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This movie was great.
valhall-211 April 2000
First of all you have to be Norwegian to see this movie as its in the Norwegian language and therefore this is directed to the Norwegian readers. This movie was great, I had often been looking forward to a next Olsen Banden,but Sverre Holm and Arve opshal often said it would never happen. But it did. Olsenbanden is by my view the funniest comedy series ever made in Norway, and this movie is not any less. If you're a fan of Olsenbanden, you really should buy or rent this movie!! Closing with "Hellmaks Egon!"
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So bad that it is pathetic
Eldorado_1999_IMDb26 January 2013
They put the old gang back together again after 15 years of silence, only to produce this garbage of a movie. No one of them had any of the spirit that that had in the 70's or 80's. The plot was uninspiring too. The result was just pathetic.

Carsten Byhring and Sverre Wilberg was dead when the film was made, but the rest of the old crew where present.

Fifteen years after they last saw each other Benny, Valborg and Dynamitt-Harry discovers that Egon Olsen is out of prison and living in a retirement home. Olsenbanden is reunited, and Egon has a plan. He knows about an old Frans Jäger loaded with money.
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