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Jane Galloway Heitz Dies: Veteran Film & TV Actress In ‘Glee’ And ‘The Straight Story’ Was 78

  • Deadline
Jane Galloway Heitz, a veteran actress in film and television, has died. She was 78 and the cause of death was not disclosed.

Heitz had a variety of roles during her career. Many cited her work as the character Lillian Adler in the Fox musical dramedy Glee, though she only appeared twice — in the pilot and as an image in a trophy case. She was a former head of the glee club at McKinley High, according to her backstory.

Among her other television credits were appearances on The Big Bang Theory, Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Monk, Prison Break, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Without a Trace and Early Edition.

In film, Galloway Heitz starred with Richard Farnsworth and Sissy Spacek in David Lynch’s 1999 The Straight Story and played a nurse opposite Lindsey Lohan in the 2007 thriller I Know Who Killed Me. Her other credits included the film Just Visiting with Jean Reno and Christina Applegate,
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‘Glee’ Actress Jane Galloway Heitz Dies at 78

  • Variety
‘Glee’ Actress Jane Galloway Heitz Dies at 78
Jane Galloway Heitz, known for playing the character of Lillian Adler on “Glee,” has died, according to an obituary posted in the Chicago Tribune. She was 78.

The actress only appeared in person twice on the Fox show, once in the pilot and on another occasion in 2015, as her character’s image appeared in a trophy case commemorating her life. A quote from Lillian, “By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy,” was visible on a plaque and helped inspire Will, played by Matthew Morrison, to pursue his dream of becoming the glee club director. Galloway Heitz’s character was herself a former head of glee club at McKinley High.

Galloway Heitz also played the character of Mildred in a 2009 episode of “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS, and Claire in a 2012 episode of “Shameless.” Her other TV credits include “Grey’s Anatomy,” “ER,” “Monk,” “Prison Break,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,
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Off The Shelf – Episode 82 – New DVD & Blu-ray Releases for Tuesday, March 15th 2016

In this special episode of Off The Shelf, Ryan and Brian take a look at the new DVD and Blu-ray releases for Tuesday, March 15th, 2016.

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Follow-Up Target: Star Wars The Force Awakens exclusive supplements are download-only News Kino Lorber: My Bodyguard, Sam Fuller’s Fixed Bayonets, Yellow Sky, The Legend of Hillbilly John, Daddy Long Legs Warner Archive: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Milestone: Losing Ground Vinegar Syndrome: Dolemite Misc Links Dan Trachtenberg’s post Delicious Library Links to Amazon Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip The Big Short Braddock: Missing in Action III Brooklyn Carol The Centurions: Part Two Burden of Dreams Game of Thrones: Season 5 Invasion U.S.A. Just Visiting Love The Manchurian Candidate Monster Dog My Boyfriend’s Back Rage of Honor Rocco and His Brothers Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine Sun, Sand and Sweat 4 Pack
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Gaumont’s Visitors return for French revolution

Gaumont’s Visitors return for French revolution
Exclusive: New sequel to hit French time travel film starring Jean Reno and Christian Clavier set for 2016.

Some 20 years after Gaumont’s comic time travellers Godefroy the Hardy and Jacquasse the Crass first touched down in 1990s France, they are set to hit the big screen again next year in The Visitors: Bastille Day.

Gaumont International will launch sales on the third instalment of the highly successful time travel franchise at Berlin’s European Film Market (Efm) (Feb 5-13).

“The first two films were hits at home and also did well across Europe. We’re expecting it to be one of our top-selling titles at the Efm,” said Gaumont deputy head of sales Yohann Comte.

Popular French actor Christian Clavier, who is on a roll at the moment after the success of Serial (Bad) Weddings and Do Not Disturb, will reprise his role as Jacquasse the Crass, the uncouth servant of bumbling knight Godefroy the Hardy, played
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Colbert At U.Va.: You Owe The Previous Generation Nothing

Colbert At U.Va.: You Owe The Previous Generation Nothing
Comedian Stephen Colbert thanked the University of Virginia during his speech Saturday at its 2013 valedictory exercises for inviting him to be the keynote speaker, which he took to mean he had been awarded an additional honor.

"I believe that means I am this year's valedictorian, and I am as shocked as you are because I didn't make it to many classes this year," Colbert said. "You guys must've really tanked your finals, thank you for that."

Colbert addressed the graduating students and their parents at the event, which is meant to pay tribute to students' time at the university. Graduates will walk across the stage and receive diplomas Sunday at a separate commencement.

