it seems only fitting. After all, the computer animated Toy Story world is all about toys. This movie is about the adventures of Buzz Lightyear, the character that the toy in Toy Story is based on. This movie is supposed to be the same thing the kids in the Toy Story world watch. The film is about Buzz trying to stop the Evil Emperor Zurg from destroying the universe. Zurg steals the LGM's (Little Green Men) Uni-Mind, the device that keeps them mentally linked as one. Zurg intends to use it to spread his evil all over the universe. When Buzz's partner is killed by Zurg, Buzz vows to work alone. But Star Command has other ideas. Through the course of the story, Buzz actually ends up with 3 new partners. Princess Mira Nova, a janitor with dreams of being a Space Ranger named Booster, and a robot called XR (experimental ranger). Booster and XR are a classic comic relief team in the spirit of Timon and Puumba from Lion King. It's an exciting story filled with action, betrayl, heroic rescues, humor, and Tim Allen at his scene chewing best. It's perfect for all families, and trust me, kids will LOVE it! I bought the movie for my 3 year old son, and 1 year old daughter. They were mezmerized. For that matter, so was I. 9 out of 10!!!!!
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outstanding movie
jaemiewaters21 February 2012
it is a outstanding animated movie i really hope you enjoy this movie it is a blast i never saw a movie quite like this i hope you enjoy this amazing family movie it is one of a kind it is also out of this world fun i think you will enjoy this amazing Disney Pixar movie I never saw anything like this before you will be blown away after you watch this amazing movie i think you will enjoy this movie because it is one of the coolest films ever there really is nothing like this it is a big hit for all of the families to all of the families out there i really hope you like this amazing movie i never saw a movie like this it is the bomb there is nothing like this i think there is nothing like this i hope you think the same way it is a hoot it is the bomb of a movie it is a great movie
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The movie that started a great animated series
After the success of Toy Story (1995) and Toy Story 2 (1999), Disney and Pixar studios thought it would be profitable for them to make a spin-off of one of the main characters, specifically Buzz Lightyear. Yes, having a Woody spin-off would have been interesting but honestly, I'm not quite sure any child would be interested a "western setting" TV show. Science fiction and futuristic worlds is what the majority people love now because it's a boundless area for exploration.

The story of this movie is about Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen (from the Toy Story franchise), which enters the screen like any other space ranger would; confronting evil. There's really no need to go into plot for this review because it is very simplistic and understandable. And although this video is made mainly for the kids, young to old adults should be able to enjoy this film as well without having to shake their heads all that much.

Along with Tim Allen is Nicole Sullivan (Mira Nova), Larry Miller (XR), Stephen Furst (Booster) and Wayne Knight as the Evil Emperor Zurg. All of these actors give commendable performances as their characters. My two favorite characters were XR and Emperor Zurg. Larry Miller gives XR a great sense of humor and a lot of sarcasm to the table. As for Zurg, Wayne Knight just knows how to make Zurg sound evil but only on the surface and not too dark. Even Zurg has some comedic moments that are fun to watch. "Nanna Zurg"? Cute Zurg, real cute.

The animation, although I would not say totally looks professional, it at least looks good on the TV screen. From what I saw, there were only a few real visible continuity issues but overall the film was fairly persistent on sticking to what it output. There were even a couple of Easter eggs, for example, a small time on screen the viewer may see a magic lamp...cough cough Aladdin (1992) or...a giant three pronged claw that latches onto a mystical orb that belongs to the little green men...cough cough Toy Story (1995). It's all in there, it just needs to be looked at with a keen eye.

Action sequences are well animated too. The colors mesh well with the surroundings that they belong to and what they represent. Adam Berry is the composer to this film and I must say that he did a great job creating a main theme for our beloved Pixar character. The tune is catchy and also entertaining. I am still disappointed that the studio didn't make a Woody spin-off. I still think that would've been cool. Oh well. This film led up to a great TV series so that's a plus.

Having a spin-off of one of Pixar's most memorable characters was an excellent decision on Disney's part. The whole video is a blast.
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all the weapons fire your kids need for a week
deathcow23 November 2001
I bought this because my 2 year old just cant get enough of Buzz Lightyear. (Or Woody for that matter.) He always asks for this DVD "Buh Buh Buh". Unfortunately, I'd guess there is never more than a four or five minute span when Buzz isn't shooting something, or something is shooting at Buzz. I dont know that it's a real damaging film for the kids, but be prepared for a full length gun toting shoot out.
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You liked Buzz in the "Toy Story" movies????? Then check this out.....
sethn1727 September 2006
Well, Buzz Lightyear has received all the attention amongst all the "Toy Story" toys so much that there HAD to be a movie where he is the center of it all!!!!! Introducing... "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command," the movie AND television series, both from 2000, about everyone's favorite space toy, Buzz Lightyear!!!!! Now, he is in a new adventure, this time in 2D, and he has new friends and new enemies!!!!!

The movie was funny for its funny moments: where we were in the movie with a funny comment included, Booster, the big red thing, etc.

The show was funny for its funny moments: just pure fun and laughter; Booster wears know; the Star Wars-like fight in one of the episodes between Buzz and Zurg; and there's lots more!!!!!

"Buzz Lightyear" is enjoyable because that's what it is!!!!! And it's nice to see one more nice cartoon on television!!!!!

10 stars
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Clichés. Clichés everywhere.
lokethecheetah24 August 2013
This movie is full of classy cartoon 90's-ness. I enjoyed getting some of Buzz Lightyear's toy background, though I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't Buzz of Toy Story that I was watching. I must admit it was quite weird seeing other beings in Buzz's uniform. It is quite like the Green Lantern Corps, now that I think about it. Altogether, it was quite a humorous movie with many quips and good vs. evil moments.

If you are a fan of the Toy Story franchise, then you'll enjoy this movie. If you enjoy the cartoon style of the 90's, then you'll enjoy this movie. But if you don't like either, then you probably will not like this corny, humorous space adventure.
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go disney!
steed_ministry26 January 2001
A true original. Beautifully done. Through the guise of poor animation, this low rent spinoff of the Toy Story legacy has secured it's own place of greatness. Great story line. Perfectly placed jokes. I don't know if the kids will get it, but I sure did!
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