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13 Jan. 1999
Krasnoyarsk-26 Secret City/Leading the Charge/Classic: Honor Thy Children
"Krasnoyarsk-26 Secret City" examines a top secret Russian city dedicated to the production of weapons-grade plutonium. "Leading the Charge" profiles David Schippers who is heading the attempt to impeach Bill Clinton. "Honor Thy Children" gives an update on a 1982 60 Minutes segment which looks at American-Asian children left behind in Vietnam after the war. "Uncommon Sense" features Jimmy Tingle discussing the new show.
20 Jan. 1999
The Delinquents/Going to the Dentist/Classic: Joyce Brown Is in Jail
"The Delinquents" looks at a group of young orphaned elephants whole killed white rhinos until they were provided with elephant role models. "Going to the Dentist" looks at the growing number of young children who have died at the hands of ill-equipped dentists. "Classic: Joyce Brown is in Jail" updates a 1989 60 Minutes segment on Joyce Brown who may be in prison for a crime she didn't commit. "Uncommon Sense" features Jimmy Tingle talking about parking tickets.
27 Jan. 1999
Saddam's Bomb Maker/Killing to Die/Classic: Caitlin's Story
"Saddam's Bomb Maker" interviews an Iraqi scientist who claims that Saddam wishes to gain nuclear weapons. "Killing to Die" looks at Daniel Colwell a mental ill man who killed two strangers in order to get the death penalty. "Caitlin's Story" updates a 1990 show about a deaf girl what was given a cochlear implant. "Uncommon Sense" focuses on a recent statement by Pope Benedict
3 Feb. 1999
Nerd of the Amazon/The Case Against Jake Beard/Classic: 1-800-CON MAN
"Nerd of the Amazon" profiles Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon. "The Case Against Jake Beard" offer evidence that the man accused of a double murder may not be the person who is responsible for it. "Classic: 1-800-CON MAN" revisits a 1991 segment on a con man who set up a business while in jail using only the telephone. "Uncommon Sense" looks at corporate mergers.
10 Feb. 1999
The Fen-Phen Files/Murder Gene/Classic: Grand Central
"The Fen-Phen Files" investigates whether the company that produced the diet drug Fen-Phen knew of its harmful effects. "Murder Gene" looks at a father and son on Death Row and whether heredity had something to do with it. "Classic: Grand Central" revisits a 1990 segment on Grand Central Station. "Uncommon Sense" looks at warning labels on alcohol.
17 Feb. 1999
Scent of a Criminal/Bonnie/Classic: Brucification
"Scent of a Criminal" investigates the reliability of police dogs using scent to track criminals. "Bonnie" profiles the musician Bonnie Raitt. "Classic: Brucification" revisits a 1991 segment on Bruce Cutler the lawyer of mobster John Gotti. "Uncommon Sense" looks at honesty.
3 Mar. 1999
Classic: Chernobyl/Classic: Genius/Classic: Arthur Miller
"Classic: Chernobyl" recalls segments from 1989 and 1994 and revisits disaster site thirteen years later. "Classic: Genius" revisits a 1983 segment on three savants: a pianist, a human calculator, and a sculptor. "Classic: Arthur Miller" revisits a 1987 segment and offers a new interview of the famous playwright.
10 Mar. 1999
The Shame of Srebrenica/Warren Beatty/Classic: Genius (II)
"The Shame of Srebrenica" looks at the Srebrenica massacre and how peacekeepers failed to protect people who were later killed. "Warren Beatty" profiles the famous actor. "Classic: Genius (II)" revisits a 1983 segment and gives a follow-up interview with the man who has the abilities of a human calculator. "Uncommon Sense" discusses Monica Lewinsky.
17 Mar. 1999
Risky Business/Leading Lady/Classic: Oprah
"Risky Business" looks at the practice of day trading where fortunes can be made or lost from inside one's living room. "Leading Lady" profiles Tennessee Lady Volunteer's basketball coach Pat Summitt. "Classic: Oprah" revisits a 1986 segment on Oprah Winfrey and offers a new interview with the talk show host. "Uncommon Sense" looks at big tobacco settlements.
24 Mar. 1999
The Lost Children/Classic: Nadja
"Lost Children" examines how after World War II children from orphanages and institutions in Britian were forcibly shipped to Australia to be workers. "Classic: Nadja" revisits a 1987 segment on Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg and offers a new interview where she discusses her injury and nervous breakdown.
31 Mar. 1999
President Clinton/Classic: Judy
"President Clinton" interviews Bill Clinton on the air war in Serbia. "Classic: Judy" revisits a 1975 segment on Judy Garland and offers a new interview with her daughters. "Uncommon Sense" looks at legalizing gambling to fund education.
7 Apr. 1999
Milosevic/Classic: The Deadliest Prison/Sir Elton
"Milosevic" looks at the background of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. "Classic: The Deadliest Prison" revisits a 1997 segment on guard violence in Corcoran State Prison in California and examines new allegations of rape. "Sir Elton" profiles singer and songwriter Elton John. "Uncommon Sense" offers some commentary on Slobodan Milosevic.
14 Apr. 1999
The Minister's Blessing/Family Ties/Classic: The Trashing of Clayton Hartwig
"The Minister's Blessing" profiles Rev. Michael Bray who advocates violent action against abortion providers. "Family Ties" looks at the Hairston Family who descend from a family of slave owners and their slaves. "Classic: The Trashing of Clayton Hartwig" revisits segments from 1989 and 1991 and offers a follow-up on the USS Iowa gun turret explosion. "Uncommon Sense" looks at the language of the Kosovo Crisis.
