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Sex & Nudity

  • Character spies on a couple having sex. You hear them moaning and see the man's naked back and woman's face as she rides him. She is facing the camera but obscured by the man (No nudity).
  • Man says he only needs a room for a "couple of hours", implying for sex. It is further implied he often brings women to the hotel.
  • Man and woman check into a room to have sex. He immediately throws her down on the bed and aggressively rips off her jacket and scarf insisting they get to it. She resists but eventually consents and asks him to be more gentle. They have sex and both moan. You see the back of the woman's head and the man's face while she rides him (no nudity)
  • Man and woman who just met talk in forest until he aggressively grabs at and forces himself on her, guilting her to kiss him. She cries out in panic and pushes him away numerous times, he eventually pushes her to the ground and grabs at her over her clothes and shoves his hand up her dress. She is rescued at that point. She is later seen crying about the ordeal
  • Man listens on a phone to a couple having sex (moaning).

Violence & Gore

  • Lots of violence and death, numerous fights. There is light blood, but no wounds or excessive gore are shown. Corpses are seen several times, they are pale with some blood stains
  • Man held captive/bound and gagged
  • Man beats up and another guy who trips and bangs head on stairs, falling unconscious
  • Dead man with blood on clothes and a knife protruding from his shoulder. He gets dragged down the hall.
  • Man kicks a dog off screen, it yelps in pain
  • Man pulls knife from corpse and cuts someones arm, leaving a red mark on the shirt
  • Man pours kerosene on corpses. They catch on fire
  • Guy falls over a stair rail and is sprawled out dead at bottom of stairs, blood trickle from nose/mouth
  • Man hit in face with shovel, blood trickles from head
  • Rain uncovers previously buried corpses
  • Man slips and falls in puddle of blood, it's on his hands and shirt
  • Character is found dead, stabbed in heart. The "knife" protrudes from his chest and blood is seen on clothes around the wound. The characters face is very pale.
  • A corpse is moved in a bedsheet, it's arm flops around. Sheet has blood stains
  • Blood stains on a doorframe
  • Corpse wakes up, kicking and screaming. It is hit with shovel spits blood and dies again, has blood around mouth
  • Characters mistakenly think they are getting mugged by men with weapons (garden tools)
  • Man holds down another guy and punches him repeatedly in the face and puts him in a headlock. Blood trickles from nose.
  • Lots of blood on a floor
  • A dead man stands, blood covers his hands and feet, some scrapes and blood on face.
  • Woman wipes bloody trails up off floor
  • Men plot murder of an innocent woman
  • Corpses are dug up and reburied


  • "go to Hell", Slut.
  • A man on a toilet says he is "taking a crap"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • several characters smoke throughout. Some hotel guests drink bottled beer

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole film deals with unexpected deaths of "innocent" people as well as how an "innocent" family tries to cover it up. It's dark and the characters aren't especially redeemable (obviously, in my opinion). It has an odd tone where the film is fairly dramatic but often overlays the more macabre scenes with upbeat alternative american songs. There is also quite a bit of dark humor in how they approach their predicament.

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