Colbert noted U.Va.'s top rankings in U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review, as well as Playboy's ranking of top party schools, which placed the Wahoos first.

Colbert clarified, "I only read Playboy for the rankings.
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Podcast: Reviewing 'Hansel & Gretel', 'Movie 43' and 'Parker' and Talking 2013 SAG Awards

It's Friday and today's podcast is late as I had to see Stoker this morning at 10 Am, but nevertheless we are here and bringing you our reviews of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Movie 43 and Parker. We also talk about J.J. Abrams getting the Star Wars: Episode VII directing gig, the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards and answer several of your questions, Over/Unders, Buy or Sells and we continue to Play the Percentages. At the beginning of today's podcast I also mention how we will be soon taking your questions directly from a Google Voice account, which you can call and leave a message for us at (925) 526-5763, which may be even easier to remember at (925) 5-bnl-pod. Just call, leave us a voice mail and we'll start adding those to the show hopefully next week. As always, I have broken down this episode on a minute-by-minute basis if you would
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sCare Foundation to Honor Malcolm McDowell with a Lifetime Achievement Award

  • DailyDead
The sCare Foundation has announced that it will honor Malcolm McDowell with a Lifetime Achievement Award at its Halloween Benefit this weekend:

Los Angeles, CA — The sCare Foundation announced today it will honor legendary actor Malcolm McDowell (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, A Clockwork Orange) with the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award at its 2nd Annual Halloween Benefit on October 28, 2012. The evening will be held at the Conga Room at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, and will include great entertainment, a silent auction and plenty of exciting prizes. The evening will benefit the life-saving programs of the Hollywood Homeless Youth Project (http://hhyp.org/), as well as Safety Harbor Kids (http://www.safetyharborkids.org/).

“Malcolm is an amazing actor and true professional,” said sCare Foundation founder, Malek Akkad. “He’s always been an ardent supporter and we’re excited to be able to honor him in this way. Besides being one of our greatest actors,
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sCare Foundation to Honor Legendary Actor Malcolm McDowell with the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award

The sCare Foundation announced today it will honor legendary actor Malcolm McDowell (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, A Clockwork Orange) with the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award at its 2nd Annual Halloween Benefit on October 28, 2012.

The evening will be held at the Conga Room at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, and will include great entertainment, a silent auction and plenty of exciting prizes. The evening will benefit the life-saving programs of the Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership, as well as Safety Harbor Kids.

“Malcolm is an amazing actor and true professional,” said sCare Foundation founder, Malek Akkad. “He’s always been an ardent supporter and we’re excited to be able to honor him in this way. Besides being one of our greatest actors, he has always shown unwavering support to our cause, and his generosity and compassion truly appreciated.”

Malcolm McDowell is arguably among the most dynamic and inventive of world-class actors,
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Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now: Kcrw

  • Nerve
AudioPlayer.setup("http://www.nerve.com/files/players/audio/player.swf", { width: 350 }); Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now: Kcrw A wonderfully eclectic, globe-trotting Five Albums to kick-start your summer. by Anthony Valadez Every now and again, the titans of the mediasphere give Nerve their music recommendations. This week: Anthony Valadez, DJ at famed Los Angeles public radio station Kcrw. He also released his second full-length album, Just Visiting, on L.A.'s Plug Research. Check out his show here and check out his blog for photos and more. 1. Hiatus Kaiyote, Tawk Tomahawk (2012) Melbourne's Hiatus Kaiyote is onto something special — island soul permeated by thunderous bass drum and heavy snares, mixed with lush guitar chords and vocals. Lead vocalist Nai Palm draws you in with a beguiling fusion of jazzy lead vocals and lush harmonies. I particularly like how she accompanies the keyboards with [...]
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Spout About: "Captain America 2" and Fish-Out-of-Water Heroes; How We All Live in "The Truman Show"

I don't usually pay much attention to stuff like this, but circulation of an MTV interview with Chris Evans on the plot of "Captain America 2" makes me feel like a stranger in a strange land. One where people aren't aware that a large percentage of movies, particularly those based upon the myth of the hero, are fish-out-of-water stories. But the big news here is apparently that the sequel to "Captain America: The First Avenger" will involve the superhero traveling through time into the present, where he will deal with being out of place. Sounds like "Just Visiting" and a…
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Alt.TV – 1/5/10

Are you bored of the same old TV shows? Tired of the mainstream? Then check out this round-up of alternative movies and series showing on UK television tonight…

8.00pm Iron Eagle (Movies4Men +1)

When Doug’s father, an Air Force Pilot, is shot down by MiGs belonging to a radical Middle Eastern state, no one seems able to get him out. Doug finds Chappy, an Air Force Colonel who is intrigued by the idea of sending in two fighters piloted by himself and Doug to rescue Doug’s father after bombing the MiG base. Their only problems: Borrowing two fighters, getting them from California to the Mediteranean without anyone noticing, and Doug’s inability to hit anything unless he has music playing. Then come the minor problems of the state’s air defenses.

