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6 Oct. 2004
Life in Baghdad/Jimmy Buffett/The Debate/Saved from Senility
"Life in Baghdad" talks to two Iraqi families to see what it is like to live in a city under war. "Jimmy Buffett" interviews the popular singer and songwriter. "The Debate" looks at how voters have responded to the recent vice presidential debate. "Saved from Senility" looks at the neurological condition normal pressure hydrocephalus. "Steve Hartman" talks about common household threats.
5 Jan. 2005
Tsunami/Cashing In/Raw Profits
Dan Rather reports from Asia about the effort to provide relief to those affected by the December 26 tsunami.
12 Jan. 2005
James Shortt, MD/Beatrice's Goat/Big Voice
With the help of a goat from Heifer International, a young Uganda girl manages to make it to American and get a scholarship into a prestigious prep school in New England.
2 Mar. 2005
Epidemic in the Heartland/Who's Your Momma?/Hilary Swank
The report follows a flock on endangered whooping cranes for a year on their first migration south.
8 Jun. 2005
Gottes Wille/Locked Up/McYoga
Report on medical disorders plaguing the Amish, which stem from the founder effect. The Amish are allowing mainstream doctors to study their conditions, in hopes of helping both sick Amish children, as well as potentially learning about more common neurological disorders.
15 Jul. 2005
Marla/His Year in Hell/South Kent Cardinals/Telemarketing Calls
"Marla" profiles a controversial four-year-old artist. "His Year in Hell" examines the case of Maher Arar a Canadian citizen who was sent to Syria to be tortured because he was believed to be a terrorist. "South Kent Cardinals" looks at the revitalization of a prep school through basketball. "Telemarketing Calls" features Steve Hartman examining telemarketers.
22 Jul. 2005
The Boys Next Door/Whoosh/Ventriloquist Convention/What Makes Art, Art?
"The Boys Next Door" looks at the case of two 12-year-old boys who are accused of killing their playmate. "Whoosh" looks at the dangerous sport of speed skiing. "Ventriloquist Convention" features Candice Bergen visiting a convention of ventriloquists. "What Makes Art, Art?" looks at conceptual art.
26 Aug. 2005
Stressed Cells/AARP/Camille/The Awful Truth
"Stressed Cells" examines the impact of stress on our DNA and how it can hasten the aging process. "AARP" looks at the influence of the organization on government policy. "Camille" revisits a coupe who adopted fifteen seriously ill children. "The Awful Truth" looks at brutal double murder of Julie Godwin and Elizabeth Ober in South Africa.
2 Sep. 2005
Katrina/Great Expectations/Shadow Divers
"Katrina" takes a look at the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. "Great Expectations" follows an unusual experiment where a problem student is given a second chance in a boarding school. "Shadow Divers" interviews two deep-sea divers who explored a WWII German submarine off the coast of New Jersey.

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