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Sex & Nudity

  • One of the opening scenes is a prolonged shot of a male voyeuristically photographing intercourse, the woman seems to be fully nude and breasts are visible whilst the male can be seen thrusting
  • A woman is searched at an airport, there's shots of her upper half in underwear followed by a shot of her lower half in underwear. The female who works for security insists on searching her underwear to which Martine replies 'Be my Guest'
  • The opening scene includds a long tracking shot of a woman wading through the ocean in only the bottom of her bikini, at points we briefly see her bare breasts and then we cut to a shot from behind giving us a reaction shot of a male and female who are both staring at the semi naked woman. The man reaches at the bottoms of the female and jokingly pulls them down a little.
  • In a debrief of a character whom is crucial to the plot there's a short montage of sorts which again recounts the sex scene from the opening with slightly more detail
  • A woman and man enter a room and passionately kiss. The woman removes her underwear and the mans shirt before he takes off her dress, the breasts are visible for a moment and the females thighs are shown briefly.
  • There's a scene set in a strip club, there's posters outside which imply sexual acts and performances and there's multiple women in show performing suggestive poses over males whilst being scantily clad, mainly things and pasties over nipples.
  • In a mansion there's scantily clad women everywhere serving clothes men and multiple shots of topless girls
  • One scene shows a full frontal nude woman serving a man a drink whilst his friend talks to a topless woman next to him, this is followed by a scene of BDSM where a scantily clad woman ties up a man in a small pair of women's underwear. These actions are also secretly photographed
  • A man and woman in bed naked but slightly covered, the female leaves and her naked rear is seen whilst a brief glimpse of the males genital are also on show. The shot moves to another room where again a man and woman are semi naked in bed
  • A couple of brief scenes at a brothel. In one, the clientele are being waited on by women dressed only in garters and garter belts. Their breasts and pubic hair are briefly visible.
  • The main plotline involves the efforts to retrieve nude photographs of Princess Margaret. Much of the story takes place on the fringes of the illicit sex trade in London with multiple references to one character running a pornography business while another is the proprietor of a brothel.
  • One of the main characters is referenced as having appeared in several pornographic films. A brief shot from one film is seen of him standing with two topless women. A couple of references are made to his large genitalia, but we do not see him nude.
  • We see a series of photographs of a man engaged in bondage style sexual play including being tied to a wooden frame and hit with a crop by a woman wearing lingerie.
  • A woman references having had "a roll in the hay" with one of the other characters.
  • The main character has sex with a woman. No nudity, but brief thrusting is seen.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is grabbed from behind and stabbed in the neck (we hear a crunch and he falls to the floor dead).
  • A man shoots a man in the head: we hear the gunshot and another man screams, "He shot him, he's dead."
  • A man demonstrates a sandblaster by pointing it at a wall and causing the paint to peel off; he then holds it to a man's ankle, we see blood coming through his sock , the man screams, and we see the man moaning on the floor later with blood on his foot and pant leg.
  • A man punches a man hard in the stomach, trips him, then kicks him repeatedly while he lies on the ground, and he then punches another man in the face; he is shot at by yet another man, but he throws a brick striking him in the head and then head butts him repeatedly.
  • We see a man's very bloody face after he has been beaten.
  • We see a dead body covered with dirt and lying in a hole in the ground.
  • A man twists a man's arm behind his back and pushes him, forcing him to walk.
  • A wife confronts her husband, punches him on the chest and slaps him in the face.
  • We see a man bare-chested and being whipped by a woman dressed in leather.
  • A man in a car is grabbed by another man who's in the backseat; the man puts a chord around his throat and another man puts a plastic bag over his face, the man struggles to get away, the scene ends and we understand that the man has been killed.


  • Two uses of 'c**t'.
  • 14 sexual references.
  • 20 scatological terms, including two mild and many uses of sh*t.
  • 13 anatomical terms.
  • 12 mild obscenities, including b*stard.
  • Some name-calling (pinko, delinquents, stupid, vicious pimp, bugger, scallywag, slumlord).
  • 13 religious exclamations.
  • 1 derogatory term for the Irish.
  • People drink alcohol at a strip club and several appear to be drunk.
  • 30 f*** words

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several people drink champagne from bottles.
  • A man drinks a beer in a pub.
  • People drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes at a dinner.
  • A woman smokes a cigarette in a club scene and a man smokes a cigar.
  • Packets of drugs are discovered in a woman's suitcase at an airport.
  • A man takes prescription pain medication for a kidney stone.
  • Reference is made to smuggling marijuana into the country.
  • People drink alcohol in several club and pub scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An emotionally intense moment between a husband and wife with some telling.
  • The fight scene is intense and includes some gunshots.
  • During part of the film the main characters fear for their safety and must act to save themselves, which is fairly intense.
  • The torture scene is intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • The heist scene contains a passionate kiss between the two main characters and at one point the male lead played by statham finds the sought after images which against show sex acts being performed on a woman
  • The protagonist makes a threat which may damage reputations by exposing images of BDSM sex acts
  • At the funeral for the pornstar friend the large breasted women attend and there's multiple shots of their chests

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is shoved into an open grave and then slashed by a man with a machete (we hear the slash and the scene ends).

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