9.00pm Caved In: Prehistoric Terror (Horror Channel)

In 1948, a group of miners finds a gallery full of
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Boos! & Whoop-doos!: Why Is Pegasus Black? and Other Remake Mysteries!

B. Alan looks at a decade of horrible cinematic remakes and rehashes that ruined film as an art form.

Black Pegasus? Boo!

Why is Pegasus black? Why did this flying horse need to be recast El Negro? It makes about as much sense as casting Cedric the Entertainer in the role of Ralph Kramden. There is no reasoning being placed behind it, other than, "We can do what we want! We can do what we feel!" It's strange that in both Clash of the Titans and 2005's The Honeymooners, the only hint of imagination or originality came from swapping ethnicities. In neither case does it pertain to, or help push along the story. It's senseless esthetic scrambling. Sure, poor black folks probably work in the sewer and beat their spouses, too. So why not update an old 1940s sitcom to reflect how far we've come? But Pegasus? Come on! Nowhere
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Anton Yelchin & Fred Armisen Join Smurfs; Plot Confirmed

We’ve been able to speculate for a while now, but a press release from Sony confirms that the plot of The Smurfs will be very smurfamiliar to moviegoers who’ve seen Enchanted, Masters of the Universe (and its clone, Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time), Fat Albert, Howard the Duck, and probably many other such “clever” films involving characters who transport from their dimension to modern-day Earth.

This time, the little blue guys are chased out of their village by Gargamel (Hank Azaria) and “tumble” into New York City, where they befriend Neil Patrick Harris. Here’s the official wording, just because I want you to read the Big Apple line:

Audiences everywhere are in for a Smurfy good time as the Smurfs make their first 3D trip to the big screen. When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble
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Reno has 22 Bullets

  • JoBlo
Been a while since we were treated to Jean Reno the badass, hasn't it? Not that Couples Retreat was bad, just not the kinda thing I like to see him in. And that Just Visiting U.S. remake, not the kinda thing I like to see period. But that's just me... Reno looks to be back in bloody glory with 22 Bullets, based on the French novel "L'Immortel". He'll be playing a retired mafia hitman who goes after the long-time rival who left him for dead and riddled with 22 bullets. Hence the...
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James Franco to get some “Highness” with McBride and Green

This project is about a different type of “highness.”

James Franco has signed on to act alongside Foot Fist Way’s Danny McBride in “Your Highness,” a medieval-fantasy comedy to be directed by David Gordon Green (all three of them worked on Pineapple Express.)

The script was written by McBride and frequent collaborator Ben Best. According to Variety, it’s a comedy about two princes from medieval times. When an evil wizard puts a spell on their father and kidnaps the older prince’s fiancee, they must go on a journey to save their family and their kingdom.

Scott Stuber is going to be the producer of the film from Universal Studios, which is set to start shooting on July 20 in Belfast. Jon Mone, Mark Huffam, and Danny McBride are going to executive produce.

Thinking back quickly on comedies with relative medieval settings, I struggle to find a title that was really impressive.
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List: Remaking Your Own Foreign Language Film

  • IFC
By Alison Willmore

If "Bangkok Dangerous," with Nicolas Cage as a hitman in Bangkok moping over both his career choices and a girl, felt familiar -- well, that's probably because it's derivative of many a sad assassin movie that's come before. But it's also a remake, and not just your run-of-the-mill Hollywood retread of a foreign film. "Bangkok Dangerous" finds Hong Kong-born sibling directing team Danny Pang and Oxide Pang Chun remaking their own debut, a 1999 Thai-language film of the same name, and joining that growing club of directors who've headed to the U.S. to try an English take on their own movie. While the set-up makes sense -- subtitle-avoidant audiences here prefer a language and actors they're familiar with, and who knows the ins and outs of a project better than whoever helmed it the first time out? -- these remakes have a higher chance of stinkiness than the already dubious average redo.
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