21 Apr. 1999
Unsafe Haven
Ed Bradley investigates Charter Behavioral Health Systems a chain of psychiatric hospitals and reveals evidence of unsafe conditions, injuries, deaths and cover-ups in hospitals from Massachusetts to California.
28 Apr. 1999
Rage/Classic: The Forgotten Veterans/It's Not Unusual
A look at the similarities between the Littleton shootings and the 1997 shooting of a principal and student in Bethel, Alaska. "Classic: The Forgotten Veterans" revisits a 1989 segment on female nurses who served in Vietnam and offers several follow interviews. "It's Not Unusual" profiles singer Tom Jones. "Uncommon Sense" addresses the Columbine shootings.
19 May 1999
A Classic Cover-Up?/The Golden Boy/Madonna at 40
"A Classic Cover-Up?" looks at safety problems with the classic Ford Mustang and whether Ford has been concealing evidence about such problems. "The Golden Boy" interviews boxer Oscar De La Hoya. "Madonna at 40" talks to the singer who continues to be a controversial figure. "Uncommon Sense" looks at stealth aircraft.
26 May 1999
Hillary/Classic: Murder by the Book
"Hillary" interviews the former first later about her years in the White House and a possible Senate Run. "Classic: Murder by the Book" revisits a 1997 segment and looks at efforts by the family of a murder victim to get the book that inspired the murder off the shelves. "Uncommon Sense" addresses how being in the spotlight can sometimes come at a high cost.
2 Jun. 1999
Deep Impact/Yankees: The Boss/Classic: A Few Good White Men
"Deep Impact" examines standards for backyard pool diving boards and how some people have been left paralyzed since that standards don't go far enough. "Yankees: The Boss" profiles Yankee chief George Steinbrenner. "Classic: A Few Good White Men" revisits a 1993 segment and offers a follow-up on racism in the marine corps. "Uncommon Sense" discusses how to deal with answering machines.
9 Jun. 1999
No Hope for Parole/Eggs.com/Classic: Caitlin's Story
"No Hope for Parole" examines how Michigan's 650 Lifer Law is locking up first-time drug offenders with no chance of parole. "Eggs.com" looks at how egg donors and infertile couples are meeting through the Internet. "Classic: Caitlin's Story" is a repeat of a segment about a deaf girl what was given a cochlear implant. "Uncommon Sense" discusses the raising of stamp prices.
16 Jun. 1999
The Commandant/Cirque Du Soleil/Classic: Veronica Guerin
"The Commandant" examines the case of Vinko Sakic who was indicted for war crimes for his role as head of the Jasenovac concentration camp. "Cirque Du Soleil" profiles the creators of the world famous circus trope. "Classic: Veronica Guerin" revisits and updates a 1997 segment on a crusading journalist who was murdered by Irish drug lords. "Uncommon Sense" looks at Father's Day gifts.
22 Jun. 1999
A Question of Homicide/The Shame of Srebrenica/Classic: Joyce Brown Is in Jail
"A Question of Homicide" examines the drug morphine which is widely accepted as a pain reliever, but can also be very dangerous if it is not administered properly. "The Shame of Srebrenica" repeats a segment on the Srebrenica massacre. "Classic: Joyce Brown Is in Jail" repeats a segment on a woman who may be wrongfully imprisoned. "Uncommon Sense" looks at waiting periods for gun purchases.
29 Jun. 1999
Risky Business/Mixed Company/Classic: Honor Thy Children
"Risky Business" repeats a segment on day trading and offers a brief follow-up. "Mixed Company" looks at the tragedy that took place in a Jacksonville Terrace nursing home after the mentally ill Victor Reyes was housed with the elderly. "Classic: Honor Thy Children" repeats a segment on Vietnamese-America orphans. "Uncommon Sense" looks at the words of Thomas Jefferson.
6 Jul. 1999
Nerd of the Amazon/Family Ties/Classic: Arthur Miller
"Nerd of the Amazon" repeats a segment profiling Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. "Family Ties" repeats a segment on the Hairston family and offer a brief update. "Classic: Arthur Miller" repeats a segment profiling and interviewing the famous playwright.
13 Jul. 1999
Body of Evidence/The Minister's Blessing/Classic: Grand Central
"Body of Evidence" follows a team of FBI investigators into Kosovo where they attempt to collect evidence for war crimes trials. "The Minister's Blessing" repeats a segment and offers a short update on militant anti-abortion activists. "Classic: Grand Central" repeats a segment on Grand Central Station in New York City. "Uncommon Sense" looks at corporate mergers.
20 Jul. 1999
JFK Jr./The Delinquents/Classic: Nadja
"JFK Jr." looks at the recent death of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and investigates whether he was a careful pilot or a risk-taker. "The Delinquents" repeats a segment on a group of wild orphan elephants. "Classic: Nadja" repeats a segment profiling violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg. "Uncommon Sense" looks at parking meter fines.
27 Jul. 1999
Murder Gene/Leading Lady/Classic: Chernobyl
"Murder Gene" repeats a segment on a father and son serving time on Death Row. "Leading Lady" repeats a profile of Tennessee woman's basketball coach Pat Summitt. "Classic: Chernobyl" repeats a classic segment on the Chernobyl nuclear accident. "Uncommon Sense" looks at big tobacco settlements.
27 Jul. 1999
Bonnie/It's Not Unusual/Madonna at 40
In a special episode dedicated to entertainers, 60 Minutes II repeats three previously broadcast segments profiling singers. "Bonnie" repeats a profile on country singer Bonnie Raitt. "It's Not Unusual" repeats a segment on the re-surging popularity of Tom Jones. "Madonna at 40" repeats a profile of the controversial singer.

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