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Season 1

9 Sep. 1999
The Pox
The Comtesse de Vache learns that her husband is gravely ill, Madame de Plonge looks for someone to seduce one of her lovers, and Lisette suggests that it may all be a ruse to get hold of the old Comte's money.
16 Sep. 1999
Bouffant and Lisette leave their mistress to fend for herself, Eveline reveals that the Comtesse de Vache has lost her fortune in a wager, and an arrest is made when the Marquise de Fufu is found axed to death.
23 Sep. 1999
The Portrait
The Comtesse de Vache is paid a visit when the Marquis de Sade escapes, Bouffant misses the mark when he prepares the mistress for a portrait, and Lisette returns to the safety of her old profession out on the street.
30 Sep. 1999
Making Voopee
The Comtesse de Vache discovers that she might be pregnant, Lisette deduces that the father of the child must be none other than the King, and Madame de Plonge sends Eveline on a mission to seduce Bouffant.
7 Oct. 1999
A Marriage of Convenience
Bouffant reports that a Duke is offering a huge sum for a 'show wife', bath time sees Lisette having to go where no maid should ever have to, and Columbine heads out to the poor area of town to look for her sister.
14 Oct. 1999
The Royal Command Performance
The Comtesse de Vache receives an invite to attend a royal copulation, Madame de Plonge finds a way to attend the evening performance, and Lisette helps her mistress prepare for a bit of upstaging at the matinée.

 Season 1 

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